FASH: Here's the final instalment, which I hope is the funniest of all. I tried to give Sena a Fuji a la Prince of Tennis vibe, or like Russia from Hetalia, but not as yandere, that would be awesomely creepy. I hope intimidating!Sena turned out okay.



Mamori was not amused, in fact, she was practically fuming as she attempted to keep herself from announcing how angry she actually was.

'It's all his fault! Definitely his fault! There's no way Sena would do something like that on his own!'

And what had Sena done, exactly? Well, it had started that morning when Mamori had noticed Sena and Hiruma whispering to each other. Hiruma had his usual, devious sort of expression on, but Sena didn't seem to be his usual self at all.

Mamori had settled her frazzled nerves by convincing herself that Sena wasn't smirking, he just had a half smile that pulled up on one side.

Then he had disappeared before the bus ride, although he had somehow arrived at the stadium on time. And although Mamori was fairly certain Hiruma wasn't a part of that mystery, since he'd been driven to the stadium with Kid by an irritable looking Agon, she still couldn't help but feel somewhat suspicious.

And then they had entered Giants' Stadium.


Sena entered the stadium feeling fairly relaxed and stretched his arms up over his head.

'Note to self, never hide in a trunk again, especially with another person.' He held back an amused chuckle. Despite being trapped in the confined space with Suzuna and Agon's very uncomfortable driving he still couldn't quite get rid of his good mood from earlier.

Hiruma had told him that his 'training' was going well, really well. He'd even suggested that Sena practice on someone again so that they could compare their initial reactions to Mizumachi's.

Of course it was going to be difficult to find someone who he could confront for an actual reason, and he wasn't sure if he really wanted to practice on his actual team mates if he really was getting better.

'I'll just have to wait for an opportunity to present itself.'

And just as he thought that, opportunity came knocking, right in front of him.

The team captain of Militaria, the same one who'd ruined Häkkinen's perfect smile, had unceremoniously swiped an electric shaver across the top of Agon's head.

'Out of all the players, he did that to the one he shouldn't have laid a finger on.' Sena thought, quickly filing the captain into the bat-shit-insane-opponents section of his memory.

Of course, he wasn't that much better, considering he was already walking forward with a smile without even being aware of it until he was standing in front of the 'sergeant'.

The older boy stared down at him with a scoff, clearly not thinking of Sena as a threat.

"Even in a weak country like Japan, that was a cheeky hair cut for a substitute! Did you learn your lesson, worm!?"

Sena cocked an eyebrow, he was being ignored so blatantly, and for some reason that just made him more determined to do a good job and make Hiruma proud of him.

"I saw Japan's match, but all the members are second class." One of the Militaria players said with a smirk. "It's so obvious that we're going to crush them. I almost feel sorry for them. Ufufufu."

"Still, don't expect our army to hold back... Wait. Hm?" The captain looked at his empty hand that had been holding onto the electric shaver, before it had been snatched away, unnoticed, by Agon who was quickly ridding himself of the rest of his dreads.

Sena chose that moment to 'strike'.

He took hold of the other boy's empty hand in a hand shake, able to pull him a little closer since he was still shocked at the speed Agon had been able to move at.

Sena closed his eyes and smiled. "I'm afraid our team isn't nearly as second rate as you seem to think it is." He chuckled under his breath lightly, just like Hiruma instructed him to. "And unless you change your opinion of us quickly and decide to see us as an actual threat, I'm afraid that in the end we're going to crush you under our heel and grind you into non-existence."

That line had been one Hiruma had recommended to him, and it seemed to be working great if the twitching fingers of the hand he was holding were any indication. But for the sake of originality, it was time for him to do some improvisations.

He opened his eyes, just a sliver, and his smile grew wider. "So I wouldn't try to pick any fights if I were you. Some of the guys on this team..." He leaned forward to whisper. "Can be very dangerous when provoked."

He let go of the captain's hand and turned away, feeling quite proud of himself, even though the majority of his team mates were staring at him.

'Life is good.'


On second thought, maybe not.

"Sena, how could you do such a thing? I expect a full explanation. Right. Now." Mamori demanded as soon as they got back to the hotel after their victory against the Militaria Republic.

"Well... It seemed like a good idea at the time. To see if all my practice has paid off." He threw a look in Hiruma's direction, even though he knew avoiding the question was just going to make Mamori more determined to know the answer.

He'd tell her everything later, but for now...

"Hiruma-san, how did I do this time around?"

Hiruma smirked and Mamori gasped in a scandalized fashion, having been unaware of the previous practice incident.

"I think you've pretty much perfected you're technique."

Sena smiled widely, certain that even Mamori's future lecturing wouldn't rid him of his current elation.

Who knew being intimidating could be so fun?