And That's When I Fell Through the Floor.

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Chapter 3.

I came to very slowly. A fog seemed to have surrounded my brain and it was very difficult to think. Slowly, oh so painfully slowly, it lifted enough for me to feel the warmth of my pillow.

I sighed and snuggled closer, noticing the groan that came from above. It sounded so far away. I closed my eyes and the fog came back again. It surrounded my mind and the blackness returned.

When the world began tipping back and forth, it caused the fog to begin draining away again. I tried to lift my head but it was too heavy. I let it flop back down again, to hear another groan. It sounded closer. The tipping returned. Was it an earthquake?

I tried to open my eyes, but they were stuck together. I brought one very heavy hand up and scrubbed my eyes. I was so tired... maybe if I shut my eyes for five more minutes... The tipping was back again, this time faster.

"Okay, okay. I'm up, I'm up." I slurred. I slowly shifted my arms and pushed myself up to a sitting position. I opened my eyes.

Ayako was bent over in front of me. One hand on her hip, the other on my shoulder, her face in my face.

"Wake up, you won't sleep tonight otherwise." She said softly. I blinked at the motherly gesture. It wasn't uncommon for Ayako to say things to me like a mother would. But I'd probably never get used to it.

"Plus we have a guest, who's knocking at the door and no-one wants to let him in." That's why.

I sighed and swung my legs to the floor. To my left, Bou-san stood up and began stretching his legs. Oh, that's what my pillow was. Whoops.

After a sheepish grin at Bou-san, who grinned in return, I got up and walked over to the door. Someone was on the other side. Knocking insistently. I winced. Honestly, was I the only one who could answer the door?

I looked back into the room as I got to the door. Ayako and Bou-san were watching me, rather too intently. I frowned, wondering why. Even Lin-san was leaning against the door frame of his office watching me. I shrugged turning back to the door.

I set my face to what I hoped was an apologetic look and swung the door open.

"About time…" The man began, but ended with a very undignified, "You!"

Ah, Crap. Why him? Why today?

In front of me stood the man who, a couple hours ago, or depending how long I had been asleep, had found me in the middle of his apartment, with no explanation of how I got there.

Speaking of which, why wasn't I falling… Oh!

Lin grabbed my upper arm as I began speaking again. Luckily the man hadn't seem to notice my feet disappear. Well he had good reason.

"Are you here or a consult or are you here just to have a go at my employee?"

Naru had appeared on my other side. His face was as blank as ever, but I could have sworn I seen something else in there as he looked at Lin, then to the couch. Then looked back at the man at the door, who's face was red with a mixture of embarrassment and anger.

Lin guided me back to the couch and sat me down, still holding my upper arm. Then he let it go and, just as Naru had done, tapped me on the nose. God, these two always make me feel like I've been told off.

The man, whom Naru had shown the couch opposite, looked at me strangely. Well who wouldn't, I had supposedly broken into his home, then was been dragged by the arm and tapped on the nose like a naughty child. I flushed in embarrassment.

"I apologize for my employee's behavior. It seems she had quite the shock this morning when she slept-walked into someone else's apartment. Only to be bodily thrown out." Naru said coolly, placing a cup of tea in the hands.

The man flushed too and stammered for a little bit. I coughed to hide my giggles at the mans expense. That was until I realized I hadn't told Naru who's apartment I fell into. Hang on, I hadn't even told him I fell into someone's apartment!

Hang on! Naru can make his own tea! The bastard. Why does he get me to make all his tea when he can do it himself?

I glared at Naru, who smirked at me.

"I apologize." The man began, he looked straight at me as he said this and I immediately felt guilty. Stuff must be hard for him if he was coming here. Let alone a strange girl just appearing in his apartment, while he was asleep. "There's been so many things going on in my apartment that when you showed up this morning, I panicked. I was unreasonable, I know. But, you have to see…" He finished lamely, looking down to his tea cup.

I reached across the table and put one hand on his. When he looked up, startled, I put on the best reassuring smile I could manage.

He seemed to melt at that point, as if all his troubles had gone. He flopped back into the couch, putting one arm across is forehead.

"Why did you come here?" I asked softly, withdrawing my hand when Naru glared at me.

"It's stupid, honestly. I shouldn't be scared of things that go bump in the night. But, the thing is, they don't just go bump anymore. I'm sorry, I'm not making any sense. Let me try again…" He stopped. He gave me a pleading look as though I should already know what was going on and should tell them. When I didn't he took a deep breath and carried on.

"I hear screaming, nearly every night. It usually stops around morning, sometimes later. Sometimes it won't happen, once for a week, once two. It seems to start roughly about ten, but as I said before, sometimes later. It keeps me up all night."

"About once a week I get this rapping sound on my walls and ceiling. It started a month ago, the place literally shook due to the force of it, scared the living daylights out of me. It got worse after that. Things go missing all the time and reappears later in a different place. My lounge is always dark no matter how many lights I put there."

"I looked it all up on the internet, it's got all the symptoms of a poltergeist. But, the site says they always appear around young girls or teenagers. But I'm neither. I don't have any emotional problems and I'm perfectly happy with my life. Till this came along anyway."

He sat up and took another sip of his tea, I noticed his hands shook as he held the cup. Poor guy, he hadn't done anything wrong and yet this all fell on his shoulders.

"Why come now?" Bou-san piped up. I jumped, I'd forgotten they were there. I looked around, sure enough everyone was either sitting or standing all watching the man.

"It got worse today, much worse. The screaming was louder, so loud. Then your young miss turned up and it stopped. But an hour or so after it she was gone, things got really violent. The knives in my kitchen began throwing themselves into the wall. Things floated in the air and dragged along the floor. Then there was this thing, I don't really know how to describe it. It was all black and... well, black, and it stood in the corner of my lounge, it just stood there. But, I could tell it was looking at me."

I gasped as an image of a dark room entered my mind, the room I was in earlier, but it was so dark, so very dark. Like someone had blocked up the window. In the corner stood a dark figure, clothed in black. A hood hiding the face in shadows. But the eyes, oh, those eyes, how evil.

Then the image vanished and I was left with a face full of Ayako again, who's looked concerned.

"Back with us?"

I nodded once, not saying anything. Did I fall asleep or something? I had obviously missed more information, they must have carried on without me.

Honestly, couldn't these things come at a better time, like when I'm just sitting there doing nothing? Not while I'm trying to listen to an interview, or trying to get much needed beauty sleep. But no, they have to come when I'm doing something important and then just stop when it's over.

I shut my eyes trying to recall the image. I shivered as the memory of those eyes came back. Actually, I'd rather forget.

I felt something or someone tap my nose. I opened my eyes, annoyed. Would people stop doing that!

I didn't even bother to find out who it was this time. I just glared at Naru, it was his fault, he started it. But he didn't even look round, just carried on with the interview or consultation or what ever these damn things were.

"We will be in by noon tomorrow. I suggest the men will be staying in your apartment. Please make room for five people Mr…"

"Ah, sorry, I haven't introduced my self, have I? My name is Miyagi Daichi, but most people just call me Dai. So many Miyagis in the world." He laughed nervously.

I furrowed my brow as I watched Naru and Lin showing the man to the door. If the men where staying at his house, where were we girls staying? And also, didn't Naru always ask for a base room?

I opened my mouth to ask, but Ayako slapped her hand down onto my shoulder.

"I hope you have lots of tea at your place Mai." She said in a cheerful voice.



Oh, No!

They were staying at my place.

The nerve. He didn't even ask. Granted I would have said yes, but it would have been nice to ask all the same. Oh screw him. And the base. He was going to use my place as a base. Oh the thieving little, monster beating, narcissistic jerk!

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