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Chapter 7- The Ultimate Togetherness.


"Come on Edward, you know I hate surprises. I haven't changed that much and you swear there aren't any presents involved?" I complained yet again. Edward was taking me somewhere that held a lot of our memories and he was convinced I wouldn't go if I knew. I had a bad feeling presents were involved. I haven't changed at all when it came to accepting gifts, I dislike attention and when you receive a gift you are also receiving attention, so I shun both altogether, it's a good system.

"Bella we are almost there. And no presents will not be involved, well newer presents will not be involved, older ones aren't even presents, more like lost items being returned to you." I had a feeling he was smiling I wouldn't know though, because I was blind folded. "Seriously Bella, this is a happy time. We are reunited finally after ninety-three years, so smile." he demanded it.

"you know you sound like that Peaches and Herb song Reunited right?" I asked him while smiling, see I was smiling. I did know what Edward meant though, about being happy, I was happy and a little annoyed.

"We are here love." he whispered in my ear and took off the blind fold. I looked around and I was in the room I hadn't taken a step in for sixty-seven years, since Charlie died, it held both good and bitter-sweet memories. He went and sat in the rocking chair in the corner of the room and it felt like deja vu, he had taken me to my old room in Charlie's house, but it was now abandoned and people around here believe its haunted and wont take a step into it. Everything was the way I left it. My favorite book Wuthering Heights laid beside my bed, my bed was made, my ancient computer still on my desk looking more ancient with the dust piled on it, and all my clothes still thrown across my floor like they had been that morning I left.

"Edward--" I began to say and he was suddenly kissing me like he never had before. This was what perfect was, this was as close to human I could ever get. When he pulled his lips from mine I chuckled softly. "I keep thinking Charlie is about to burst through the door and demand dinner." I felt distressed, hurt, and happy all at the same time. I missed my father, the father who I had left unwillingly and mourned over for decades, and I felt bad because me and Charlie never got to have an emotional connection like father and daughter but I knew he love me I cam and checked on him every couple of years or so. Edward looked at me and I could tell he knew it miffed me to be here but he knew this was something I had to do, to move on.

"I know it hurts you to be here, but I just, Bella you need this. You may not know it but you need this, the human stuff, it's a part of you." I looked around while he said it and I found the old photo album Renee had given me for my eighteenth human birthday, I went and picked it up.

I looked at the cover of it that was now empty, the cover had originally held a picture of me and Edward, but he took it. I opened it up and saw the captions for pictures that weren't there, Edward Sept. 17 - Me and Edward Sept. 17 - Edward and Charlie Sept. 17.I flipped to the next page and found a picture of me and Charlie. I could see the worry in my eyes, the worry I was about to lose Edward. Before I knew it I was breathing deeply and I had no control over it.

"Are you crying Bella?" Edward grabbed me into his arms and held me in there tightly. "Its going to be okay." he said as he went and held me and pulled me onto my old small bed.

We talked for hours about everything. I told Edward about how I went to Canada and majored in medicine at the University of Toronto and how in London I worked at the hospital as a doctor. I also told him about how in a small village in Southern America I am believed to have magic healing powers but really I just brought medicine with me from the hospital I worked in before, he laughed. I had told him every aspect of my life away from him and even lifted my shield and shown him some of the more ridiculous things Jerick had talked me into, like cliff diving, rock climbing, swimming in the oceans deeper water with sharks, and of course the big dare of eating two pounds of human food, I was throwing up for hours, and Edward had laughed loudly at the one.

Edward told me of things he has been up to for the last ninety-three years. At first he traveled alone in Southern America, than went to the Denali coven for awhile, traveled with the Cullens around England and then how he traveled the whole country looking for me. I realized how much Edward had to pay for his actions and how much he truly did love me. We made out for a long while. Kissing Edward never gets old.

"Bella, do you really think I would take the gifts you received on you birthday from you?" Edward asked me out of nowhere. "Well, do you?" he looked at me.

"You did though." I said as he got out of the bed and bent down and put his hand on a loose floorboard. "Edward, its okay it was so long ago." he pulled up the floorboard and pulled out dusty items. "What is this?" I asked him as he went and sat down beside me and put the things he put out of the floor next to me.

"Old gifts." he smiled at me. I picked up the old photos that were there, they were the ones missing from my photo album. There was a plastic case and I opened it to see the CD Edward had burned for me, and I smiled. "Bella--" I interrupted him with my lips.

Forty minutes had passed and we hadn't pulled our lips apart once. We both knew were extreme kissing like this would lead to but we didn't care. I was no longer a fragile little human, and I could finally do all the things I wanted with Edward.

I moved my hands up his back and pulled his shirt off. He moved down to kiss my jaw line and back up to my lips. "Are you sure, love?" he asked me out of the breath he didn't even need.

"I have always been." I replied as he begun kissing me again. He moved his lips down to my stomach and pulled my shirt off and than everything I have been waiting for happened. Edward was officially mine, we were officially together in every single way possible, it was the ultimate togetherness.

Making love with Edward was everything I expected it to be and more. We didn't have to stop for any basic human needs, so we made love for hours. And it was official Edward Cullen is the best at every little thing and it was worth the wait. Loving him was easy and every second of loving him was essential and I don't know how we went without making love the whole time we knew each other while I was human, because this was perfect.

I chuckled. "do you know where my shirt is?" I looked all over the bedroom floor. We didn't want to stop making love but we had school and we had no problem with ditching but not so much during the first week.

"Here it is." he said as he threw my shirt towards me from across the room. "Our clothes are everywhere I swear." he chuckled as he put his shirt on and came to kiss me.

"This was perfect, no more than perfect grand." I said as my hands were around his waist and he bent down to kiss me. I laid my head on his chest. And he kissed the top of my head. "Well, when do I get to see Carlisle and Esme? I miss them you know?" I asked him and he chuckled.

"You can later on today if you please." he said whispering into my ear. "I just didn't want to pressure you into moving so fast, but they do miss you. Esme especially. Carlisle will be happy to know you have chosen a career in medicine." he looked down at me as I looked up at him.

"It's a plan." We kissed one last time until later.

I was at my house now and as I walked in everyone was in the kitchen waiting for me, well all the girls were. They each wore a smile on their faces and I knew I was in for it. They had the information hunger face, they would want every detail, and I was officially scared.

"What happened?" Emily asked as soon as I walked into the door. She looked overly excited. She had a smirk on her face that said she knew everything that happened and her eyes were big. She looked like a child on Christmas day.

"Did you guys have sex?" Carlie asked the same time Emily asked her question. Carlie looked smug because she knew she was right. "Way to go. Just between us girls Edward is smoking." she said giving me props, and I was assuming the guys weren't here. If they were Ethan would have yelled at Carlie already because he gets so jealous.

"Very." Emily agreed laughing. "So what was it like? I mean it was your first time and everything so you know new experience." Emily asked trying to sound casual but I could tell she was excited for me because she was talking really fast.

"It was amazing…" I said in awe "but you know it wouldn't be right to talk about it like a television show or a book or something." I said trying to end the topic.

"I bet you Edward is talking about it right now, this exact second." Carlie said trying not to laugh at the expression I got on my face when she said that.


I tried sneaking in unnoticed through the back but Emmett and Jasper caught me.

"So Eddie is it official, your not a member of the virgin of the month club anymore?" Emmett tried to joke but I growled. "Just kidding calm down bro." he said backing away mockingly. He knew I wouldn't kill him but I could hurt him. "Are you, I mean you guys were gone off to wherever for a long time, but you and Bella were always so weird, so it is possible you guys didn't do it. But we know you did, because Alice--" I interrupted his sentence.

"Alice." I said it under my breath. I must admit I was a tad bit embarrassed to know my sister had a vision of me and Bella making love. Which is just completely disturbing. But I was more enraged that she told everyone. Suddenly, I felt a wave of clam crash over me and I saw a tiny little pixie rush into view with an apologetic look.

Sorry but I didn't tell them exactly they guessed. she thought trying to make it better but it wasn't, than in her head she had a flash of Bella and I making love. I looked at her and she panicked. The vision went away.

"Its okay. You know that it took you a couple centuries to lose it and gain but the point is you gained it. And now we don't have to change the subject Everytime you walk up to us." I scoffed at Emmett's ludicrous facial expression as he explained the perks of my making love for the first time.

"He is telling the truth, we had to change the subject. We didn't want you to feel left out and now you don't have too." Jasper said trying to hide his laughter and straighten his facial expression.

"You know what, were not talking about this." I said as I walked passed them and than they jumped up and were in front of me.

"You know she is probably talking about it right this second." Jasper said trying to be persuasive.

"Yeah, I mean what else do girls talk about." Emmett spoke with a matter of fact tone. He was so clueless girls talk about plenty of other things I'm sure of.

"Oh! Girls talk about more than sex. And when we do talk about sex its when were talking about how that's all that is on your guys' minds." Alice said as she walked down the steps she was on followed by Rosalie and they both had angry facial expressions.

"Yeah, Alice is right and to make that more exact we are going to have a little bet that we can survive a break from sex longer and whoever cracks first loses." Rosalie said and as she said that Emmett's eyes became huge.

"Yeah, a little break from sex might help clear your guys perspective on the subject of how dependent girls are on sex." Alice agreed and I saw Jasper unnecessary breathing stop in its tracks. "Congratulations Edward I'm happy for you and Bella mainly for me because now I know I have my sister back and its official. I'm going to be in my room in the same outfit I'm wearing now." she said as she looked at Jasper and walked up stairs.

"B-but Alice, wh-what about the b-bunny ears and th-the tail and Alice!" Jasper complained as he followed. Thanks a lot Edward now Alice isn't going to dress like a playboy bunny it would have been so fun. Damn.

Rosalie just sighed angrily and walked upstairs and Emmett followed after her trying to explain himself and apologize. I laughed and went to go play Bella's lullaby on the piano.

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