Gone Too Far...

Chapter Nineteen – The Wedding Part 2

Bella's POV

"Can I have a minute?" Emmett asked popping his head around the door staring at Alice mostly, a bead of sweat dripping down his face.

"Unless Jasper is having cold feet, it can wait Emmett."

When Emmett didn't laugh Alice quickly held concentration.

"What's going on Emmett?" her voice was cold, no sign of the usual chirp and I swear the beads of sweat were falling more freely down Emmett's brow.

"Um, don't shoot the messenger 'kay? It's just, Edward, kind of hasn't turned up."

The room was silent for a minute, everyone watched Alice and Rosalie took a step away as Alice started to change into a dangerous red.

"Alice?" Rosalie said softly.

"The show must go on." Alice said equally as softly, her face returning to a normal colour. The room seemed to let out a sigh we didn't know we'd been holding and Emmett even spoke again.

"I'm going to his room now…"

"No." Alice interrupted. "Jasper at least needs one best man. Just wait until I get my hands round his neck!"

Emmett just bit the side of his mouth.

"I'll go."

I didn't realize I'd said anything until it had already left my mouth. DAMN IT. I need to keep better control over my mouth…

"Bella, I will not have an unequal number of bridemaids…" Alice said her voice going up a few octaves, I was quick to soothe this time.

"I'll be ten minutes tops. I'll be there to walk down the aisle with you and Rose."

Before she had time to reply I hiked the bottom of the dress up and followed Emmett out of the room, into the hallway. There was thirty minutes to the ceremony, so if we were going to find him it had to be soon.

"Operation Edward begins." I sighed and Emmett handed me a room key.

"It's the one on the third floor, that's where his suit is. I wish I could come but…"

I hated the guilty look on his face, how could Rose deny him anything…ever.

"No go to Jasper, as Alice said, the show must go on."

I wasted no time heading to the elevator and as I pressed the button to go down, the clock on the wall reminded me I only had 27 minutes left.

I charged into the doors as the elevator opened and straight into Edward, his eyes were swollen like he'd been crying and he looked like crap. He looked at me with a dead look in his eyes.

"Edward, what the hell are you playing at?" I demanded as the doors closed shut.

6 minutes…

He grabbed my shoulders and kissed me hard against the wall. He leaned away his hands around my head so I couldn't move as his beautiful eyes bored into mine.

"Bella, please shut up and be happy to see me because I'm sure as hell happy to see you."

5 minutes….

The elevator door pinged and he moved away so I could leave, my thoughts still hadn't unscrambled and so coherent sentences were going to be a struggle. I opted for a confused look as he opened the door with a key card he apparently already had.

"I'll explain everything once I've had a good drink and got my suit on."


True to his words he told me everything, Jessica's lies, the fake baby and as he finished getting dressed he poured himself a large whisky and me an orange juice. In that moment, he'd never been so vunerable or himself – he was my Edward again.

"I love you so much Bella."

"I love you two but I hope you understand there was no point of getting dressed." I smiled coyly slipping his jacket off.

"Won't we be late?" he laughed and I shook my head.

"We still have 15 minutes…"

We still made the wedding. Well hey, it'll make good practice for the future because he's all I've ever wanted.

And my heart has just gone too far…


A/N: Sorry for the soppy end. I needed to write it. Love it or hate it it's over. And for those of you wondering about Jessica, she lives at home with her parents permanently sulking waiting for the next poor rich sod to walk into her web.