Preface: Isabella Marie Cullen

Edward's POV

Bella and I have been living together since four. We took baths together, we learned things together and we fell in love, at least I know I did. Her mother, Renee entrusted her to my parents, Esme and Carlisle. They were best friends and I thank heaven for that. Because of that blessed friendship I had Bella for myself. Once in a while she comes and takes Bella with her to visit Phoenix. And then brings her back. Sometimes I just wish she doesn't have to go back there. What if there's a boy there who likes her, too (even if I know that the attraction I have for Bella won't ever be less than those of the others')? I would always be prepared for any kind of competition.

Possessive much? Yeah more than so.

Since I was aware that she existed I couldn't get her out of my system. Whenever we had to do something it always and must involve Bella. One day Grandpa Masen came to town, he didn't know Bella by then. He brought presents with him and that was when I started showing the attitude that everybody got used to or needed to get used to as days passed.

"Hey kids I brought presents", said Grandpa. Everyone gathered together in order to get theirs. Alice got another one of those boutique-like-shits-what-do-I-know. Emmett got a huge toy airplane you can almost ride on it and I got a whole bunch of Dartmouth medical books. He really wants me to become like dad. Sure, sure. It bit my heart that Bella got nothing. I saw how it almost made her cry so I went berserk, took her hand in mine and stormed outside after screaming, "If you aren't gonna do Bella any good then please feel free to not come here ever again!" I was ten and mercurial.

Mom and dad reprimanded me because Bella caught a cold and how I acted in front of Grandpa. That night it was freezing outside. I kept rubbing Bella's and my palms together. That's when I realized that it wasn't enough so I kissed those plump lips that tasted like strawberries. I felt jittery high. God knows how much I loved it. Of course we didn't know what we were doing but I loved it. My stomach was so full with warmth, warmth that I didn't know yet what to call. And then later on named butterflies. I love every part of spending alone time with my Bella.

Of course I drove her cold away. I wouldn't leave her that way, would I? Have I mentioned we stay in the same room? As I said, that attitude around Bella made everyone afraid of what I might do if I don't get my way. Yeah, I'm spoiled like that.

Now how do I know that I'm in love with her? Simple. I study hard. Get straight A's. I used up all my will being the most perfect boy in town. Even though I might be attracting things I didn't want to pull. That's part of the consequence. Girls would flutter all over me like hell do I care.

Still didn't get it?

I wanted to be the best person for Bella. So perfect that when she doesn't like me anymore (or at least I think she likes me at the moment) she wouldn't even have a chance to like someone else and then later on come back to me. I don't think there'd ever be someone else I'd want to have more than her. I love her too much, too much that even when my classmates were busy paying attention in class or playing outside I was busy with something else: writing her first name with my last.

Isabella Marie Cullen