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Just Another Day: Battle of Custard!

Roxas was lying on the carpet of Sora's bedroom just as normally as possible, reading a comic and Namine was on the bed doodling in her sketchbook. You would think that this was just another plain old day for these two and it was very true in Roxas' opinion at the very least.

Until …………..

"Eat the last dammit spoon Sora!!!!" somebody screamed.


Bam!! The door slammed right opened, making a mark on the wall.

"You know your room is going to get destroyed at this rate Sora," Roxas replied calmly.

"Who cares, as long as I don't have to eat the mushy snot looking stuff."

Kairi came sliding in with a spoon of canary yellow goo of custard in her hand. She held it like it was a sword, ready to jab it in the unsuspecting victim's mouth at any time.

"C'mon Sora just eat the last spoon," she pleaded.

"No one tells me what to eat in this house!" he defiantly se declared.

"Oh yes you will!" the custard wielding girl replied.

And they were off! Kairi dashed at Sora with the yellow spoon in an attempt to jab it into his mouth. Sora grabbed her hand and they started a vicious wrestle of the custard spoon.

"You eat it dammit!" Sora told her while trying to push the spoon into her mouth.

"It's yours so you eat it!"

Miraculously Roxas didn't get trampled during the battle and Namine didn't seemed phased out by it too, she didn't even seem to realize what was going on outside the world of her sketch book until she said," It's unbelievable that the glob of custard it able to still stay on the spoon while its being flung around."

Right at that moment Sora managed to push Kairi onto the bed flinging the blob of custard onto her face all the while pushing Namine off it and thus kicking Roxas in the gut.

All looked at Sora with an evil glint in their eyes. It probably wasn't another boring day for Sora.

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