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Chapter 26

Abby was waiting for Gibbs to appear in her lab. He had called her briefly from the hospital but she had heard nothing more.

"Abs, the evidence from Ziva's flat" said McGee as he entered her domain.

She watched as he placed the box on the table. "What the hell happened McGee?"

"Gas explosion"

"Lucky nobody was inside"

"It was close Abs, Gibbs and I were just about to enter the building when the explosion occurred."

Abby picked up her phone to ring Gibbs.

"Don't think that's wise Abs"

"What's not wise McGee?" said Gibbs as he entered the lab with Vance in tow.

"Oh nothing Boss"

Gibbs watched from across the table as Abby went into full panic mode.

He tried to placate her. "Abs, calm down, we're all ok, no one was hurt"

"But Tony, Ziva, McGee, you could have been hurt. I don't know how I cope if anything happen to.."

Gibbs silenced her by discretely signing "Later ".

Abby shut up and looked at the evidence on the table. "I haven't had a chance to run any tests but" she picked up the laptop "the laptop is definitely fried."

"You and McGee have 24 hours to recover the contents of the hard drive" said Gibbs.

"But Boss" moaned McGee, knowing the task was virtually impossible.

"1 day, that's all you've got" said Gibbs sternly.

"Any evidence on how the fire started?" asked Vance.

Abby was about to answer when Ziva entered the lab, the room went very quiet.

"I know how the fire started" said Ziva staring at the floor, not making eye contact with anybody.

Minutes went by as she explained how the explosion happened. Abby watched Gibbs listen to the young Israeli, his face was completely neutral, though she knew that he was seething inside.

"Pack your bags"

Abby looked at Vance, not believing what he was saying. Was he sending Ziva back to Israel? Ziva quietly left the lab, not bothering even to say goodbye to her or McGee.

Vance then spoke to Gibbs. "You to Gibbs, and DiNozzo, both of you are going to Israel with me."

Gibbs remained silent until Vance had left the lab.

"McGee, can you tell Ducky to get Rivkin's body ready for transport"

"On it Boss"

Gibbs waited until McGee had exited the lab.

"You'll be ok whilst I'm away?" said Gibbs as he took Abby into his arms.

She rested her head against his shoulder. "I thought I might stay at your place"

"Abs, I've been thinking, why don't you move in? It doesn't make sense that we're engaged , having a baby and still live in different places."

"I was hoping you were going to ask, I much prefer sleeping in your bed, there so much more room to have fun in", Abby giggled.

"Can't you think about anything else Abs"

"I think it's my pregnancy Gibbs, I'm finding I just want to jump your bones all the time".

He smiled into her hair and kissed her. "I glad I'm going away, it gives me a chance to recharge my batteries. You are wearing me out Miss Scuito."

"I'm going to miss you"

"Me too Abs"

"You will call this time when you get to Tel Aviv"

"And you can call me as many times as you like, you can even call me on the plane"

Suddenly the mood changed, both remembering why Gibbs was going away.

"Do you think they're going to be ok?"

"Not if they won't speak to each other."

"How did it get so messy?" sighed Abby.

But before Gibbs could respond she ran a hand under his jacket fisting his shirt, she wrapped her other hand around his neck and pulled him close to capture his lips. She wanted to hold him as close as she could, not wishing to let go.

Gibbs broke the kiss "I need to go Abs"

He went to move away but she still held him in a tight embrace. "Abs, you need to let me go"


"Yes, babe"

Abby nestled her face into his chest. "Can you promise me one thing?"

"What's that?" said Gibbs stroking her hair.

"Promise me that you'll be careful out there. I could've lost you today, 5 minutes earlier and who knows what might have happened. You need to think of me and the baby."

"I can't promise you anything Abs, except that I will try and stay safe."

Abby knew that this was all he could offer her; she worked long enough at NCIS to know that they faced danger on a daily basis.

Gibbs wanted to lighten the mood before he left Abby, he didn't want to leave her feeling so down.

He gently placed a hand on her stomach. "Baby, this is your father speaking." Abby began to giggle. "You'll be a good boy whilst Daddy's away and don't make Mummy too sick"

"That's so sweet" said Abby as she tugged at Gibbs' shirt to capture his lips again.

"I agree Miss Scuito", came a voice from behind. "Which one of you is going to tell me exactly what's going on here." Gibbs was the first to move, unwrapping himself from Abby's embrace.

"Director Vance, I expect you've called your wife and said your goodbyes"

"Yes but I don't understand what that's got to do with this situation" said Vance.

"Well, Abby and I were saying our goodbyes" smiled Gibbs. Abby suppressed a giggle.

"Don't be funny with me Gibbs, I want an explanation" said Vance with a distinct edge to his voice.

Gibbs moved so that he was standing face to face with the director. "I'll give it to you straight Leon. Abby and I are engaged and we're going to have a baby".

"Remove that smirk of your face Jethro, you'll be laughing on the other side of it once I've finished with you"

Gibbs continued to smile, unphased about what Leon had just said. "I'm afraid you can't do anything about it"

Leon was taken aback. "Who do you think you're talking to Jethro? Remember I'm your boss."

Gibbs moved closer to Vance so that he was now invading the man's personal space. "We've got the approval of the Secretary of the Navy, and if I remember correctly, he's your boss".

Gibbs remembered SecNav's order to "Play nice" and moved back to where Abby was standing.

"Leon, I know that you don't approve of intimacy between co-workers but Abby and I have not let out relationship effect our jobs. We've been together for months and you've not noticed."

Abby decided it was her turn to speak. "Director, have you had any cause to doubt my work lately?"

Vance shook his head.

"Well, that settles it then. Gibbs and I have proved that we can work together without bringing our personal lives into it."

Vance seemed to find his voice again. "I assume the team know"


"I admire their loyalty" said Vance, turning to leave.

"It would be nice to have your approval, Director Vance" said Abby, wrapping an arm around Gibb's waist.

Vance stopped and turned back to face them. He couldn't deny that Gibbs had been a lot less moody lately, if you disregard the last 24 hours.

"I suppose I should be grateful that Gibbs has been easier to work with over the last couple of months. I assume that's down to you Miss Scuito." Leon smiled. "All I have left to say is congratulations to you both."

Gibbs went and shook Vance's hand. "This means a lot, Leon. We've been wanted to tell you for ages"

"So when do I have to start finding a temporary replacement for you, Abby".

Abby smiled at the use of her first name. "The baby is due at the beginning of November and I hope to work through until the end of September if everything goes to plan."

Then Abby did the unthinkable, she hugged Leon Vance. Vance was so surprised that he didn't know quite how to react except to stiffly hug her back.

Gibbs laughed. "I assume this is your first Abby hug, Mr Director."

Vance backed away from Abby's embrace, looking rather flustered. He straightened his suit and turned to leave "Gibbs"

"Yes, Director"

"Remember plane leaves in an hour"

Abby shrieked and jumped into Gibbs' arms, placing kisses all over his face. "Calm down, Abby"

"Don't you think it's brilliant, everybody knowing and happy for us" babbled Abby.

Gibbs silenced her with a kiss. "I must remember this for the future" he said against her lips.

"What's that?" Abby murmured.

"That this is the easiest way to shut you up."

Abby poked him in the ribs.

"Ouch, you've got very sharp fingers " said Gibbs dropping her to the floor. "I've definitely got to go now, I need to find Tony and make sure his ready to leave."

"Please take care of both of them"

Gibbs cupped her chin and placed a tender kiss on her cheek. "I promise" and with that he was gone.

Abby watched him disappear into the elevator, she knew that she would be seeing Gibbs again but she felt that Ziva would never return.


Abby waited until Ducky left the house, she wanted to talk to Gibbs alone. She was so angry with him, how could he do that to Ziva, to Tony and the team. She had tried to ring him when the plane had landed but had got no reply. She had expected to him to go straight to the Navy Yard on his return but was surprised to hear from Tony that he had already gone home.

She was glad that she hadn't managed to speak to him on the phone. The things that she needed to say to him had to be said face to face. How could he leave Ziva in Israel?

She entered the house, her steps echoed in the darken hall. She could feel her heart beating in her chest, the adrenalin running through her veins. She was about to have her first major row with Gibbs and she felt their future rested on the outcome. She stopped at the top of the basement steps and took a deep breath. "Here goes" she thought.

Abby stormed down the steps. "Gibbs, how can you do this to us…" she stopped when she looked across the basement to where Gibbs was sitting.

Gibbs looked so alone, he was slumped in a chair, nursing a glass of bourbon.

"Gibbs" Abby called from the steps, her voice echoing around the empty basement, he didn't move. She slowly walked across to him muttering his name as she went, he still didn't respond. When she got to him, Abby bent down on her knees so that she could look into his face, his eyes were red and it had been obvious that he had been crying.

"Abs" he whispered as she took his hands in hers. "She made me do it, she made me choose"

"I don't understand" said Abby, gently kissing a palm of one hand.

"She made me choose between her and Tony"

"And you chose Tony?"

Gibbs got up from where he was sitting "What else could I do Abs? She had me over a barrel."

Abby sat on the floor, watching him pace the basement. "Brought both of them home"

"Sorry, that's one thing I couldn't do," sighed Gibbs, as he squatted down in front of her.

Abby could feel tears starting to well up "Why not?" she sniffed.

Gibbs held her chin and looked into her emerald green eyes. "Trust, Abs, it came down to trust,"

Abby placed her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a clumsy kiss.

Gibbs wiped a tear away with his thumb. "She can't trust Tony anymore and I've lost my trust in her."

He stood up and walked to his workbench.

Abby saw his shoulder sag as though he carried the weight of the whole world on them.

"I was just waiting for this happen to Abs, all the women I've trusted have either betrayed me or lost their lives."

Abby wanted to hug him but she knew that he needed to vent his anger.

"Shannon, Kate, Paula, Jenny, Michele and now Ziva"

He turned to face her, his eyes full of tears. "Whose gonna be next Abs, you?"

At that point she ran to him, hugging him close, she held on to him as sobs racked his body.

"Is ok baby, let it go"

After a few minutes, she felt him relax in her hold. "Jethro" she whispered," let me take you to bed"

She took him by the hand and like a child he followed. She led him up the basement steps, to the hall and up the stairs to their bedroom.

She undressed him and laid him on the bed. He watched as she removed her clothing, his mind still reeling from the day's events. She lay on her side next to him and placed a kiss to his lips. "You trusted enough to break Rule #12 for me"

She kissed his Adam's apple "You trusted enough for me to share your bed."

She kissed the bullet wound on his left shoulder, "You trusted enough to let me love you"

She kissed the inside of one elbow. "You trusted enough to let me be the mother of your child"

She took a hand and kissed his fingers. "You trusted enough to talk to me about Shannon and Kelly"

She kissed along his stomach. "You trusted enough to share your home. "

She heard Gibbs suppress a sob.

She kissed her way back up his chest "You trusted enough to ask me to marry you"

She cupped his face with her hands. "You trusted enough to let me share your life forever". She leant forward and kissed away the tears that were running down his face. "And finally you trusted enough to love me with all your body and soul."

"Abs.." he tried to speak, but Abby gently placed a finger to his lips. "I know".

THE END (For Now)

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