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Morning Star


Chapter 1- Morning Sun.


I was on my way back to Forks the place that held my most perfect of memories and days of my human life that was abruptly cut short after Edward, the love of my human and eternal life, left me. I am getting ahead of myself.

It is true, I am now a vampire and I am not with The Cullen family but my own coven. A few months or so after Edward and his family left Forks I was turned into a vampire by Laurent, my best friend Jacob who had blamed himself for not getting there soon enough to stop him, told me to leave Forks because if I didn't his pack of werewolves would kill me, against his wishes.

So here, I am, 93 years later and I still find thinking and saying his name difficult. My coven has come to the concluded fact I need to face my demons, no pun intended, head on. Therefore, they are taking me back to Forks where it all began.

Maybe I should start from the beginning, when Laurent changed me into an immortal. When everything changed, the day Isabella Marie Swan died.

Finally, my searching is over. I have found the place that held Edward's memories and essence, for me, the strongest, The Meadow. I know I should have waited for Jake, because I know it's pretty dumb of me to walk in the forest alone, if it were anyone else it wouldn't be as dumb, but I'm a danger magnet, I'm prone to it just like Alice had told me once. However, I could not wait.

Coming back here to The Meadow proved I was not crazy and Edward's words as lies. When he left me he said "It would be as if I never existed." and finding The Meadow proved to me that he does exist and he was real… and that he had once loved me. It gave me an odd sense of closure but I knew that once I left here and the moment the tidal wave of blackness crashes over me I will realize that coming here was too much pressure for me. It will hurt me and the metaphorical hole in my heart will grow bigger and will not heal, but I did not care.

I lay in the wet green grass and reminisced in the time that I had laid here with Edward and watched his skin shine like a million diamond facets as the sun hit him and he was like my own personal morning star. When suddenly I felt an odd presence and just shook it of as me being crazy, I have been a little on the mentally unstable side, you know hearing voices and all, but not any voices, his voice. That was up until the little sun that hit my closed eyelids had disappeared and as I opened my eyes, I saw him. A face I have not seen since the day I met James, a tracker who tried to kill me, the face was Laurent's and it confused me. He looked at me with a similar confusion that I had.

I got up and I knew that I was not going to walk away from this alive, but who knew maybe he would not kill me. Maybe he was looking for The Cullens and stumbled upon me, I mean after all, he spent his time with The Denali clan after leaving James and Victoria and I am sure he would not hurt me. However, than again I am never right. "Hey, Laurent, What are you doing here?" I asked trying to play it cool, but you could here the nerves color my voice.

He stalked toward me and his long black braided hair fell on his face and rained across his chest and back. "I'm actually here in favor of her." his voice was smooth as satin but that made my spine tingle. I wondered, who had Laurent been sent here in favor of, was it Victoria? The vampire who had disappeared after Edward killed her mate James for trying to kill me as sport.

"W-who?" I stuttered across the words as I inched away from him, I had to do it slowly because nomads are like wild dogs, any sudden movement and they attack.

"Where is Edward?" he asked in his strong French accent. I did not like how he said Edward's name. He said my old lovers name with a fiery vengeance and hatred; he said it as if his name was the name of a black plague. He said it as if he knew exactly were Edward was and he looked at me with squinting eyes.

"N-not here, um he left." the voice in my head. His voice was shouting at me to say something otherwise. Tell him I will be here soon. Tell him I am on my way here to meet you, tell him! He was screaming at me now.

"You mean he left you here in the forest… Alone?" he asked me and I felt uneasy. All my natural human instincts were telling me to run and not look back. To run and attempt the chance of death. The instincts Edward told me I should have had screaming at me the moment I first learned what he was.

"No, he is on his way." I lied and I have always been a terrible liar. He looked at me with appraising eyes and I looked down. "H-he will be here any moment now."

"Oh, I see I must work quickly than." he arched in a hunting position and he pounced.

Next thing I knew I was in burning agony but my right hand burned hotter than the rest of my body. As a fire burned through each limb and the pain increased, I let out a scream so loud my ears hurt. I could not hear anything but the loud ringing in my ears caused by my scream and the fire, but the extra heat on my hand was gone. What was happening to me?

It felt as if the pain has been going on forever but it has been only days, at the very least three, but the pain has not even decreased if anything it has gotten worst. However, my senses were starting to work, the fire was only in my heart, and it hurt worst than anything. Suddenly I heard voices, noise. I have not heard anything but my own breathing and raging heartbeat for so long.

It was Jake's voice I heard and Billy. Jake sounded so disturbed and torn and Billy's voice was a mimic of his.

"What am-- what do I say to her?" Jacob asked, his voice cracked, and I could tell he has been crying and I wanted to say something, anything to comfort the boy who had comforted me in my darkest of days that seemed so endless, but I could not find my voice.

"The truth about you and the pack. The truth about her change. And since its Bella she will probably be happy and go--" Billy said as he was interrupted by Jacob.

"What find the leech, and hope that now she is one of them too, he will want her back." Jacob said in a harsh cold voice that I was not used to hearing from him and he sounded disgusted. Suddenly the heat was back on my right hand and now I felt a new type of pressure, the pressure on my hand was shaking.

What pack? What truth about Jake is there, that I did not know? In addition, what he had said about me being the same as Edward, did that mean-- am I a vampire now? Am I going through the three-day transformation process? Had Laurent changed me? Laurent, what had happened to him? How did I end up here? How does Jake know about The Cullens being vampires? I had so many questions and no answers-- yet.

Suddenly the pain in my heart blazed for one last time and I can hear my speeding heart come to a closing end in one last thump. The pain was gone and I felt suddenly stronger but my throat was parched. I was thirsty. All my senses were coming back to me and I could taste a metallic taste in my mouth, and I could smell, something so delicious followed by something so repulsive.

"Do you hear that?" Jacob asked and his voice carried the same disgusted tone with a hint of remorse, all the coldness was gone, just pain. "Her heart stopped beating, she is officially one of t-them," he sounded as if he were about to cry and I finally found my voice, and could comfort him... Moreover, get my answers.

"Jake?" I said, -my voice sounded like music sort of like a tune, a lullaby I remembered, my lullaby- as I opened my eyes and I was lying in his small twin bed and there was a huge figure shadowing over my body and the figure was Jake, and boy was he huge, it was as if he got bigger everyday. Billy was there too, he looked at me, and his eyes popped out of his head. I took a deep breath and the air smelt repulsive. "What-- Where is Laurent?" I decided to ask that first. I needed to know where my possible sire was.

"I killed the bloodsucker with my own hands." when he said that I remembered something, something vital. I remember Laurent biting me, the pain I felt as his venom pulsated through me, and looking over as a pack of wild dogs ran forward towards us. In addition, with that came a memory of a day I spent at First Beach, Jacob had told me the story of him being a descendant of werewolves, and that The Cullens were vampires. Is it possible, can Jacob be a werewolf?

"Who-What are you?" I did not want to be rude but I did not know any other ways to word it. "I mean, I-I saw you... Or something…" I looked down at my hand and was shocked to see how white it was, alabaster white, the same color as Edward and the other vampires, as I looked I noticed the pressure came from Jacob's hot hand on mine and it felt like an open flame.

"I know it's a lot to take in, why don't we go for a walk?" he looked at me and smiled the smile that I loved so much. He was the old Jacob, my Jacob and that was the way it was and should always be, the way weshould always be, not any other way. I hated the Jacob he has been lately, the smile he used on his face, when he would mimic Sam. Thinking about that made me angry, because I knew now whatever is going on with Jake has something to do with Sam Uley. He noticed that, and thought he had done something and quickly took it back. "Or, if you promise not to bite me we can go hunting… for animals?" What was this we nonsense Jacob could not hunt animals, he was human and I was something, a vampire.

"We?" I asked and I raised an eyebrow looking at him observantly. To be honest I was hungry, or thirsty, and I cannot believe he would say that, as long as I do not bite him, to be honest Jacob did not smell that good, the smell kind of burned my nose. "And Jake I want to know what the hell is going on, and by the way you don't smell good at all." he looked at me, smiled wider, and laughed.

"Yeah, you neither, my sheets are ruined." he joked "Like I said we'll talk." he looked at me and I hopped up and stretched my muscles that all felt so new and so did everything else. I could see everything, each splinter in the wood paneled walls, all the dust mites, and every color the sun illuminated and some I had no name for, but they were beautiful. I could see Jacob's face and the wrinkles around his eyes from laughing and smiling his Jacoby smile. His skin was so tan against my alabaster white skin. He looked at my eyes and looked down while his lips went into a hard line. Then, I remembered my eyes are probably a deep bright red and I looked down as we walked out the small room.

"Wow, Werewolves." I looked away from Jake because he had phased into a werewolf and was phasing back to his human form. Jake was a werewolf and I was a vampire and we were enemies, or supposed to be any ways. "I can't believe I'm a vampire." I was still so shocked on the news.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." he walked back up to catch up with me. He was looking down and it looked like he wanted to ask me something but did not know how. "Maybe this is your fate, your destiny or something. To become a vampire when your lee-- when Edward didn't change you, maybe destiny found someone who would." he looked down and I could tell he had a bone or two to pick with Edward just by how hard it was to say his name. I could tell this was hard on Jake I could tell how much he hated vampires but he was honestly trying, but it hurt him and I didn't like that. "But your happy now, I mean it is what you wanted." It was.

"No, Jake, I'm not happy" he looked at me with a mixture of shock and confusion. "I did want to be a vampire, but that was when he was here and still loved and wanted me." I still had difficulty saying his name. Nevertheless, my words were true if Edward did not want me... "Without him there is no point in forever." without him I didn't even want to go on the human life span, but just my luck I have to go on the immortal life span too. "What am I going to do? I mean I can't stay here because the pack and I can't go home to Charlie because I'm a newborn and you know." Seriously, I could not go home to Charlie not just, because he thought I had died by an animal attack but because I would kill him but than again, I did not kill Billy and he is human. Maybe I could-- no, even if I could the pack would not allow me to stay here. I had to leave.

That was what brought me here; well what brought me to becoming a vampire. The journeys that lead me to Forks are different but there was more to that than just me becoming a vampire.

I traveled alone for many years, a couple of decades, I had moved to Canada and tried to survive there and that was when I met them. I was out hunting when I found them Ethan and Emily. They are twins and were there on their senior trip but they strayed to look around the woods. I heard screams and saw them, and out of nowhere a… maybe, you should here the whole story.