Maybe to everyone else it was stupid. But sometimes that's just how it is. When you're not involved and can only see the outside, and not what's already been imprinted on the heart like a tattoo, you don't understand.

Meggie wrote, and poured her heart out. She almost expected it to be there on the page, with a trail of blood leaking from it.

She gave it to Dustfinger and he skimmed over the words, smiled, and then wrapped an arm around her and planted a kiss on her head. Meggie than searched for her dad.

"Dad." Mo looked up from his work, a funny look on his face as he stared at his daughter.

"You don't call me dad unless there's something wrong. What's up, darling?" Mo patted the spot beside him, and like she always did she took her place next to him.

She played with the love story in her hands before meeting her father's concerned gaze straight on.

"You know with love, no one else gets it but the two of you?"

Mo smiled.

"Yes. Love is like that. It's also indescribable and cannot be summed up with words, not even our ones."

"What if the seed has been planted and you just want it to grow, but it won't grow in rain?" The words tumbled out of her mouth almost childishly. Mo looked at her, feeling proud of her.

"Have I told you I love you, my beautiful daughter?" Meggie blushed in pleasure, but then shook her head, not to be distracted.

"Mo, I'm in love."

"Farid is a lucky man." Her dad mused. She coughed, the paper beginning to feel damp in her hands.

"It's not Farid."

Mo straightened. This shocked him.

"Meggie?" he waited both patiently and impatiently. Something he had mastered from being a father.

"It's Dustfinger. We do not choose love but love chooses us. I wish to love another but my heart is entwined with his, in a bond." Meggie held her breath while her father looked at her blankly.

She had always been able to read his expressions but this time she couldn't, whether it was from fear or not breathing, she didn't know. When she thought she may pass out her father's blank look changed to alarm.

"Sweet child, breathe!" Meggie did, gasping as she gulped in air greedily.

Mo took a deep breath. He may be good with words but would he be able to use them right for his daughter?

"I am your father and it's my job to protect you from a broken heart. I may think this could be a bad idea, and it could give you a broken heart, but not as bad as the one you would get if I banned you from him. I love you, and I'll always be here for you. You can't choose who you love, so if you want my blessings than yes, but something I will not approve of is sex." Meggie, who had been smiling through unshed tears at the growth of his speech now suddenly gasped in horror at him.

"Dad!" she hissed.

"It's true Meggie. I will ban you if I find out-"

"Don't worry! There will be none of that until I'm way older. I just...can you please read this?" Meggie handed it over timidly, and her father skimmed the words before raising one eyebrow. But he too liked the idea.

"Dustfinger you can come in now." Her father said casually, and Meggie's eyes widened as Dustfinger came slinking in.

"I can assure you Mo, nothing of the sort until she is much, much, much older. I promise." Dustfinger said sincerely, and Mo nodded. Meggie however put her face into her palm.

"How did you even know?" she groaned.

"A father always knows." Mo said, grinning.

"And he saw me from a reflection." Dustfinger supplied.

Meggie looked back up with a grin at Mo's scowling face.

"Let' s just read this shall I?"

Love is a powerful thing. Once it touches someone it cannot be removed. But there is a soul mate for everyone, and if you think your own is gone then obviously you haven't met yours yet. Love, any love does not and will not hold grudges. Love forgives all. And the love between Meggie and Dustfinger will not be trampled on, or spat on for the differences, because opposite attract. It will be accepted and welcomed, and Dustfinger's wife will find another handsome man who isn't broken, who can take care of her. Brianna will love Dustfinger still, but live with her mum and new step father, which Dustfinger will accept. Farid would find another girl who would love and cherish him as he deserves. And as we celebrate this new found love, everything is at peace.

Sometimes words cannot heal all pain. Roxanne left immediately with Brianna, who forgave her dad and told him she loved him, and would see him soon. Roxanne would meet Bill in a couple of days, and know a happiness she never knew existed.

Resa was shocked at this new and young love between her daughter and old friend. She was a little bit jealous, until Mo would wrap his arm around her, and his warmth would chase away the coldness jealously left.

Farid was hurt, but with Dustfinger's fatherly love, it chased away the cruelness of that pain. Farid and Meggie agreed to stay friends, but for now he would leave, and on this leave he would walk a new journey with a new girl.

In bringing this new love, after the dust of pain and hurt settled, it would bring even clearer and more beautiful sights.

"I have good ideas, don't I?" Meggie asked, turning away from the stars to look into Dustfinger's blue eyes, that twinkled even more brightly than the sun.

"Do you know," Dustfinger traced her lips, and Meggie smiled.

"You have a smile like exploding stars?"

She blushed, and he touched her red cheeks.

"And you're blush is like a sunset. You truly are beautiful, Meggie Folchart."

She smiled up at him, and he smiled back at her.

"You have ocean eyes, which is ironic because you like fire."

"A lot of things in worlds are ironic." Dustfinger agreed.

"Do you believe in fate Dustfinger?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Bad things happen for a reason. We don't feel pain for nothing. Like when you entered my world and my mum disappeared into yours. We wouldn't have met."

"That's a good way to look at it. But let's not dwell on the past."

"And only on the future." Meggie held up her glass, and he clinked hers.


They returned to the campsite later, and Dustfinger gave Meggie back to her waiting parents.

"Say goodnight." They smiled and gave them their privacy, looking at each other as they remembered the start of their love.

"Remember Meggie, I love you." Dustfinger whispered.

"Let my love fly to your heart so you know how much." She whispered back.

He leaned closer to her face, then dodged her expecting lips to whisper in her ear.

"I will wait for you."

And she smiled, and he was blinded.