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The door slammed. Emotions flooded everywhere, Pain. Embarrassment. Rejection.

Footsteps shuffled in the direction of my room, at every step her feelings screamed louder. They hesitated outside my oak door.

"Renesmee," I breathed, overwhelmed by her mood. She stepped in, her golden curls hanging delicately was a huge contrast to her violently tear-stained face. "Uncle Jazz?" she began, only louder enough for vampire hearing. "Yes?" I urged her.
"Do you think I'm a slut?" She whispered.
I sucked in an unnecessary breath. Why would I call my beautiful niece a slut?
"No, of course I do not think that. Why would I?" I answered gravely.
She immediately looked at her shoes. "..It's nothing really. Just a girl at school-"
Anger boiled through my ice cold body, my hands clenched with a force strong enough to break stone. Girls could be so damn cruel.

Noticing my expression, she became anxious, desperate. "Jasper?! Please calm down. It's no big deal. Please don't tell anyone, promise?" Renesmee begged hurriedly.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tell the family when they come back from hunting, and hunt down those twisted, evil girls, who called my selfless, adoring niece a slut." I countered my golden eyes full of fire.

"Because you're the only one I can trust." She whispered, a lone tear streaming down her face.


It was true, Uncle Jasper was the only one in my family I could trust with him knowing about today at school.

"Renesmee, come over here," Katie called.
I walked to the sound of my name; I didn't know Katie well, this was my first high school, I had only been here for two days. She seemed nice- always talking about how much she loves her new puppy, Charlotte.

Katie stood up one of the cafeteria tables, everyone's heads turned towards her.
" Renesmee, these are yours" she handed me a pair of lace knickers. "I found them in the caretaker's closet, SLUT". She stalked off. A pair of knickers which did not belong to me hung from my hand.

My face flushed red. The entire cafeteria stared at me. I didn't need my father's gift to know what they were thinking: Renesmee Cullen is a Slut.

End Flashback

I couldn't tell my mother, she would want to speak to my teacher. My father and my soul mate, Jacob would immediately kill Katie. My Grandparents, Esme and Carlisle would worry too much. My Aunties, Rosalie and Alice would buy me yet another expensive outfit to make Katie jealous. My Uncle, Emmett would probably just laugh. Jasper was my only chance.


Slowly, she put her small, warm hand on mine and 'showed' me what happened with her gift.

My anger appeared again, tearing my favourite civil war book. I couldn't believe how vulgar humans are.

"Why did she say that? I promise those knickers were not mine, I haven't even been near the closet." She mumbled.

"I know that Renesmee. Katie's just another jealous human." I replied soothingly, sending a wave of calm in her direction. Soon, Renesmee fell asleep on mine and Alice's couch.

"Uncle Jazzy is gonna get her, Uncle Jaspers gonna get her real bad" I muttered.