Okay, you know what? No one actually knows what Denzel acts like as a teen.
So instead of playing him all nicey-nicey like usual, I've decided to make him meaner, stick him with Yuffie, and see what happens.
Disclaimer: No, I don't own ff7. If I did, rest assured that Yuffentine or Yenzel would be a cannon pairing.

Don't like it? No flames, please. Just don't waste your time whining and stop reading.

MIDGAR TIIIIIIIIIIME! I love summmmmmer!

Hey, Diary, it's me, GNEYKATWROW.
Which is to say, Greastest Ninja Ever Yuffie Kisaragi Also The White Rose Of Wutai.
You can just call me Yuffie, though. Or you'd be able to if you could talk, ha.
Anywhoo, I just got to Tifa's place. I'm staying here for the entire summer! Except, you know, I have to go back to Wutai after.
And then I'll have to get married.

Dad won't tell me who the guy is, probably so I don't hunt him down and kill him. He says that unless I can find someone just as good or better that I like, then I'm marrying the mystery man.
I hate it. But I have to.
So I'm enjoying my last few months of freedom with Tifa, Cloud, Marlene, and Denzel. I haven't seen any of them for a while, especially Marly and Denzel. I heard that he's my age; seventeen. It'll be interesting. Hopefully he'll be able to introduce me to more people my age. Who knows? He might even hook me up with a lucky find. Which means no marriage to mystery meat.
As it is, he's at soccer practice right now and Marly's at a friend's house, so it's just me and Cloud. Tifa's working downstairs.
Spikey's sitting across from me, in just a pair of old jeans and white socks.
He has big feet.
And nice abs, which I would SO be drooooooling over if Tifa didn't have the hots for him.
As it is, I am just pretending not to be transfixed.
He's reading a book.
The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway. That's what it says. On the cover there's an old man, water, and a fish.

"Hey, Cloud?"
"What's that book about?"
"An old man. And a sea. A fish too."
"Wow, tell me something I don't know..."
"The man's name is Santiago. The fish is a Marlin."
"Like a big swordfishy thing?"
"Yes. Like a big swordfishy thing."
"Oh. Okay... So... is it interesting?"
"Really interesting?"
"So the guy's fishing for a Marlin?"
"He's a fisherman."
"So why doesn't he just get some salmon or something?"
"He wants to do something great."
"Huh...like you?"
"Well, you want to do something great too, right?"

"Forget it. Can you read to me?"
"...Sure. From where I am or the beginning?"
"Beginning's the best place to start, Spike-o."

Ugh. Better go take a shower.
Denzel had just gotten home after soccer. It had been a grueling workout in the sun; needless to say, he didn't exactly smell like roses. A few strands of pale brown hair were sticking to his forehead, the tanned skin itching to be clean again.
His turquoise eyes closed breifly as he wiped the hair to one side, practically dragging himself up the stairs. He felt like he'd just run a marathon- and, to be fair, forty laps dribbling a ball in the sun wasn't exactly a walk in the park.
He heard Cloud reading aloud from a book. Something about an old man and baseball and a boy, and he wondered who Cloud was reading to. Something stirred in the back of his mind, but he was too tired to remember that Tifa had told him about someone visiting.
He grabbed a towel, locking the bathroom door behind him, and then showered. Once he felt really clean, he got out, sopping wet and clad in nothing but a faded Bahamut-print towel.
He didn't expect to find Cloud and Yuffie side-by-side on the couch on his way to his room, Cloud still reading about an old man.
"Hey, Cloud...who's- oh, right, Yuffie." Now he remembered. Tifa had told him she'd be staying here.
"Ssh," Yuffie shushed him, and made the mistake of looking at the guy.
Let's just say that if Denzel wasn't adopted, you could say that hot bods ran in the family.
She tried not to gape, failing miserably, and Denzel caught her looking. he raised an eyebrow, and she blushed, trying to focus on Santiago the fisherman and his marlin.
"Take a picture. It'll last longer," Denzel couldn't help but say it, smirking, and walked off to his room.
She'd been so busy checking him out that she hadn't noticed the once-or-thrice-over he gave her.

Midgar, seventeenth year of my existence, first diary day

I was SO NOT checking him out!


Hope that at least put a smile on your face. : )