The Piece that Holds Us Together

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It was nine o clock in the morning when Anzu Mazaki woke out of her deep slumber. She found herself in an unfamiliar room. 'Where am I?' she questioned herself. Still not fully awake, she stood up from the ridiculously comfortable king size bed and stretched her muscles. She suddenly got a chill and folded her arms over her self. Much to her horror she looked down and realized that she was completely naked. She looked around once more and she suddenly remembered where she was. "Oh my god! I am in Kaiba's that wasn't a dream...I...slept with Kaiba. could I let this happen? Come on Anzu think! I remember... I came here late last night to talk to him about what went down at the docks...and then I thanked him for saving me...then we......oh shit."

She grabbed her clothes off the floor and quickly began to dress. She ran into the restroom to straighten herself out in the mirror. As soon as she slipped on both her sandals, she headed for the door. She opened the door only to find herself standing face to face with him.


"I could have sworn we were on a first name basis by now" he stated as he entered the room with the door sliding shut.

"I am so glad you find this funny"

"I don't find anything funny"

"About last night..." she began but was cut off.

"What about it?"

"What is this?"

"Don't get ahead of yourself Mazaki we had sex....thats all it was."

"How can you say that was nothing..."

"Because thats what it was....nothing"

"Maybe not to you.....It was my first time"

"You could've fooled me"


"You are the one who threw yourself at me."

"I don't exactly remember you trying to stop me...besides, I admit to kissing you. I don't know why I did it....I guess when you said that you would save me....I....nothing its stupid."

"Hn...From what I hear, Yugi saves you all the time....I wonder what kind of 'thank-you' you give him."

"You son of a bitch! How dare you? I am nothing like that!

"Last night says seemed to know exactly what you were doing"

She swung trying to slap him but he caught her arm.

"Fuck you Kaiba!" She hissed while attempting to jerk away from him.

"We already played that game...remember? And I have to give you some credit. You did help me relieve some stress." he smirked

"Let go of me you bastard.... now...or I swear I will scream."

"You wouldn't dare....Besides, then you would have to explain to your 'band of geeks' what you were doing in my room to begin with. I could just see the looks on their faces when you tell them that you and I had red hot monkey sex last night."

He let go of her arm as she sighed with defeat.

"I need to get out of here...."

"Good. You have wasted enough of my time already...I have a tournament to win."

"Here is a reality will not win....Yugi kicked your ass once, and he will do it again....and this time there will be an audience. The entire world will know what a loser Seto Kaiba really is."

"Get the hell out of my room Mazaki"

"With pleasure."

With that she stepped out of his room while the door slid shut. She then took off down the hall. She ran as fast as her legs would take her. She found the nearest bathroom, went inside locked the door, and she cried. She cried so hard her head began to hurt. 'What the hell is wrong with me? What was I thinking? I just gave up my virginity to that...selfish, arrogant, heartless....bastard. "We had sex....that's all it was."Kaiba's words replayed in her mind. 'How dare he say those things to me...It's my own fault...I let this happen. How could I do this to myself?' she sobs.

"Guys has anyone seen Anzu?" Yugi asked with a worried tone

"Yea come da think of it we haven't seen her since last night" replied Joey

"You don't think anything has happened to her do you? I mean with that freak Marik on the loose and all....." Tristan was interrupted.

"Guys we can't even think like that...lets split up and search for her, I mean hell we are 10,000 feet in the air its not like she isn't on the blimp." stated Duke.

"You're right let's go." Yugi said.

Anzu took some time to get herself back together. She couldn't let her friends see her this way...they would ask questions and she is in no condition to think up an alibi. Her eyes were red, swollen, and puffy from crying. She used a damp cloth to try to ease her eyes. She took a deep breath and took one last look at herself in the mirror before she slowly emerged from the restroom.


She saw Yugi running toward her. She knows that Yugi knows her better than anyone and she had to think of something.

"Hey Yugi." She tried to put on a smile.

"Anzu...we have been looking all over for you....have you been crying?"

"No...of course not...I just had something in my eyes thats all....its no biggie."

"Anzu, you don't have to lie....if something is bothering know you can talk to me if not anyone else."

"Yugi...nothing is wrong okay? Can we just drop this and meet up with the others?"

"Sure...just remember what I said okay?"

"Sure thing" she turned away and began walking towards the elevator.

"Pharaoh, something is wrong I know it....there is something that she is not telling me."

"Yes...I sense it too....but we can't pressure her Yugi, she will come around when she is ready." Yami replied

"I sure hope so...I am just worried about her" Yugi said.

"As am I, but remember she will talk when she is ready...." Yami replied.

Kaiba just couldn't stop thinking about the events that took place in his room just minutes before. 'What the hell was I thinking? Sleeping with Yugi's little cheerleader...Maybe I shouldn't have said those things to her....oh well can't go back now. It's best that she hates me. I do not need her thinking of it more than it was...a one night stand. It was a mistake and should have never happened.' He thought to himself.

"Are you okay big brother?" Mokuba asked snapping his brother out of his thoughts.

"I am fine Mokuba." He replied

"We will be arriving at Kaiba Corp. Island in a few minutes." Mokuba stated.

"It's about time."

"Anzu where ya been?" Joey asked.

"Yea we were looking all over for you" Tristan added.

She had to think of something quick. "Sorry guys I woke up really early and went for a walk....I decided to go to the top of the blimp and watch the sunrise.....It was really beautiful." She said while putting on a fake smile.

"Oh...okay well can you at least warn us next time before ya start wandering off? You had us worried sick! You know that psycho Marik is roaming the blimp and Bakura....well we just never know with him." Joey stated.

"Okay Joey I get it sound like my mother"

The group laughed at her comment only to be interrupted by the announcer.

"Attention duelists and guests, we have now arrived at Kaiba Corp Island. Please be prepared to exit the blimp and good luck."

"The only person who is gonna need luck is rich boy" stated Joey

"How can you talk? Your not even in the tournament anymore."

"Shut up Tristan....No one asked you." Joey growled"

"Thats enough you two....our focus isn't Kaiba its Marik." Yami interrupted.

"Yea...beating rich boy will be like taking candy from a baby."

Battle City was an all out war. The first duel of the finals consisted of Kaiba and Yugi/Yami. With Yugi /Yami emerging as the victor. Anzu smirked at Kaiba as he suffered his defeat. Of course, Kaiba declares the rivalry between him and Yugi will never be over. The finals consisted of Marik vs. Yugi/Yami. The battle ended with Marik being defeated and Yugi/Yami being crowned as the King of Games.

"So Rich-Boy err-Kaiba, the world wants to know how does it feel to LOSE in the tournament that you hosted." Joey snickered

"Hey cut it out Joey! At least my brother got in the finals!!!!" Mokuba yelled.

"He still lost....I knew there was no way in hell I could beat Yugi. I was in the tournament for support." Joey said.

"That's enough!! Listen up you geeks...This Island will self destruct in one hour, so I suggest you evacuate immediately!" Kaiba stated while walking away.

Everyone quickly evacuated the island just in time to see it burst into flames. Leaving Kaiba Corp Island to disappear into the ocean.

"Guys Seto and I have important Kaiba Corp business to take care of. We will see ya later!" Mokuba said over the intercom before the blue eyes jet flew away into the distance.

"Yea see ya later Kaiba." Anzu mumbled bitterly.

Well how is that for chapter one? I know Joey was knocked out during Battle City and I didn't want to spend too much time on battle city so I rushed it a little....But I wanted him awake. And Kaiba was cold toward Anzu...but really...its KAIBA! LOL I am doing my best to keep everyone in character. Please review and tell me what you think. There is still more excitement to come!!!! ^_^