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Armies hurried across Fuka Academy, men in blue military gear and carrying guns spreading out over the campus. Heavy military vehicles, tanks and copters patrolled the grounds, rounding up the children and confining them.

It wasn't long before the armed force took over, though there were a few problems. Already the students had heard of a few of their number escaping, and the army's story of a terrorist attack and disease outbreak was looked on with scepticism. Restlessness stirred in the captives in the gym, the young women split apart from the boys for 'medical examinations.'

Aoi bit her lip as she muttered, "What are they really looking for?"

Watching from where they had been hauled in along with the others, the reddish brown haired girl frowned as she adjusted her school uniform, "This doesn't look good at all, Fate."

Beside her a blonde haired woman reached out and took her hand, "Nanoha, even if things get... interesting, I think we can handle it."

"Be quiet, you two," a guard ordered, pointing his machine pistol at the two of them.

Chie looked at the two girls then cleared her throat, "Leave them alone."

The one girl smiled at Chie slightly as she told her, "Don't worry, you don't need to protect us."

The guard looked confused as he took a step forward, "What are you...?"


As the soldiers outside were startled by the sound of the nearby explosion, they soon had some more serious problems to deal with. Tank emplacements were attacked by Mikoto's sword and Natsuki's guns and Duran, Nao used her spider-childe Julia to capture and stop bunches of troops, Mai and Midori destroyed the ships at sea and their allies swiftly moved to help all the students evacuate.

Reito Kanzaki threw open the doors to the gym, "Everyone!" The black haired man moved aside, "We're evacuating the school at once."

As the students filed by Shizuru added reassuringly, "Please head for the hills behind the school in a orderly fashion."

Nanoha met Fate's eyes as they exchanged a nod, "Let's go."

Out on the coast a confrontation began between the band of Hime and Alyssa Searrs, the blonde young woman coldly rebuffing their call for surrender. "We cannot allow people like you to command the Hime star," she concluded.

"She's threatening the students!" Fate blurted as they watched events unfold from a nearby place of concealment.

"Artemis!" Alyssa called as she raised her hand, "The golden lightning!"

"NO!" a voice shocked them all as a glowing pink streak burst from cover, moving to stand in the way of the beam pouring down from the heavens. "Starlight," she yelled as she whipped her gold staff around, red gem blazing, "BREAKER!"

A beam as powerful as the orbital laser blasted up and out, meeting it in midair and deflecting it out to sea, the combination of powers nearly blinding. The energy faded as the women gazed on, dumfounded at the brown haired woman shining above them.

"We were supposed to be covert," Fate sighed as she raised a golden amulet. In moments she stepped out in her black bodysuit, her red eyes narrowed in irritation as she soared up to the other woman.

"Who...?" Alyssa blurted, seeing a new player appear to throw their plans into confusion.

"I am Nanoha Takamichi of the Time Space Administration Bureau," she declared as she pointed her staff at the two women, "and you are under arrest!"

Fate sweatdropped. "We're kind of out of our jurisdiction," she sighed.

"What is going on?" Mai Tokhia sighed, feeling odd chill almost as if she had escaped a life changing moment.

Mai Hime & Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Collision

Alyssa Searrs narrowed her eyes, the blonde haired girl swiftly weighing their options. This woman with the ability to parry Artemis' shots meant their initial strategy was no longer viable, and they needed a new plan. "Miyu, magnesium flares," she ordered, "get us clear."

"Yes, my lady," Miyu agreed, the blue haired android raising her weapon arm and triggering one of it's many modes. A nova like blast of light blasted out, blinding them as she bodily picked up Alyssa, bounding away.

"Ah!" Natsuki flinched, blinking to clear spots as she tried to see where their enemy was fleeing to.

:"Damn it," Fate growled, having been partially shielded from floating just behind Nanoha. She soared after them into the woods, only to be confronted by a herd of monsterous creatures. "Scythe mode," she said as Bardiche reconfigured itself, a golden blade of energy helping her cut the beasts down.

Deciding that blind flying was a bad idea Nanoha dropped to the ground only to be quickly surrounded. "Who are you," Natsuki Kuga demanded as the black haired girl eyes the woman in white suspiciously, "and how are you connected to District one?"

"I'm not," Nanoha said mildly.

"Don't mind her," Mai said to Nanoha apologetically as she informed her, "she gets a little paranoid about district one."

Natsuki blushed as she blustered, "I do not."

MIdori frowned, the nearly orange-red haired teacher looking at Nanoha thoughtfully, "You're Nanoha from my history class! Just transferred in, huh?"

"Something like that," Nanoha agreed.

Nao shook her head as the redhead snarked, "Took you long enough to help."

Before Nanoha could answer Fate emerged from the forest, sadly alone. "Sorry, Nanoha," she said as her red lined black cape swirled around her, "she threw a bunch of monsters on me to cover her escape."

Nanoha took Fate's hand as she looked her over anxiously, "Are you all right?"

Fate blushed charmingly as she reassured her, "I'm fine, really."

Not far away Nagi Homura frowned as the white haired boy sat in a tree, watching the women talking together. "This is gonna make problems with my plans," he muttered, "I think I'd better lie low, just in case."

Alyssa Searrs had a similar displeased expression as she retreated to a temporary base not far from the school. Joseph Greer smiled coldly as they arrived, the false priest noting coldly, "I see things did not turn out as planned."

"No, they didn't," Alyssa agreed thoughtfully as the little blonde began to pace, "but this could actually be better for us."

"Oh?" Joseph looked a little surprised.

Alyssa gave him a withering look, "You did watch the battle?"

Joseph flatly replied, "Yes."

"Those two women clearly weren't Hime," Alyssa said excitedly, "in fact, I don't recognize the source of their abilities at all! If we can capture them for study, think of all the benefits to Searrs...."

Joseph reluctantly nodded, for the moment shelving his plans to kill his childlike superior. "What do you propose we do?" he instead asked.

Alyssa tapped his foot thoughtfully, "With some minimal cosmetic alterations, Miyu and I can return to school to observe the targets. And if our predictions are correct, we may be able to influence the Hime Star too."

"I'll pass that on to our superiors," Joseph said reluctantly, "but I suspect you're right."

Deep beneath Fuka in the Obsidian Palace Mashiro Kazahana bit her lip as Sister Yukariko Sanada clapped her hands happily and Yukino Kikukawa looked on through the video screens her childe produced. "Who are those two women?" Mashiro wondered, "And why are they here?"

Her Hime servant Fumi Himeno shook her head, her own eyes gently questioning as she said, "I don't know, Miss Mashiro." She smiled a little shyly as the pink haired woman asked, "But isn't this a good thing for us and the Hime?"

"I hope so," Mashiro admitted reluctantly.

Yukino made a frustrated sound, "I lost Alyssa and Miyu, too. They escaped to or through a scan resistant facility."

Sister Yukariko put her hand on Yukino's shoulder as she gently said to her, "I'm sure you tried your best."

"Agreed," Mashiro gave her a smile too.

Sending awar their barrier jackets Nanoha and Fate walked along with the Hime back towards the school while the conversation flowed, the two nervously answering questions as they went. We'll have to be careful what we say, Fate, Nanoha communicated with her silently.

Since you decided to jump in, Fate thought back wryly. Though I suppose if you hadn't,.you just wouldn't have been you, Fate added kindly.

Thank you, Nanoha sighed, I think.

To be continued...?

Notes: I find the idea of Nanoha and Fate accidentally derailing the whole Mai Hime plotline rather amusing. If I continue this I'd explain why Nanoha and Fate transferred in, as well as using other Nanoha characters from A's and other series.