The Lily

Every year in spring, she would spend countless hours tending her beloved lilies. She'd talk to them, shower them with love, constantly encouraging them to grow big and strong. Sometimes, though, she'd simply sit among them and admire them. For such a small thing they had incredible strength. They bloomed, year after year, pushing all barriers out of their way until they reached sunlight. Through cement, contaminated soil, and as soon as they found their precious light they would happily soak up each and every ray.

A little flower, stronger than they'd ever know. Untouched by war, death, or disease, they continued to bloom long after She was gone from their world. They continued to carry on for her where she left off, as though they were simply an extension of her physical being. The others took to caring for the flowers, these lilies of hers. Year after year they grew stronger and more beautiful with each new care giver.

For the SOLDIER, they were peace. For the fighter, they were clarity. The ninja, love, strength. For the pilot, insight. For the demon…compassion, wisdom, and a glimmer of light in a world of darkness. They were different for everyone, they were loved by all…and all because She had loved them.