Title: Sunbathing
Author: WhatBecomesOfYou
Pairing: Calleigh/Eric
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Theme: #19 - Red
Disclaimer: I do not own CSI: Miami or any of the characters from it. I'm just borrowing them and will return them intact to their rightful owners when I'm done, promise.
Notes: Written for 30_kisses on LiveJournal. It's been a while since I've written Calleigh and Eric, so hopefully I'm not too rusty with them. Reviews would be lovely, if you have something to say.

Calleigh stretched out on a large red beach towel, basking in the heat of the Florida sun. Even though as a CSI, she was able to come out to the beach sometimes, more often than not it was to examine a crime scene – not sunbathe. She peered out from beneath her sunglasses and looked around, surreptitiously adjusting her bathing suit top at the same time. "Better to be safe than sorry, especially on a crowded beach," she thought to herself, smiling and turning her face back toward the sun, allowing for the heat to lull her to sleep.

Holding two cold drinks, Eric gingerly stepped over multitudes of bikini-clad bodies and avoided running into little kids building sand castles. He finally managed to reach her, and he set their drinks in the sand, before deciding on his course of action. While he had to admit, watching Calleigh sleep was mind-blowing, he'd much rather have her awake. With her awake…his mind trailed off, thinking wonderful, delicious thoughts. Snapping back to attention when he heard her let out a small sigh, Eric smirked slightly as he leaned over and began peppering small kisses on the back of her neck. He knew full well that this was a crowded Saturday at the beach, and that he was making a daring move, considering they were trying to hide their relationship. Granted, he thought to himself, it wasn't like they were hiding it from the world. Just from their friends at the lab. Somehow, the thought that they were supposed to be a hidden relationship made the prospect of kissing Calleigh's neck in public even more tempting and exciting.

She whimpered, and Eric gently turned her over, capturing her lips in his. "Sleep well, Cal?" he whispered, gently stroking his finger along one cheek, guiding a loose strand of hair behind one ear. She shivered, despite the heat. His touch could do so much to her, and he knew it, and he was reveling in it. Not that she was complaining. Sitting up, she took one of the drinks and gulped it, allowing the cool rush of liquid to course down her throat, quenching her thirst. Eric let out a low laugh, and wrapped his arms around her.

"You're beginning to look a little red, Cal," he said, running a finger along her torso, eliciting one of her. "I think we need to cool you off."

She raised one eyebrow, but before she could say a word, he had picked her up. "Eric Delko, put me down!" she squealed, kicking at the air and flailing her arms. "I mean it!"

He let out a low laugh as he reluctantly set her down on the sand. "Race you into the water, then?" he said with a sly wink. Calleigh grinned.

"Not if I get there first."