I can't remember if it was on this one or another story that someone commented on how this pairing was stupid because Denzel is twelve and Yuffie is eighteen in the game. Since I'm not bothered enough to go look it up, I'll just place a reply here.
1) Did you think I didn't know that? I did. I don't care.
2) Okay, let's think. Six year difference between Yuffie and Denzel, right? That's so stupid, I agree, especially since the popular pairing is Yuffentine, which only has an age difference of, like, thirty years! Wow, stupid me for writing this!
3) I tweaked the ages. Comprende? I know I didn't mention it, but please, have you ever heard of a smoking hot twelve year old? Probably not. They're both seventeen or something here. Anyways, instead of just pointing out random crap that you probably know won't stop me from continuing this story, why don't you just close the window and go look up some yuffentine? Really. Don't waste your energy. Leave me to my yuffie-denzel fun.

That's it that's all. Now, on with the show.

"You know, Yuffie, you should probably give Denzel a chance."
Yuffie sniffed, eyeing Cloud with partial disdain. "Oh yeah? Why would I do that?"
Cloud just looked at her. "I think you two could get along well if you set your minds to it."
"Yeah, sure. He hasn't got a mind to set!"
"I heard that!" Denzel called angrily. Yuffie snorted.
"Yeah, like I care. What are you gonna do, retard? Drool on me?"
"Hey, I wasn't the one drooling-"
"Yeah, okay, fine. I admit, I thought you were hot. Until you opened your mouth." Yuffie retorted, and Denzel shut up, fuming silently as he cleaned his room. Cloud continued reading aloud to Yuffie, who was still occupied with vengeful, nasty thoughts and thus not paying much attention.


"Denzel." Tifa knocked on his door the next morning, waking him up.
"Ehhh?" He groaned, swatting at his alarm clock before realizing someone was actually talking to him.
"Yuffie's going to come with you for soccer." She told him. That woke him up.
"What- but mom! The team is for guys!" He exclaimed, tumbling out of bed.
"I talked to the coach. She says it's fine, and that they needed an extra player anyways since Joey is injured." Tifa called. "Please, Denzel, just make an effort. Cloud can't read to her all day, and if she got lost I'd be sick with worry."
"Way to guilt-trip me," Denzel muttered, opening the door. "Yeah, fine, I'll take her there. But I'm not promising to be her bestest buddy or whatever."
"Thank you, Denzel," She said, ruffling his hair fondly. "Now hurry and get ready. She's already downstairs in uniform."


"You know how to play soccer, right?" Denzel asked, just to make sure.
"Yeah," She said, rolling her eyes. "Duh. I play back home all the time."
"Good. I don't want to waste time teaching you." He retorted, walking faster. She sped up as well, still not impressed.
"If I needed to be taught, they'd probably send someone with at least a few brain cells to do the job." She hissed.
"I dunno. Wouldn't you feel stupid in comparison?" He asked, feigning innocence.
"Ha ha," She replied, sarcastic as can be. They were now at the playing field, where a tall, female coach and many seven- and sixteen year old boys waited.
"How's life, Strife?" Called a blond, blue-eyed boy. He was tall and slim, like a young tree, and looked fast.
"Hey, Gray!" Denzel yelled back, and suddenly Yuffie felt very out of place.
"Who's the chick?" Gray asked, once he had run over to his friend and finished a typical noogie-filled jock-ish male teenager greeting.
"Ah, she's-" Denzel started, before Yuffie cut him off.
"Yuffie Kisaragi. I'm supposed to replace someone."
"Wow, she retained some info for once!" Denzel exclaimed, feigning shock. "Good job, Yuffie!"
"Yeah, that would be Joey. He broke his tailbone." Gray replied, ignoring his friend. "Nice to meet you." Then he paused. "Wait, Kisaragi?"
Denzel groaned, rolling his eyes. "Oh, come ON. We seriously have already had this exact same convo about my dad."
"Like the ninja princess chick from AVALANCHE?" Gray asked.
"Dude, how many Yuffies do you think visit my parents?" Denzel inquired.
"Yeah, that's me." Yuffie said, grinning. "I'm here for the summer."
"Unfortunately," Denzel added, earning a glare from Yuffie. Gray looked from one to the other, then grinned.
"Are you two dating?"
"WHAT?!" The pair screeched, looking as if he'd suggested that they try slowly pulling out their own nails, rolling in the blood of dead babies, and setting themselves on fire.
"I'll take that as a no," Gray chuckled, amused.
"That's not even funny," Denzel said, staring.
"Like I would go out with that idiotic jerkwad," Yuffie agreed.
"It's not like you're any better. At least I'm not a rich-bitch princess with a superiority complex."
"At least I'm not a video-game obsessed asshole whose only sex life will involve masturbating to pictures from World of Warquest!"
"See," Gray interjected, "That is exactly what I'm talking about. You two have the whole bickering married couple vibe going on. It's hilarious."
"It's not funny in the least," Denzel said, shaking his head.
"For once I agree with him." Yuffie added, nodding.
"How long have you two known each other?" Gray asked.
"Since yesterday, but that was long enough to figure out the depth of his retardation," Yuffie said, crossing her arms.
Gray just shook his head, still smiling.
"Hey, you three! Get over here!" Coach called. They caught up with the rest of the team.
"Okay, boys, this is Yuffie Kisaragi. Yes, she is indeed female, shut up. I don't want whining, I don't want sexism, and above all I just plain do not want sex, sex jokes, sexual offers, sexual comments, or anything of the sort. Are we clear?"
"Yes ma'am," They replied, once the giggles had stopped.
"Alright. Well, welcome to the team, Yufffie. Okay, everyone, today we're doing pretty much the same thing as yesterday-" A few groans sounded. "-and we'll keep doing it until we all get it right. After half an hour, we'll play a little game if you behave. Are we clear?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Then what the heck are you waiting for? Get to it!"

"How...are...you...DOING...that?" Gray puffed, barely keeping up with Yuffie, who was keeping a constant, steady pace with surprising ease. In fact, she wasn't even out of breath.
"Ninja training. And AVALANCHE." Yuffie replied, saving most of her breath for running. "Pace yourself. It gets easy."
"A little late for that," Denzel remarked, from ahead of them. He tended to shoot forward, lose energy and drop back, then regain energy and shoot forward again. "Halfway done already."
Gray shrugged awkwardly, setting into a pace. Yuffie nodded approvingly, slowing down a bit so he could catch up.
"Good job." She told him, and he grinned.
"You're...right. It is...easier," He managed.
"I'm always right." She half-joked.
"I'll try to remember that." He laughed.
In front of them, Denzel rolled his eyes. His energy was giving out a bit, but he kept going. Hopefully, he'd finish before Yuffie.

Much, much later, he was still going. It was the last two laps, and Yuffie suddenly abandoned her pace.
"What are you doing?" Gray called, speeding up as well.
"Sprint at the end. You have energy." She called back quickly, taking off. Denzel tried to sprint, running more on willpower than on actual energy. He'd wasted too much energy beforehand, and she had almost lapped him when she reached the finish.
"YES!" She fist-pumped, grinning madly, and then started walking. Once she'd walked one lap, she sat down on the grass, pulling a water bottle (not caring whose) over and drinking from it slowly.
"Nice job," Coach encouraged. "Have you done this before?"
"Yep," Yuffie replied. "I played soccer when I was a kid. And then, well, I had martial arts and endurance stuff, as well as travelling."
"Good. I can see you'll fit right in," Coach said, smiling, and Yuffie felt herself liking the woman. Especially since she hadn't spewed any crap about "pulling the team forward" or "being a valuable asset".
Denzel finished walking about then, collapsing on the grass.
"Man, what a workout." He groaned, looking for his water. "Hey, who drank out of my bottle?"
"Oh, was that yours? I didn't notice," Yuffie replied, not bothered in the slightest.
"My name was on it," He retorted, glaring. "Can you read?"
Yuffie rolled her eyes. "Gee, no need to get so worked up. Just find mine."
"Like I'd drink out of that," He muttered, but fished it out of the bag anyways.
"Next time, just drink from your own, Yuffie," Coach intervened, sensing a rivalry.
"Yeah, sure." Yuffie agreed, still completely unfazed. Which, of course, just made Denzel even more annoyed.


I promise to update soon!