Summary: After years of being stuck with the obnoxious fake psychic, Carlton Lassiter is finally free of Shawn Spencer. He was locked tightly away in prison for hindering a federal investigation. However Lassiter is not as pleased at all with how things turnned out. He realizes how important Shawn really was to the team and goes behind everyones back and asks Shawn to help him with a serial killer case. He also realizes prison is just as bad for a fake Psychic who put his fair share of convicts in as it would be for a police officer.

Carlton was fuming. They had finnaly been handed the case of the year, and now it was being violently ripped away from them by the FBI. It was a serial killer, and apparently Santa Barbra was the fifth stop on the Killers tour de America, the others being Portland, Maine; Indianapolis, Indiana; Fort Worth, texas; and Seattle, Washington. In each case there had been twelve victims before the killer moved on, each murder was always a month apart. It was the second of the killings and Shawn had caught on almost instantly and ,flamboyantly, shared his information via 'psychic visions' to the whole presinct. After varifying the information the SBPD began working on the case. And now a week later the feds have decided to take over jurisdiction.

"Hey Lassie face, what's hanging." Shawn asked as he bounded across the presinct, stopping in front of the more-angry-than-usual detective. He then noticed the two feds that were in Cheif Vick's office, and the livid expression on her face. "So, what's with the suits?"

"They're FBI." Carlton growled. "And their taking over jurisdiction on the serial killer case we just got our hands on."

"Well, that sucks. I think we earned this case." Shawn pouted.

The door to cheif Vick's office oppened and the two federal agents filed out, not bothering to shut the door behind them. They were about to leave the building when the taller one with the gelled black hair stopped and eyed Shawn with recognition. "What the hell is a civilian doing here?"

"On contrair agent greasy-head, I am more than a civilian, I am the department's residant psychic." Shawn answered.

"Bullshit, HE is no psychic."

"Ah, I see you are a skeptic. You have yet to see me dazzle you with my other worldly skills."

Carlton let out a sigh from beside Shawn. "He is the one that figured out that the newest victims are related to all of the other killings, and he has a perfect track record on all of his cases." he said, defending Shawn. Shawn was a little stunned by Carlton's reaction defence, he couldnt figure out why the detective would openly defend him like that.

"Then you have all been fooled." The fed said loud enough for most of the presinct to hear. "Shawn Spencer is no psychic." the agent's voice growled out shawn's name as it flew out of his lips.

"Woah, you must be a psychic yourself, how did you know my name?" Shawn asked trying to play it cool, but he was beginning to get nervous.

"What? Don't you remember me Shawn? I thought it would be pretty damn hard for you to forget me."

"What are you talking about?"

"We knew each other in collage. You could say that you left quite an impression on me."

"Sorry, I'm drawing blanks buddie."

"Does the name Jared Fissure jog that impressive memory of yours?" As soon as the agent said the name Shawn's eyes widened as what he did to Jared came flooding back to him.

[i/] Shawn was a Junior and Jared was a Senior, weeks away from the end of the year and Jared was graduating with high honors. That is until Shawn found out that Jared had been cheating and skillfully plagurizing all semester, at least that was all he was aware of. The only way he knew this was because he would occasionally be the victim of jared's cheating and his psychology professor had found out. The choice was to either rat Jared out or take the blame on himself and take the class over again, and Shawn was definatly not going to do all of that mundane work again. Jared had been reported to the Dean and expelled from the university. What all happened beyond that was a mystery to him. [/i]

"Shit." Shawn muttered, his eyes as wide as a dear in the headlights.

"It's time for a little payback don't you think Shawn?"

"No." Shawn said quickly. "Please don't. That was like forever ago, and you've obviously done pretty good for yourself. You can't do it." Shawn pleaded.

This time it was Carlton's time to be surprised. He had never seen the psychic beg before, not seriously at least. A quick glance told him that everyone in the presinct was now paying attention to what was being said by agent Fissure.

"Like I was saying before, your psychic isn't psychic at all detective." The agent began again. He played like he was speaking only to Carlton, but he made sure that everyone was hanging off his every word. "Shawn here has edidic memory. More commonly known as photographic memory. He's not psychic, he's just hyper observant."

Carlton looked over at Shawn. The expression on his face confirmed what the agent was saying. The fake psychic was paper white, and fear reflected in his eyes. For once the two of them had a common thought, what was going to happen now?

"Detective, arrest Mr. Spencer for hindering police investigation."

"He may not be a psychic, but he's still a privit detective." Carlton tried, so he wouldn't have to arrest Shawn.

"Actually Lassie, I'm not. Not officialy." Shawn said quietly. "Psychic's aren't reqired to carry a permit, so i never got one. Henry told me to, but I never did."

With that Shawn's hopes were shatterd and Agent Fissure was grinning triumphantly.

"Now detective if you will."

"No." Carlton growled. Screw the rules, he had reached his limits with the feds. Sure he would have eventually let the case go, but now they were taking away his psychic. Wait a minute, his psychic? Carlton shook away the thought to stew on later, now he had more pressing matters to deal with.

"Lassie, it's okay." Shawn said weakly. "I won't blame you, it's your job after all."

That was it. "I won't do it Spencer." Carlton half yelled, making half of the presinct jump. "I will not be the one who arrests you. you may not care, but it would be on my record and conciounce, and I do care. You have helped us all out on multiple cases in the past, and as much of a pain in the ass you've been, you are an important member of this team."

"Very touching detective." The fed drawled. "Would anyone else care to do the honors?" Agent Fissure asked waiting for someone to step forward. However after Carlton's little speach no one dared move. He was right, Shawn was one of them, and as a cop you do not turn your back on your own. "Fine, I guess the pleasure is all mine.

Fissure grabbed Shawn's arm forcefully and began to cuff him. "Shawn Spencer, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you..."

The rest of what the agent was saying as he led Shawn away faded away as Shawn was led away. Shawn glanced back at Carlton with a strained smile on his face, one that Carlton knew was thanking him. Agent Fissure then shoved Shawn forward forcefully and Shawn was now looking in front of himself.

Carlton turnned away and saw that Juliet was standing behind him. She then reached out into her purse and handed him her hankerchief. Carlton stared at her quizically. Then she nodded knowingly before explaining herself. "Carlton, you're crying."

He reached up and put a hand to his face, and he felt the wetness. He wiped away his tears with Juliet's hankerchief an then stared at the dampened cloth. He knew what these tears represented, failure. He had failed Shawn, just like he failed Victoria, except this failure resulted in the arrest of a, dare he say it, a friend. Sure they were a disfunctional duo, but they were friends in thier own unspoken sort of way. And now it was up to him to be the bearer of bad news to Gus and Henry.

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