Light in the snow (Koyuki)


"Still insecure about this, hime-sama?"

"I must admit… Yes, I am." The woman replied, pouring herself one more cup of tea. After becoming the rightful regent of the former Snow Country, now Spring Country, Koyuki had also kept on working as an actress. And everything was ready for the next episode in the movie series of Icha Icha. Jiraiya himself had come to offer her the part of the main character. "I mean… I love the subject. But…"

"I guess that it throws you off a bit, having to do some of those scenes with a perfect stranger." Jiraiya said, taking a sip from his own cup. "They've been pretty softened, compared to the original book. But they're still kinda… Extreme, hn?"

"Indeed…" She said with a sigh. She really wanted to take part in that movie, but… She blushed just at the thought. Jiraiya grinned.

"Well… I kinda have a solution to that. One that I believe you will find even pretty pleasant." That made her blink. What was he talking about? He suddenly got out of his right pocket a paper. "It's everything here in detail. I've already discussed it with the troupe, the director and so on. The only one who doesn't know is, of course, the subject."

"… Sounds… Sneaky?" She took the piece of paper and began to read it carefully. After the first three lines she raised an eyebrow. Half the page through her eyes widened in surprise. After she finished reading the paper she had a very big smile on her face. "Jiraiya-sama, if the idea didn't disgust me, I would kiss you right now."



"Waaaaaah! This place's so niceeeeeeeeeeee!" Naruto said, excited like a little kid. It had been more than one year since the last time he had come to the Spring Country. He had kept in touch with a certain princess via mail, but nothing more. He had to say, he didn't remember it being so beautiful… And the royal palace's garden was even more luxurious than the rest of the city and the country.

He had been assigned from Tsunade and Jiraiya the mission to protect his old friend Koyuki till she finished the movie she was working on. They didn't share much detail about the movie itself, though. "Hmm… But I wonder where's Koyuki-chan. All that I see here is the workers…"


"Alright. We've tried this a lot of times. All of you are professionals. Don't fail me." A shout of 'Yes, Koyuki-sama!' followed those words. She adjusted her hair once more and turned to the word… And then opened the door with a big smile. Lights. Camera. Action. "Naruto!"

"Hn? Koyuki-neechan! Finally!" Naruto skipped over to his old acquaintance… Only for his windpipe to almost be crushed when she trapped him in a bear-hug. He slowly and awkwardly returned it. "Nee-chan… I need ribs to live…"

"Look at you! How you've grown!" She kept on hugging him tightly and snuggling her cheek against his own one for a bit. She didn't need to fake that. She really wanted to snuggle him till he consumed him. He had gotten so cute and handsome… She released him. They still had a plan. "I'm so happy they sent you!"

"Eh, me too, nee-chan. I missed you lots." Naruto said, blushing a little. He had become sensible to certain aspects of the female body. And Koyuki was 'one smoking piece of ass', like Jiraiya said. In short, she was beautiful. He wondered why she didn't have a boyfriend… "So, when did you start making the movie?"

"In a few minutes, actually." She said, nodding. That was the first scene. Entrance from the main door of the palace of the director. "We're waiting for the male protag…"

"KOYUKI-SAMAAAAAAA! TERRIBLE NEWS!" She mentally praised the man. The entrance was perfect. Loud voice, alarmed tone, slammed doors. She put on a look of confusion and turned around.

"Director? What's wrong?" The man came to a halt in front of her, panting, trying to catch his breath.

"The… The male protagonist… Had an incident." Koyuki gasped. Her acting had gotten a lot better over the years. "He broke most of his bones… He will not be able to get out of bed… Let alone act…"

"Oh, no!" Koyuki said, dropping her head slightly after. The whole troupe and the assistants started to circle around her and the director right after, discussing various things. "What now?" She made sure that Naruto could hear the tone of disappointment in her voice.

"We can't make the movie without a fitting protagonist! I refuse to use an unsuitable one!" The director said, making clear that he was adamant on that point.

"But sir… Where can we possibly find, out of nowhere, a tall, spiky blonde-haired man with pink skin and azure eyes… …" Koyuki slowly turned around towards Naruto, staring at him. The boy was surprised… When everyone else turned around and their face suddenly showed surprise as well he sweatdropped. "Naruto, please remove your forehead protector."

"Ehm… Alright?" Naruto obeyed, still stranged out by the sudden behaviour of the group. He untied the cloth behind his head, and shook his head to let his hair fall into place… And he was immediately surrounded by gawking and overexcited people. "H-HEY! WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA?!"

"Sorry, Naruto… But it seems you've just become the new male protagonist of my movie." Koyuki said, chuckling a little. Naruto's eyes widened comically.


"Please?" Naruto's words died in his throat when Koyuki looked at him like a kicked puppy. "For me?"

"…" He dropped his head in defeat. How could he say anything to that face and look? While they basically stripped him and dressed him in new clothes, he asked… "What movie is it?"

"Icha Icha Tactics: The movie."

"… WHAT?!"


"Geez… I will die of anemia before half the movie is finished…"

"Eheheh… But you're doing good, though, Naruto." Koyuki chuckled at Naruto's behaviour. The boy looked ready to pass out at any moment, being pale because of the lack of blood. But it was incredible how, after the first few times, he had learned to keep in the blood until after the director said 'Stop'. "And in the worst case, there's always transfusion…"

"Geez, nee-chan. You'll be my death…" Naruto said, drinking his cup of coffee. Other than losing blood he had had a sleepless night because of the consequent dreams. Koyuki gave a 'Hmmm'.

"I'll be your death… Why is that?" Naruto blushed scarlet.

"W-Well, isn't it obvious?" Naruto said, putting down the now empty cup. "I mean… All these 'incidents'… Are during scenes when I… Ehm…" He blushed even more.

"Like when you put your head in my breasts?" He blushed even more, and started to smoke because of the heat.

"Yeah… I mean, it would be embarrassing with everyone, but…" Naruto scratches one of his cheeks, his head still down. "But you're… You're beautiful, nee-chan…"

"… Thanks, Naruto." She said, a smile on her face. Suddenly, she put out a hand and grasped one of Naruto's own ones, gently, massaging its back with her thumb. "You're pretty awesome yourself…"

"…" Naruto shivered, but strangely his blush became less evident. He relaxed at the feel of Koyuki's hand on his own, and he even smiled a little.


"Damn, this is… I mean, this is too much, nee-chan!"

"Aw, come on, Naruto. Actors do it all the time."

"PORN-STARS DO IT ALL THE TIME, NEE-CHAN!" Was Naruto's retort after reading the script of their next scene. A quick and accurate resume of the whole scene would be 'a pretty hot make-out session', French-kissing and groping included. "I mean… I w-w-w-will never be able to do something like this in front of a camera and… I mean, no way!"

"Hmm… Could it be that Naruto is that inexperienced?" Koyuki said, teasing Naruto a little with a chuckle. Naruto blushed even more.

"T-That too… But I mean, nee-chan…"

"Hmmm, it can't be helped, then." Koyuki said, a hand going to the sticks keeping her hair combed in place, pulling them out, while being certain that door and windows were still locked shut. Naruto blinked but then couldn't help but stare in awe when she released her long hair and waved them around with a wide enough movement of her head, before settling her mischievous stare on him again. "We'll have to do a rehearsal."

"…" Naruto stared a bit more. And in his infinite wisdom he managed to blurt out. "Eh?"

"What I've said." They had been both sitting on her bed, and suddenly the space between them got reduced as Koyuki slowly crawled in his direction. Naruto blushed and backed away a little… Only to find the wall blocking his retreat. "Since you're so embarrassed an inexperienced… We'll have to do a private try of the scene, right?"

"… EH?!" Naruto went scarlet immediately, the meaning of her words and what they implied downing on him with the weight of a hundred mountains. Koyuki just chuckled a little more.


"N-NEE-CHAN! THAT WASN'T THE POINT!" Naruto shouted, turning around with a blush on his face. "I C-CAN'T DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT WITH YOU!"

"And… Why is that?" She ignored his uneasiness and leaned her soft hands on top of his shoulders, earning another shudder from him.

"B-Because… I-It's not… It's not fair… For you…" He said. Koyuki just smiled a little and suddenly kissed the side of his neck, sending a little jolt in his brain and through his spine. "I… I mean… You shouldn't do these kind of things… With people… You don't like…"

"Did I…" Another kiss. Naruto shivered again. "Ever tell…" On the other side of his neck. Naruto's eyes fluttered, suddenly feeling somewhat heavier. "That I didn't like you?" Naruto inhaled a big breath of air sharply, his body suddenly relaxed, feeling weak.

"I mean… Like… Like that, nee-chan... Ah!" Naruto gave out a small yelp as Koyuki suddenly moved her lips from his neck to his left earlobe.

"My point, Naruto-kun… Did you ever ask?" She bit it a little, making Naruto gasp cutely. From the gesture or her words, he didn't know.

"Nee-chan… Ahhhhh…" He shivered again when Koyuki's hand suddenly went under his t-shirt to rest on his chest. "Your hands are… Cold…"

"I'm sorry… Then, want to warm them up?" She snuggled closer into his back, pressing her 'fleshy pillows' against him on purpose. Naruto blushed even more. While doing this, she made her cold hands travel all over his chest and abdomen, and her neck returned to softly kiss his neck. Naruto moved his head around, like suddenly feeling restless, his rational mind desperately trying to resist all the impulses and signals… He failed miserably. "Mhhh…"

Koyuki's moan as Naruto suddenly turned around and forcefully kissed her while pushing her on her back on the bed wasn't surprised in the slightest. She was expecting that kind of reaction from the beginning. She was aiming for it, actually. She didn't resist it in the slightest. She welcomed it, wrapping her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss while he instinctively slipped his tongue into her mouth and his hands went for the opening of her kimono to massage her tights… He suddenly stopped and slowly broke the kiss. She blinked. "W-What's wrong?"

"… Just tell me this. Did you plan this all along? From the beginning?" He asked, a little bewildered. Koyuki blinked but then chuckled and lightly flicked his nose with her right index finger.

"Yes, I did… But, does it really matter right now?"

"…" Naruto looked down at her long hair that now covered a good part of the mattress, her deep, beautiful eyes, her white skin, her red lips in the shape of that beautiful smile, the way he had messed up her kimono enough so that he could now see one of her legs and just a little hint of her cleavage… "… No." He said and dove back in. Call him stupid…


"… You scared?"

"… Not much." The blonde boy chuckled and extended an arm to Koyuki's face, caressing her face with his fingertips… He then snorted in badly suppressed laughter. "Shouldn't I be the one asking that question? I'm the male, after all…"

"But you're also the virgin while I'm the experienced older woman who seduced you…" She smiled and caressed his face, mimicking his earlier gesture… Then pinched his nose while frowning. "Who would get fired if word of this ever got out. So don't even think of going around bragging with your friends."

"Ow. I will not." He said, grinning with a nasal voice because of the pinching. He then leaned down and kissed her on the lips sweetly. "I prefer to love you in secret that lose you publicly…"

"… Come here, idiot." She grabbed his neck with both her hands, bringing him down to her lips for a deep kiss.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand stop. Good! For today, we're over!"

"Ahhh! Good!" Naruto said, stretching… Then remembering that he was naked. He stopped before the sheet fell and exposed his family jewels, much to Koyuki's pouting. She got up as well, just as the assistants offered them two bathrobes. "Thanks…"

"Well, I suppose we should go get changed back and then dinner and sleep. Goodnight, everyone." Koyuki said and got up from the bed heading for the changing rooms, Naruto in tow. They had seen most of each other's body, so it wasn't strange to change together to the eyes of the rest of the equipe.

But they would have found it really strange what happened once the door closed. To them all the acting at the beginning of the making was just to convince Naruto to be the main character… They didn't know about Koyuki's 'tendencies' that made her basically slam Naruto against the wall and French the hell out of him every time they finished making a scene.

"… God, I thought I was going to die because of the repressed sexual tension…" She said, panting a little because of the lack of breath. Naruto just chuckled.

"You're such a nympho, nee-chan… OW!" He suddenly got punched on the head.

"Idiot… You're the only one I ever acted like this with…" She said, a pout on her face. Naruto rubbed his sore spot.

"Sorry… I just meant that while your character is a gentle and somehow shy teacher, with me… Well, you always begin 'wildly'."

"Blame that on a whole day of scenes based on light physical contact between me and you." She said, raising her head and nose and turning around with her arms crossed… But suddenly, she grinned in a feline way and turned to Naruto. "But… I must say that I liked that last scene…"

"I bet you did…" Naruto said, rolling his eyes… Before his eyes widened when one of her hands went for what was under his bathrobe. One of his 'appendages', grasping it firmly and pressing her whole body on him. He gasped and blushed as red as one could ever blush. "N-Nee-chan?" He said, gasping for breath while talking.

"I think it's time you put to use this, Naruto…" She said, and Naruto suddenly felt incredibly screwed… And at the same time, incredibly lucky.


"Great! This is so moving! I'm a genius! I'm a genius!"

"Ero-sannin, you're probably the one who had less to do with the making of movie than anyone in this room." Naruto said, sweatdropping at his teacher's antics. Crying fake tears at the applauses for the movie during the premiere.

"Geez, instead of thanking me, brat, you get so stuck up at me?" Naruto blinked, while shifting a bit out of Koyuki's hold on his left arm.

"What should I thank you for?" He said. Jiraiya blinked… And then smirked at Koyuki, who just shrugged her shoulders.

"Ahh… The princess didn't tell you that I was the one who came out with the plan in the first place?" He said. Naruto blinked and turned to Koyuki, who just said 'Sorry'. He rolled his eyes.

"Well, then I guess I owe you my thanks indeed…" He said, then leaned to his side and kissed Koyuki on her lips. "You could have told me."

"Well… I kinda forgot…" He rolled her eyes at her reply and found his mouth sealed by her lips once again. "Well, the movie's over… So, what do you say if we go back to our hotel room and get you out of this suit? You dig the bad guy look too much for your own good…"

"Oh, well… I guess I must be punished…"


"What's on your mind?"

"Hmm… What makes you say I'm thinking about something?"

"You're always thinking about something in particular whenever you start making circles on my chest after sex. It's like you're stalling for time." Naruto replied with a grin, adjusting the covers so that she wouldn't feel cold. She grumbled. She didn't know herself, of having that habit.

"Well… Mostly about… My duties back home, you know. The future…" She said. Naruto nodded.

"Must be hard being the princess of a whole country…" She nodded.

"Yes, but… That's not what I'm thinking about…" She blushed a little. "Naruto… What am I?"

"An actress, a beautiful woman, a freak in b… OW!"

"A princess, idiot." She said, her hand a bit sore. He had one hell of a hard skull. "You know what makes me not a queen yet?"

"Hmm…" Naruto scratched his chin, since his sore spot would soon heal on its own. He thought about it but he really didn't have a clue. "I don't really know, nee-chan."

"… Well… Basically, marriage. A princess officially becomes a 'queen' when she gets married." Naruto's mouth opened in a 'O' of understanding… Then he raised an eyebrow when he saw Koyuki blush. It wasn't like her. "Well… I'd like to… I'd like to become a queen, next spring… On the 21st of March…"

"…" Naruto raised an eyebrow, not really understanding what it was all about… Till comprehension downed on him. His eyes widened and his jaw almost unhinged itself. "I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I… Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You…"

"… So?" She said, ignoring his studdering and sudden uneasiness. He hadn't been that nervous ever since the first time they had had sex.

"…" Naruto breathed in and out slowly. They had started their little private affair little more than an year and a half ago. Now he was 18 and of legal age, so, no more problems on that front… But what she had just asked of him was something big. Enormous. "But… I mean… W-What about your people? Wouldn't they be… Shocked?"

"Shocked that the preteen who saved their country became the handsome man that married their princess? Yes, they would." She said with a chuckle. Naruto groaned. Did they really have that high opinion of him?

"…" He sighed and turned to face her directly, his face showing he was serious like he rarely was. "Koyuki, are you absolutely sure about this?" Him calling her by name emphasised his seriousness. She slowly nodded in reply. "This is something that… It difficultly can be undone. Especially because of your position. I'm younger than you, I'm a shinobi, a person with enemies, that I want it or not…"

"You're the man that I love and you're going to be the king of my country, and the leader of its armed forces." She interrupted him and kissed him lovingly on the lips. "You're going to protect me, yourself and the whole country like the hero I know you are. And you're going to do a great job at it. We're going to have a bit marriage and invite all your friends to it, and they're going to grit their teeth in anger at how lucky you are."

"…" He smiled and chuckled a bit. She made everything look so simple… He kissed her back. How come she always managed to convince him so easily? "… Why the 21st of March?"

"It's the Spring Country, dummy. National festivity."


"Fuun-hime…" Gaara said, stading beside Naruto while they were waiting for the ceremony to start… And the bride to arrive. "You're getting married to Fuun-hime."

"Koyuki-hime, Gaara. Fuun-hime is just her character from one of the movies." Gaara looked at him with a glare that said 'Shut up and see my point'. Naruto sweatdropped. "Well.. Yes."

"… I was about to ask you 'What about becoming Hokage?'. But then I thought 'what the hell. He's probably going to found his own village'. And she all but makes up for it." Gaara said, pointing to the bride who was coming in from the main door, cheers suddenly reigning in the hall. Naruto looked at her, in her most precious and finest kimono and smiled.

"You know? She gets angry at me sometimes because whenever she asks opinions on her choice of clothing, I can't see the difference." Naruto said, smiling like an idiot and then grinning. "No matter what she wears, she's always the same, to me. Beautiful."

"Or what she doesn't wear, I bet…" Naruto blushed and laughed nervously, while many males in the audience couldn't help but keep on muttering 'fortunate bastard'.


Interlude II

"… I need to go and buy more tissues." He hadn't had much of them to begin with, but they were now all scattered on the floor in a red mess. Good thing the thing turned to the romantic side towards the end. He made a go for the bathroom to wash himself and then cleaned the floor.

"… Now, I bet that if I go to the index again…" Naruto opened the book again and indeed, there it was. Another name for another chapter had appeared. This one was titled 'Dinasty'. "… Alright, let's make some order in my mind." He said, closing the book.

"Basically, this thing has some sort of genjutsu… Every time I finish reading a chapter, another new one appears in the index and in the pages of the book. And till now, the chapters had been about me and… Ayame-neechan and Koyuki-neechan." He blushed, thinking about who the hell could have thought of him and her two nee-chans doing those kind of things… Well, it was true that sometimes Koyuki-neechan looked at him that way, but it was misdirection. It was for Kakashi-sensei, right? Right? "… Now, the next chapter… Is it going to be about someone else or again about me and another girl?"

His gaze returned to the book, feeling uneasy and blushing a lot. He groaned. "Well, just one way to find out." He opened the book again and went back to reading.