Title: But It's better if you do!
Chapter Title: But it's better if you do!
Author: Desperate For Attention
Beta Reader: N.A
For: Whoever wants to read my crap
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Stephen Hart and Connor Temple
Warning: Real bad spelling, and poor Grammar.
Title song: But It's better if you do – Panic at the Disco
Disclaimer: All Character mentioned in this fic are sold property of Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines I can only dream of being the original owner. Nor do I own any of the songs mentioned throughout the fic, the only real thing I can lay claim to is the plot and even then, it's not something to shout about.
Summary: Stephen hadn't liked Connor in the start, he was the kind of person that Stephen wouldn't be able or want to find the time for. Now. Stephen liked Connor a lot, maybe a little too much and he was the kind of person that Stephen would make time for.

But It's Better If You Do!

He'd been locked in a no holds bar; anything goes, for the championship staring contest with Microsoft word for almost thirty minutes now.

Not that he was keeping count or anything.

"You know, Lester would kill you if he saw you in here – at his desk, in his chair." Stephen stated leaning against the glass wall when Connor jumped. "What are you doing in here anyway?"

"Nothing." Connor waved his hand dismissively and shrugged his shoulders before turning back the chortling screen with a sigh. "I'm not doing anything."

"Really?" Stephen said shifting around the desk until he was stood at Connors back, his chin almost at the students shoulder and an amused snort echoing in Connors ear. "Do you and Nick have your own sort of code now? What is that suppose to say?"

"It's not supposed to say anything." Connor mumbled turning his head ever so slightly to gaze at Stephen. "Do you think the professor would be willing to try code?" he asked excitedly.

"No." Stephen answered rolling his eyes in a sigh before pulling back and making his way back round to the chair just in front of Connor.

"I don't know, I think he might. He looks like the sort who—"

"No, Connor." Stephen certified, a smile working to curve at his mouth when Connor deflated and nodded in defeat.

"Can I ask you something?" Connor began his cheeks slightly pink and his teeth worrying away at his lower lip. "You're good with women right?"

Stephen looked at him for a minute, watching curiously – the way Connors deep brown eyes shifted to a nervous chocolate colour, the iris still lined with all the playfulness of before and the laughter Stephen had heard from Nick's office, with knowledge, the curve of his mouth working up into a perfect smile…

Stephen hadn't liked Connor in the beginning, for several reasons.

He didn't like petty university students who clung to other people and had no common sense; he didn't like people that just babbled on about things that he actually didn't care about. He didn't like Connors mates or the way he had told Nick that he hadn't been to a single lecture and yet he still felt that Nick owed him time.

He didn't like the cute little smile or the look of confusion on Connors face when Nick mistook his name for a building, he didn't like Connor's silly hat or the fact that the clumsy idiot had dropped almost everything he'd been carrying because he had tripped on his untied shoelaces.

"Girls, huh? I suppose I've had my fair share, why?"

"It's Abby." Connor mumbled and that was all it took for Stephen to roll his eyes and look away. "I thought that I really liked her, I was totally convinced that she was perfect! You know." He mumbled. "I even told her you were gay because she fancied you." He laughed.

Stephen felt himself suddenly perk up and he shifted in his seat to watch Connor laugh across from him, his pudgy cheeks still a soft pink colour and his eyes dark with amusement.

A smirk caught between Stephen's lips as he pushed himself out of the chair and trailed quietly back around Connor, his chin inches from the students shoulder and his breath hot against the shell of Connor's ear.

"Maybe you wanted me to be, but not for Abby's benefit." He whispered, marvelling in the rush of red to Connor's face and the hitched breath caught in his throat. "For the record, despite you not being my type, I wouldn't say no."

"You're kidding right, Stephen? You don't really think that I—no come on you're just messing with me aren't you? Stephen!" Connor groaned, stiffening in his chair when Stephen moved across the room and winked on his way out of the office.

Connor felt his whole body ignite in embarrassment, the staring match with his laptop long since forgotten in exchange for burying his face in his hands and cursing softly in the back of his throat.

Admittedly he had wanted Stephen to be gay, he was no gay-dar expert but he hadn't lied.

He hadn't seen Stephen with any women, the fact that he hadn't seen Stephen since the first lecture on his first day was completely beside the point. The fact of the matter was that Connor had wanted him to be gay so that Abby wouldn't want to date him.

And that didn't mean that he didn't want Abby to court Stephen because he was the one who had some courting in mind, which he did but towards Abby, not Stephen, he hadn't even looked at the lab-tech in that way, or any other man for that matter.

Connor was strictly into girls, not that he thought there was anything wrong with people who liked people of the same sex, no he was all for gay right and loving people for who they were, he was just...

Alright so he might have had a little bit of a crush on Stephen at the start but what kid wouldn't?

Stephen was like a comic book character straight out of the book, gun smart, protective, arrogant. It was sort of more a hero-worship kind of crush rather than a romantic type of crush.

Yet now that Stephen had implied that maybe Connor did have the tiniest romantic interest in him he couldn't seem to stop thinking about it, it racked his brain and ticked away in the back of his mind forcing him to revaluate everything about himself that he thought he already knew.

Because Stephen was attractive, everyone in the ARC could see that, all the women loved him, they were always whispering about him over coffee and leaning further over the desk as he walked by to catch a fleeting glimpse of his backside.

Plus he had beautiful blue eyes and a well toned chest, which Connor had seen on and off of the field; he had a certain swagger in the way that he walked, taking charge and oozing confidence and charm all over the place. He had that bad boy persona that was very alluring.

Connor heard himself groan loudly.

This wasn't going well, this defiantly wasn't the way he had pictured the end of his conversation with Stephen, he defiantly didn't expect to find that yes he did have a crush on Stephen, probably quite a big one if he really thought about it.

"I do not fancy Stephen!" He shouted, just to clarify it for himself.

"Wonderful, now that we've gotten that out of the way, perhaps you can see your way out of my chair." Lester drawled rolling his eyes when Connor practically jumped away from the desk with his eyes wide and his cheeks the colour of tomatoes. "Is there something you need? Perhaps a counsellor."

"No." Connor swallowed snatching his laptop from the desk and taking two steps back to Lester's every step forward. "I, uh. I didn't think you were here so I just came up too—"

"Have a crisis about your sexuality." Lester answered boredly.

"Yes—I mean no." Connor stuttered. "I was just; it was quite, uh, lots of work. Couldn't concentrate. Sorry. Uh, you won't say anything about... you know what I said. It was just—uh too much work, stress levels and all—"

"Get out Connor."

"Yes! Uh, you won'—"



"Told you you'd get caught didn't I?" Stephen grinned watching as Connor slumped into the lab with his laptop under his arm and a frown weighing down the corners of his mouth.

"Yeah, a heads up would have been nice." Connor moaned slapping the laptop down to glare at Stephen's smug smile. "You could have at least told me that he was here instead of—you know." He stuttered his cheeks once again igniting in an embarrassing red.

Nick lifted his eyes when Connor awkwardly cleared his throat and pulled anxiously at the broken threads of his waistcoat, emitting small noises of discomfort the more Stephen leered at him.

"Instead of what?" Stephen teased crossing his arms on the desk top to lean across Connor's laptop.

"Nothing." Connor flushed chewing at his lower lip when Nick looked between the pair of them.

"Don't tease him Stephen." Nick grunted, smiling when Connors shoulders sagged and he smiled thankfully.

"I haven't said anything!" Stephen protested chancing a look at Nick who quirked his brow in a secret smirk of his own.

"You don't have to say anything, it's written all over your face." Nick supplied, his mouth pulled up into a smile when he snapped the file closed and shifting noisily. "Leave him to his work." He added before leaving the room with a fond shake of the head.

Stephen snorted and rolled his eyes drumming the tips of his fingers noisily against the desk just beside Connor's closed laptop.

Watching as the student moved around the room picking up various pieces of paper to examine before shaking his head and setting them back down messily, Connor's brow drew together and his cheeks still pink.

A colour that was quickly beginning to suit Connor's baby cheeks very well.

Stephen hadn't liked Connor in the start, he was the kind of person that Stephen wouldn't be able or want to find the time for.


Now Stephen liked Connor a lot, maybe a little too much and he was the kind of person that Stephen would make time for. And he was perfectly happy with that.