The Adventures of Hyrule.

"Come on Heero let me play it never let me play with it !!!"Duo yelled at Heero one morning.
"That is because it is my game and besides you have your own videogame.."Heero yelled back at Duo. "Anyone got
any asperin ? I have a major headache..."Wufei asked Quatre and Trowa who were watching Heero's and Duo's fight.
"Join the club..."Trowa said handing Wufei a box. "Fine,but I will play it and you watch !"Heero said throwing Duo
onto the sofa and went to his room. "Yay,I knew he'll give up in the end !"Duo yelled and ran off to the fridge to get
a cola. "What was that about this time ?"Quatre asked Duo. "I wanted to play his N64 game,but he wouldn't let me.."
Duo said sitting back onto the sofa. "Which game this time ?"Wufei asked rolling his eyes. "The Legend of Zelda,
Ocarina of time"Heero said coming out of his room with his arms full,carrying his N64 and game. "Zelda ?!? Give
me a break !!!"Trowa said and disappeared into his room he shared with Quatre.

"Come on set it up set it up !!"Duo said bouncing on the sofa. "OK,but after this I am going back and playing
on Final Fantasy 7 on my playstation !!"Heero said plugging the plug and wires in. "Are you going to watch Q-man ?"
Duo said turning around to find Quatre coming over. "Yeah,well I want to watch....hang on a minute and I'll get
Trowa and Wufei here.. "Quatre said and disappered to find Trowa and Wufei."Ok,come on Heero...hurry up !"Duo
whinned."Well,Ok but I am waiting till Quatre comes back."Heero said,while changing the batteries in his rumble
pack."Hey guys,I have managed to get Wufei and Trowa to watch Heero play Zelda"Quatre said coming in with
Trowa and Wufei following behind.""I will only watch it because of what Quatre said eariler..."Wufei said with a
sigh."I will watch to keep Quatre company..."Trowa said sitting down in the couch."Yeah,well let's get on with the
game already !"Duo whinned."Ok,if we are ready...we will start"Heero said and switched his N64 on."YAY !!!"
Duo cheered.

'The Legend of Zelda' The screen read. "My name is Link in this..."Heero said selecting it on the screen.
'Deep in the vast forest of hyrule.... for many years have I served as the forest's guardian..... I, the great
Deku tree...' The screen brought up, A boy on a bed,crying that was muffled and turned around. 'I have guarded
and raised the kokiri... each one having a fairy. .except one...' The screen goes blank and then brings up
another message. 'Navi..navi where art thou ???' The screen brings up a blue fairy. 'There thou Navi, I have a
quest for thou, will thou listen? It is time for the boy without a fairy to fulfil his destiny' The deku tree told Navi,
the fairy. "Hey the lights flashed!" Duo said noticing the lights in the room. "SHH!" The other boys said. "There's
something wrong..." Heero muttered as the game played. "Hey, what's going on?" Duo said noticing the same
thing. The tv screen was getting brighter and brighter, there was a gust of wind through the house. "Hey Q, did
you leave a window open?" Duo asked Quatre nervously. "Um, no... its coming from the computer" Quatre said
pointing to the nintendo. The nintendo itself was flashing and swallowed a pillow that was near it. FLASH the
whole room filled with light.

To be continued.