Just a Little Author's Note/Rant

This story has been plagiarised on JBFF. I'm extremely pissed off at this. I put a lot of hard work into writing it, and it annoys me that someone gets credit for it, when all they've fucking done is copy and pasted it. Do they not have their own imaginations?

I just don't see how someone thinks that they can do that and get away with it.

It's not just me this person has done it to. Here are the users and their stories they have ripped off:

PaNcAk3s – Trouble in Paradise; La Neige a Paris; Alternative

pyrolyn-766 – How To Annoy Shane

SilverAurora – Voldemort?

xoStarlightAddiction – Why?

Those are all I know so far. But I'm pretty sure the rest are as well. She's changed the titles so I can't find them.

If you want to see it for yourself, just look up the user ginaxisxawesome on JBFF, and you'll find the plagiariser.

I really hate this.

Thank you to capegirl for finding this person and telling me, I really appreciate it.