Author's Note: Cool, a marriage proposal in one of my reviews. That just tickles me. Thanks! So, guess what? I just went through a couple of fanfics looking for ideas. FOR THE MILLIONTH FREAKING TIME, IT'S NATALIE TENNYSON, NOT LILY! …Clearly the Harry Potter and Ben 10: Alien Force fandoms intersect, because they saw a red head and automatically named her "Lily" in the stories. Yes, I am annoyed by this. IT IS NOT THAT HARD TO DO SOME FRIGGIN RESEARCH. Ahem. So, a reviewer brought up something I'd meant to partially go over in the Bevin chapter, but it slipped my mind. And it's done often enough to be made fun of in its own chapter. Without further ado, it's the Analogies That Everyone Uses chapter. Filled with heavy handed hinting. Because this is so short, I was going to update twice tonight, but then I suddenly got sleepy, so I'll update once or more tomorrow (suggestions appreciated)

Kevin was driving his deep green car….green, the color of his lover Ben's eyes. Or…Gwen's. Since they have the exact same color eyes, it's kind of hard to tell. Also, since his car was already that shade of green when they met up with him again after five years, and their eyes were a different, lighter shade of green when they were younger, but still, he had intentionally set out to have Ben..or Gwen's eye color for his car.

They were such a lovely emerald green.


Well, not really. Maybe it was more a mossy color? Fungus? Kevin wasn't entirely sure. Oh! Of course…it was wheatgrass smoothie color. Actually, they were pretty close to the smoothie that Ben had given him that he'd dumped out after one sip. But it took too long to say that, so 'emerald' green they would remain.

He met up with both cousins, staring at Gwen's fiery red hair. It always was firey. Despite its much darker than fire red hue, that was what he thought of it has.

Man, one of these days he really needed to open a dictionary. Or at least a thesaurus. Weren't those online these days?

She looked back at him, staring into his obsidian eyes and looking with longing at his obsidian hair. Obsidian's a popular color. Sometimes his hair was more raven-y, but Gwen guessed that this was because his hair was such a mess that it reminded people of birds.

Sometimes both his hair and eyes were onxy colored. Gwen never realized just how fond she was of really dark colored stones until she started dubbing different colors on Kevin's eyes and hair.

For his part, he was studying her pale, smooth skin. Why was she always pale to him? Truthfully, he was far paler than she was. And her skin was always flawlessly smooth, despite being a teenager. He wondered for a moment how she (and for that matter, he himself) never seemed to get acne. At least he'd seen Ben get a zit once…

And there were those manna whips of hers. Sometimes he thought they were pink, sometimes they were purple.

"…Maybe I should get my eyes checked," he said suddenly, "I think I may be color blind."

Explanation: So, I've seen a lot of people try to use the "Kevin's car is green because it's Gwen/Ben's eye color!" as 'evidence'. I decided to address why that isn't plausible. The other things are just jokes at how a lot of people use the same descriptive words (hell, I think I myself have used "emerald green" more often than I should have, so poking fun at myself here, too). And thusly the thesaurus joke in here. Oh, and I double checked before I put that...yes, Gwen's skin color is darker than Kevin's. I got a picture of them in daylight beside each other and used an application in paint dot net to compare, and I promise that her skin color is darker. Yet a lot of times authors have her described as pale. Anyways, please suggest something. I'm probably going to either tackle "Kevin's Daddy Issues" next, "Future Kevin" or "The Many Different Ways Devlin and Kenny Still Exist, Even Though That Episode Was Confirmed Not To Be Canon.".