Note: I own nothing, not even a little bit. Also, I make no money from this. Sorry it took so long. Inspired by the song with the same name from Polar Express, oddly enough. And this one has very little to do with Aerith, it's more Marlene/Vincent centric.

White fell from the sky, it reminded Marlene of powdered sugar. It was the first time in her life she'd ever seen it snow. She had seen snow, but never like this. It was pure white, untouched and perfect white. She wanted so much to run out and touch it, to see if it was as soft as she thought it looked. But…Tifa said to stay in doors where it was warm. 'There's too much work for us to be doing to go out and play today Marlene, you know that.' It didn't stop her from staring though.

"Have you never seen snow before?" His voice was low and rumbling, much like Barrett's, though not quite as gruff.

Marlene shook her head slowly in the negative as she kept watching the snow fall. "I remember seeing it, but it was dirty and…not fluffy like this." She shrugged turning to face him with her trademark grin.

Vincent felt his heart warm at the girl, offering his own small smile. "I have been instructed to take you outside and…play." Marlene let out a quick laugh and quickly covered her mouth. Vincent chuckled and crouched when she motioned for him.

She leaned in close and whispered, "Tifa says I can't go outside, I have to help her with all the stuff for your wedding and there is a lot of work to do." She frowned, clearly debating the pros and cons of both ideas. Vincent could see the clear longing she had to go outside, and he knew she also had no intention of disobeying anything Tifa told her not to do.

Vincent took a slow breath and leaned in close to whisper to her. "Marlene…it's Yuffie's wedding and Yuffie has asked me to do this…do you want to upset the bride on the eve of her wedding?" He sat back, giving her a look usually reserved for conversations with Reeve. It did the trick.

The girls face instantly contorted into a frown. "Well…no. I guess I better do what she says then, huh?" Vincent nodded with a smug grin, another habit picked up from Yuffie, or so he assumed. Marlene grinned then, pulling her gloves, jacket, and her scarf on with Vincent's help.

"And just what do you think you two are doing?" Tifa cocked an eyebrow at the pair in snow clothes, a bouquet of white lilies in one hand, the other firmly planted on her hip. Vincent wasn't entirely convinced she didn't find the scene amusing. Here he stood in a fluffy black jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, and with a girl in a matching shiny pink get-up.

Vincent glanced at Marlene, the snow, and back to Tifa with a comically blank expression before opening the door and nearly shoving the girl out ahead of him. "Ask Yuffie." Tifa chuckled, shaking the bouquet at them and heading back into the other room with Shera, Yuffie, and the younger girls.

Yuffie grinned triumphantly. "You can't tell him I said anything…" She started, glancing around and whispering. "He loves the snow." Tifa and Shera exchanged a glance before rushing to the window to see that, sure enough, Vincent had allowed Marlene to 'talk him into' making Snow Angels. Yuffie chuckled, "Told ya'. I don't' know what it is, must be some fond memory of his childhood or the fact that he absolutely adores that kid…but he's been trying to find any excuse to get out there in that snow with her all morning." She shook her head as she went back to making bouquets.

Shera couldn't seem to tear herself away. "What'cha lookin' at mama?" Aerith pranced over to her and stopped dead. "'Thena!! We can go out in the white stuff now!!" Shera nearly fell over when she screamed for her sister, the girl had a set of pipes that could wake Sephiroth.

In less than thirty seconds, both girls had boots, coats, gloves, and scarves on and were flying out the door to play in the snow with Vincent. Yuffie appeared beside Shera with a camera and took a quick picture. "Don't want him to forget the time he played in the snow…" She said with a wistful smile, watching him laughing as all three girls attempted to climb onto him and drag him to the ground.

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