Title: Behind Closed Doors
Pavi and Luigi, can be seen as Pavigi if you want it to... I certainly do.
PG-13, 'cause there's Luigi.
Word Count:
A private moment between the Largo brothers

Behind closed doors things were different.

Luigi still wasn't friendly or warm, he was after all Luigi Largo, but he wasn't outright hostile either and could often be quite... tolerant when in the right mood.

Pavi knew this as he unfastened the clamps of his latest face after another long day filled with drama and Genterns. Luigi had always been the only one around whom Pavi felt truly comfortable without a mask. It had become clear the first time his brother laid eyes on him after the failed surgery that Luigi wasn't going to see him any different than before.

It wasn't out of love or sympathy, it was because Luigi simply didn't care what his little brother looked like... which was perhaps even better.

Wordlessly Pavi walked over to the chaise longue where his brother was lounging, watching some kind of soap opera.

For a split second their gazes met.

Luigi lifted an arm, allowing a rather happy Pavi to nestle himself against his big brother. The younger man let out a content sigh when the strong arm returned to rest around his waist.

"Fratello, I-ah..."

"Pavi, shut the fuck up."

And Pavi Largo pulled his scarred lips into a genuine smile, for all was right in the world.