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Many of you probably know about, let's say, the sister story for this one. Naruto is dating who. Only, while the main one focuses on crossover pairings, this one will include just girls from Naruto. So, I have the first two chapters planned out. And I suppose I will put up a small poll on my profile after each new chapter, or you can always suggest by reviewing which girl I should put into the next chapter. What can I say more, you know the drill. Enjoy!


"Hmmm… Darn, the anticipation is killing me." Naruto sighed heavily while going through another shelf. He wasn't usually someone for reading, but he had heard that reading helps taking your mind off things. And he really needed that, ever since his 'baa-chan' had put him on his nerves.

The thing was, he was almost eighteen. In a few days it would be his eighteenth October the tenth. And the fifth Hokage Senju Tsunade had told him no less than an hour ago that she was planning something 'big' for that particular day. Add to that the fact that he had never celebrated his birthday before… And he was worried and dyeing to know just what she had 'planned'.

"Hmmm… I choose the wrong side of the library, it seems… Uh?" Naruto was going through the various books while passing a hand over each single one of them, but most of them had from little to no appeal to his mind… Till he read a curious title. Very, very curious. He picked out a very slim book, being no more than one hundred pages, but… It was the title that was so… Strange. "… 'Naruto is dating who? The Bachelor Chapters'? What the…"

He turned it around and tried to find like, some informations about the content and the author that one could usually find on the back of the book… He found just a name. Takeru Faito Fuuten. "… Someone whose last name is 'insanity'… What can have written?" He said in a whisper. And yet… "Hey! How much is this?"


"… Alright. Now, what the hell are you?" Naruto had come back from the bookstore in a flash, eager to open the book. Mostly because of the title. Naruto wasn't that common of a name. It had been created by his late godfather for his own book. So… Either he himself or the character of that book was involved or it was a case of homonymy.

He fixed himself something to drink and then sat on the couch cross-legged, the book on his legs. He opened it at the index… He blinked when he found just one chapter enlisted into the thing. The first and only one… He went quickly through the pages, and found that indeed among the hundred or some, most were white. "… Weird."

Naruto returned to the index, since he had forgotten the name. It was quite long… He opened it again and read it. 'Fragrance of an Iris'. "… Weird name indeed." He moved the pages and started reading the first chapter…


Chapter 1: Fragrance of an Iris (Ayame)

Chapter 2: Light in the snow (Koyuki)

Chapter 3: Dinasty (???)