And That's When I Fell Through the Floor.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Ghost Hunt, just this plot line.

Chapter One

The first sign should have been when I woke up underneath the bed, instead of in it.

But, as I, Mai Taniyama, have an unfortunate habit of doing, I ignored it. I put it down to the weird dream I had been having, again, and got on with my day.

The next sign should have been when I couldn't open my wardrobe. This time I put it down to the fact that I was still asleep and when the second attempt worked and I was dressed, I merely thought I had missed the handle or something.

And that's when I fell through the floor.

I landed heavily on my behind with a thump that made the floor shake and a wave of pain went up my spine. I stared around me. I had fallen into what looked like an exact replica of my apartment, but everything was furnished differently. The curtains on the window were blue, mine were pink and all my decorations were gone, so bare walls looked back at me.

The room to the bedroom burst open and a tall man with a baseball club came running out. On seeing me he started yelling.

"How in the blazes did you get in here?" He began advancing and brandishing the club as though he was going to hit me.

"Get out! Get out! I don't care how you got in. Just get out! And don't come near my apartment again, you hear me? Do you?!" I nodded meekly in reply and tried to get up. But, my knees were too shaky and I fell back down.

The man tutted in response and bodily hulled me up and dragged me to the door. Where he threw me out on to my face. I grazed my chin as I bounced along the floor, but the man paid me no mind and slammed the door.

I turned around to glare at the door, ignoring the pain in my back and noticed the number on the door, '504'. The rooms on my apartment block were numbered according to the floor they were on. The ones on the first started with '1', the ones on the second started with a '2' and so on. I stared in disbelief at the number. My apartment was number '604'. Which meant I had somehow gone down a whole level. I had quite literally gone through the floor.

I don't know how long I sat there, staring at the door. I felt numb. How in the world? Eventually, I heard someone walking down the corridor towards me and I tried to stand up again.

"If I had known you were just sitting there, I wouldn't have bothered coming to find you."

I bright flush went to my cheeks and I turned away from Naru.

Naru was my boss at work. We study ghosts and go to places trying to help with paranormal problems. Well I do, Naru just wants to know more about ghosts.

"What … why … Naru?" I stammered out.

Man I was having a bad day. First I fall through the floor and hurt myself, then I get chucked out and hurt myself some more, then my boss turns up and sees me in that state. Oh, I wish the floor would open up and swallow me whole.

"Mai!" I looked up to see that Naru was holding me under the arms, I looked up at him quizzically, only, to see his horrified face as he looked at my legs. Slowly, I looked down.

Oh, Shit.

Well for once, what I'd ask for had happened. The floor had quite literally tried to swallow me whole till Naru had grabbed me.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

"Calm down," Naru ordered, "It will not help if you panic."

I nodded, oh man, scrap that about a bad day, this was quickly turning into the worst day of my life.

Bit by bit, Naru pulled me out of the floor. When it became apparent that I could not stand on my own two feet without falling over or through the floor, he swept me up bridal style. The blush that had receded somewhat came back in full force at this point and I buried my head in his clothes.

He began walking towards the stairs and took me down them. When at the bottom he tried to put me down, but I began sinking and he hefted me up again. Oh man.

When we reached the van where Lin was sitting, he got out as we approached and ran towards us.

After a brief explanation, Lin looked at me. I swear if I go anymore red, I'm going to burst a vein. Lin opened the door to the passenger side and Naru tried to put me down. Well, the good news was that I didn't go through the seat. The bad news was that another wave of pain went up my spine and I cried out. Naru quickly helped me up again.

"My spine," I complained. "I fell through the floor."

No more explanations were needed and with a bit of jostling, we were all settled back in the van. Naru in the other passenger seat, Lin in the driver's, and me. I was lain down with my head in Naru's lap.

Yep, this was officially the worst day of my life.