The wedding is a few weeks away and amazingly I have done nothing but sit back and watch everything take flight. I must admit, for that I am grateful, but you will never catch me saying that out loud.

It was Sunday and Edward was out hunting after I practically shoved him out the door. Alice never had a need to kidnap me as I was in no immediate danger, so I was at home. I'm not sure who went with him, if anyone went at all, but I can only hope.

So I'm at home without homework - as I had already graduated -, all my chores were done and wedding plans were covered, I tried reading but I was too restless for that and I am bored out of my mind. I hadn't spoken to Jacob he's still roaming around somewhere so my last resort is to visit the Cullen household.

I ran out to the door, keys in hand as I called out to Charlie that I was visiting Alice.

I slid into the seats of the new Mercedes, closing my eyes and taking in the smell of the leather seats. I settled into the seat feeling the soft texture against my skin. It reminded me of a leather jacket. I was a fan of the leather but that is something I kept to myself. I tried to picture Edward in a leather jacket and smiled at the thought, I was definitely making him wear one.

I opened my eyes and started the engine before gliding out of the driveway and tapping the accelerator and was cruising through the town.

My car was just a silent purr as I pulled up to the house. I wasn't sure if anyone was home, but then again, someone was always home.

I opened the door cautiously and it followed noiselessly and saw a sight that I thought I would never see. Ever.

Carlisle was seated on the white couch, leaned back comfortably; one arm stretched across the back of it and the other on the arm of the chair, his right foot resting on his left knee, Esme was taking small measured paces along the length of the coffee table, her eyes never left his.

It was then my eyes widened in intrigued as I saw their ensembles.

He wore black chucks. Not just any black chucks, black leather chucks.


Note to self: Make Alice buy me a pair. He wore a fitted plain white t-shirt that showed each of drool worthy, chiseled muscles. He wore black leather pants and a black leather jacket.


These were also tight and looked absolutely amazing on him. I had wondered just today what Edward would like in a leather jacket, frankly, I don't care anymore because here was Carlisle wearing all kinds of leather garments looking like a God. Nothing could compare no, not even Edward. To top it all off he wore his hair in a similar fashion except it was combed back further. He looked like a greaser, a blonde version of John Travolta in Grease only a million times hotter.

He looked sexy. Totally and utterly sexy, especially with his mischievous smile and eyes alight with desire.

I followed his gaze up to his wife and instantly felt a pang of jealousy at the sight and what a sight she was. She looked so devilishly tantalizing it wasn't even funny. I couldn't even believe I used those words to describe sweet innocent Esme because right now she looked far from that.

Her caramel waves were pinned up in a butterfly clip. She wore four inch knee high leather boots with black pinup style stockings, complete with the suspender belts. The suspender belts were on show as she wore a leather short sleeve jumpsuit dress cutting off mid thigh with slits up along the side seams going up about an inch.

Oh man, so much leather.

She had an inch thick red leather belt through the loops holes; the front zipper was open on the bust revealing to die for cleavage and lacy red lingerie.

Leather and lace, good combo, reminds me of that song, the one by Ricky Martin. She pulled the greaser look very well indeed. I must admit she was putting Rosalie to shame.

At that point, she had bent over, giving Carlisle a spectacular view of her front side, and I got a great view of the back. I'm not one to be leering on future mother in laws, but in this case I'm glad to make an exception. Underneath the mini skirt, her perfectly toned butt was barely covered by more red lace.

"Wanna agitate the gravel and finish this in the bent eight or what big daddy?" Oh please do. That would be so hot. I mean on the hood of Carlisle's Mercedes that would be the ultimate image. I wanted it so much I was scaring myself.

"Baby, I'll be having a blast wherever we do this." Carlisle's smile widened. "Just as long as I'm able to cast an eyeball at the classy chassis in front of me."

"Better than the paper shakers that get around at the gig?" They were even pulling off the fifties slang really sexy. I swear I was gonna melt. Esme moved in closer pulling Carlisle's foot off his leg letting it fall to the ground before running her hands up his legs and back down again.

"Sugar, you know you're the only one who will ever razz my berries." He leaned forward, now they were less than an inch apart. Esme stood up, wow; I never thought she would be a tease.

"The ankle biters are gone and we've got the pad to ourselves. Where do you want to start daddy-o?" Ha. Maternal Esme is no more; she just called us all ankle biters.

"Right here." Carlisle growled, his voice dripping with sex. It was pure, divine torture. He leaned forward and stretched out his arm till it grabbed hold of her belt and pulled her forward until she was straddling his lap. Their lips locked hungrily, Esme grabbing fistfuls at a time of Carlisle's blonde locks whilst he caressed the outside of her thighs and butt roughly, although still gentle. Esme freed one hand to take the clip out of her hair and shook out the caramel locks as they fell lightly upon her shoulders. Carlisle growled again with pleasure and captured his lips with hers once more.

I took that as my queue to leave. I turned around and closed the door until it was rubbing against the doorframe and snuck back out to the car. I slipped in on the passenger's side; sitting my feet up on the dashboard and resting my head back into the seat. I closed my eyes and remembered all that I saw today.

I summarized that I had caught my future parents in law in stunning leather outfits, playing fifties grease monkeys. I may have caught them, but I don't regret it. In fact, I wouldn't mind catching them again, especially if they were dressed like that. I never felt embarrassed catching them, just curious, intrigued and wishing. Wishing I was in the position of each of them. Wishing I was the one feeling Carlisle in my arms and on the flip side, I wished I could have felt Esme moving herself on top of me.


It was then I must have fallen asleep as the next morning I woke up in Edward's room, on the massive bed. I made my way downstairs into the living room where I found Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper on the couch, Edward sitting on the floor in front of them. Alice was on the arm of the love seat to the left and Carlisle and Esme had just sat down on the love seat on the right. I sat down in the chair Alice was on and she smiled at me.

"Morning Bella. How did you sleep?"

"Uh. Well? And thanks for moving me inside I guess."

"No worries. You know, I knew you talked in your sleep but I didn't know how weird the stuff you said was. Now I know why Edward loves it so much." What had I said this time?

"What did I say Alice?"

She giggled as if she was going to enjoy this and took a deep, unnecessary breath.

"Well, you started out by singing this really weird song. I think you said 'If you think love should be a crime, then lock me up for life. I'll do the time with a smile on my face thinking of her in her leather and lace.' Over and over. Then, you spoke in clipped words and sentences. You also said, grease monkey, and bent eight a lot. And my personal favorites, I'll jump 'em I swear I will and stupid sexy parents. Now Bella, what type of dream were you having last night?"

Oh, you know I just dreamt about Carlisle and Esme getting dirty on the couch because I was spying on them yesterday afternoon. Then wishing I could watch them doing it on the hood of Carlisle's car.

Like that'll go well. I looked around to see an array of expressions on everyone's faces; most were expectant and a bit grossed out, only two looked shocked and embarrassed. That was probably how I looked.

No way was I going to tell the truth. May as well make it a game.

"Gent bent, that's none of yours. Now I'm going back to sleep, if you want answers. Good luck. Goodnight ankle biters, goodnight sugar, goodnight daddy-o." I gave Carlisle and Esme a little wink.

Then I remembered. "Oh and Alice, buy me a pair of black leather chucks. They're really sexy." I purred, or well, tried to.

I gave everyone a little smug smile and skipped off back to the bedroom.

"Stupid sexy vampire parents. Too sexy for their own good." I mumbled to myself when I got to the top of the stairs.

Ah shit, now I'm in for it. I should have known that that was a bad idea because downstairs I heard a series of gasps.


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