Just Another Day: Sora's Computer Problems

Dear Diary,

Today we had got an assignment at school and we had to hand it in typed up. I think I like diaries better because you get to hand write it rather than face the dreaded army of computers. Kairi says I can't type or work a computer to save my life. But it saved my life in Tron (well does getting sent to another dimension count?) either way you know just by simply turning on the computer is a pain in the ass and it immediately bombards you with stupid problems and crappy advice.

Stupid things that happen on my computer while attempting to do my project.

You turn it on and the antivirus appears, 'This needs to be updated. Would you like too update it now?

Ok, fair enough protection from random stalkers is needed nowadays. I click yes.

You need to be connected online to update, would you like to connect?

Yes dammit hurry up, your lagging my computer.

Another popup appears.

Recovered files, school assignment. Would you like version saved at 8.40pm or version 8.15pm.

Damn which one to choose.

Another popup appears.

You did not shut the computer off properly please wait next time for computer to properly shut down.

I click that off. And go on the internet to do some research. I press enter when I finally typed up the website.

ERROR 404 website not found.

By then I usually get angry but I got redirected to another website.

Big , flashy lights and pretty colours appear.

YOU WON $1 MILLION, please enter your name and email to collect your prize.

YAY!!! I quickly enter my email and name.

You got mail.

Yes I quickly open my email. And there were a hundred unopened emails. I click the first one.

VOOM! The computer shuts down. NOOOO!!!!!

I turn it back on.

My desktop looks exactly the same as the day I bought it and I click on one of the few files left. Please be here! Please be here!

Error file not found

Double click

Error file not found

A popup appears

You did not shut the computer off properly please wait next time for computer to properly shut down.

Naturally I got angry with it and like and any other person I threw the stupid thing out of the window where it narrowly missed Riku who was coming over to visit.

The next day I was in a group about computer anger management with Axel. Why Axel was here too? I heard from Roxas that instead of throwing a computer out of a window like I did, he set it on fire (what a pyromaniac as usual), but apparently the insides of a computer (Module? Mosem? I don't know what it's called) is extremely flammable and blew up in his room, adding another scorch mark (more like some kind of mark found in a bomb zone) to his room, either way it was bad.

Afterwards I came out with Kairi their waiting for me.

"You know Sora it would be weird is you didn't blow up another computer."

"Pfft," I replied, "If I didn't I would be just a boring day."

I had to go to her house and use her computer cause mine is in pieces and somehow I manage to get 10 worms (like the ones an apple I guess), 4 trojan horses (who would've thought hackers like greek mythology), and 48 bad cookies (I like cookies with milk).

Either way it was another day to me.

Love Sora

p.s I hope this diary survives cause the last one I kept ended up torn apart by my dog.

A.N I was bored and this is what i came up with. Please Review