Hey everyone! This is my first attempt at an Inkheart story. . . Yes it is a Meggie/Dustfinger. . . but not full on because she's too young at the moment. I used to be very against this couple. . . hahaha. Funny, I know. But they just grew on me. I don't know if I'd like them together in the actual book or movie but I just like how protective he is of her. It's cute. Please review and tell me what you think!!!


Meggie sat beside Farid, her arms crossed over her chest as she hugged herself for warmth. She could tell Farid was wondering why she wouldn't let him put his arm around her, bringing her close to his warm body. It sounded picture perfect to her, but she was not in the mood. Her eyes swam across to Mo and Resa, who were smiling at each other, and Mo barked out a laugh, while Resa's smile grew. Dustfinger was playing with the fire, entertaining the whole campsite. The fire licked hungrily at the logs, dancing with the leaves. Meggie hardened her glare when she felt amazement spread through her. She focused on Dustfinger, letting the bitter feelings take over her, squeezing her heart tightly. How could they just sit here like he had done nothing wrong? When he had betrayed them, when he had left her in the prison? When he had selfishly run off, only thinking of himself? What about how he had known about her mother, and he hadn't told them because of his obsessive want for the book? She could understand why he craved it so much-he wanted to see his wife. But to not tell her or Mo? It was cruel. If she had been in his position she would have helped him get his wife and then get the book. Dustfinger turned to look at her, and the smirk on his face fell off, his deep blue eyes softening into pain.

"Meggie," he said hoarsely. It suddenly grew quiet-the fire was gone, and everyone's eyes were on her and Dustfinger as he approached her. Farid looked down at her in surprise-he had not known anything was wrong. Mo looked at his daughter, and understanding flashed across his face. Resa looked between the two, feeling a pang that she did not know her only daughter well, and that Mo and Meggie had a bond so powerful and strong.

Meggie brought her eyes up to Dustfinger's face as he knelt down beside her.

"Princess, why do you look at me with such disdain?" he asked her in his soft, yet rough voice. She looked down, trying to stop the tears from filling her eyes. Dustfinger reached out, and lifted her chin with his finger. His eyes swam from side to side as he tried to read her, and even though Meggie tried to conceal how she felt towards him, he could see. Dustfinger always knew. It irked her.

"I think we should go for a walk." He said quietly.

"No!" Meggie protested, jumping up. Dustfinger didn't move, staring at her.

"I don't want to go anywhere with you! You might betray me once again!" She snapped. Dustfinger winced, his eyes filled with agony.

"Meggie…" Mo whispered, shaking his head.

"Meggie, please." Dustfinger reached out for her, but she moved back.

"Don't come after me." She warned before turning and running, letting the darkness engulf her. Dustfinger stood rooted to the spot, surprised at how she had just made him feel. Mo stood up and walked over to him.

"Go after her, Dustfinger. Explain to her what we understand." Dustfinger snapped his fingers.

"I would anyway. I wouldn't let her go into the forest alone." He said gruffly.

"I want to come." Farid said, standing up. Dustfinger looked at him.

"No. I need to go alone." And with that he strode off, determined to talk to Meggie. He didn't want to see the fear, the bitterness in her beautiful eyes. He wanted to see the amazement and love she held for him shine through, like she used to. He strode into the forest, fearful for Meggie. He didn't want to let a single thing touch her or harm her in anyway. If any strangers tried to touch her, he would cut whatever they touched her with off, and depending on the extent of which they did-he would kill them.

"Meggie?" He called out, snapping his fingers, letting the fire lead him along. Fire could play many parts-but right now it played the part of a guardian.

He heard nothing.

His heart started to pound against his chest, and he swallowed.

"Meggie?" He yelled desperately, making his way through trees. He could hear light running, and relief let him go. He followed the sound, desperate to talk to her. She needed to see. He needed her to see.

He needed her not to hate him.

"Meggie you might as well stop!" he called out, the fire guiding him to her. He could hear her small breaths as she picked up her pace. She didn't reply to him. Not even a nasty comment. He wasn't sure what he preferred-a nasty comment or silence?

"Meggie." He could see the outline of her. He whispered to the fire, and it grew stronger. He could see her perfectly. He raced to her, and she looked back. He hated the way she was looking at him-her eyes full of terror. Such one as Meggie should not have to feel like that. Ever. He let the fire go out, just as he was about to grab on her arm. She startled them both by tripping over, falling onto the ground, and she let out a little,


Dustfinger knelt down.

"Are you alright?" Though he couldn't see it, he knew she'd be glaring at him.

"Fine!" She stood up and went to run, but he grabbed her arm, standing up.

"I told you not to follow me!"

I'll always follow you, the words were on the tip of his tongue but instead he said,

"Will you run?"

"No." He slowly let go, and then she took off once again. Cursing himself in his head for his stupidity, he chased after her. Meggie veered off to the left suddenly, and then once again she tripped. Dustfinger took her gently by the arms, not letting go of her.

"Let go!"

"No. Not this time. We are going to talk Meggie." He then cast a fire beside them, and moved her over so she would not be in danger of getting burnt. He looked over to her, his hand still encircled on her arm, keeping her in place. He sighed.

"Meggie I'm sorry I betrayed you. So very sorry. I was a fool, I was selfish-my heart craved to see Roxanne…I was only thinking about the sweetness of seeing her again. I never meant to put you or your family in danger. I realize my actions could have led to your mother's death, and I've never felt so ashamed of myself as I do now." Dustfinger's eyes pierced into Meggie's, and she felt she had to look away-they were so intense.

"But now I don't mind anymore. I have a family here." Dustfinger's words surprised her. She looked up at him in amazement.

"What about your love for Roxanne?" He smiled.

"There will always be a place in my heart for Roxanne, as will there be hope to seeing her again. But nine years is a long time-she has probably remarried…there might be nothing for me to go home to. But here I have Farid, I have Mo and Resa, and I have you." He reached out and cupped her cheek, his fingers grazing it. She sunk into his hold, relishing in his warmth.

"Dustfinger, I…I…"

"I know." He said gently. She looked up at him, to see him smirking down at her.

"You are too young. But I will wait for you, if that's what you wish."

A smile lightened her face, and she nodded.

"Yes. I would." He kissed her forehead, her nose, before hesitating. Meggie held onto his cheek and brushed her lips softly across his own. He pulled away, looking down at her.

"Come on Meggie. We must go back." Reluctantly, she stood up.

"Oh. You're forgiven by the way."

He just laughed.