Walking into the Titan's Tower for the first time was like being a child coming down the stairs first thing Christmas morning. My eyes were as big as saucers and my jaw dropped to the floor as I struggled to take everything in. I knew I looked silly, but I didn't care; I was at the Teen Titan's headquarters!

"So, what do you think?" Robin asked. I could hear the smirk in his voice, even over Starfire's incessant chattering.

"…And this is where we play the cars for racing, and watch movies of scariness and comedy and over here is where Raven likes to meditate while we are 'hanging out' and this is…"

"Doesn't she ever shut up?" I whispered to Cyborg.

"Nah. Just tune her out."

Taking Cyborg's advice, I ignored the steady stream of crap gushing from her mouth and wandered around the room, checking out all the cool stuff they had. An enormous, flat screen TV that took up over half the far wall; an extensive collection of CDs, including my all-time favorite, 3 Doors Down's Kryptonite; what looked like a really big computer consol, probably hooked up to the TV; and every game station consol from Nintendo 64 to PSP 3 and the games to play on them. Where did they get the money? This was like every kid's dream! All the toys and no adults to boss us around; I was so going to love it here.

"There's more, you know."

More? I stared at Robin in disbelief; then followed him and the others down a hallway.

"This is BB's room…Cyborg's room…Raven's…mine…" Robin pointed to the rooms as we passed them by. Finally, after we passed Starfire's, Robin opened the door and stepped aside to let me through. "…And this is your's."

It was a generic room, but it was clean, big and mine. No more slutty roommates with their oversexed, pothead boyfriends; no more dirty clothes in the sink, or my toothbrush mysteriously smelling like Pomeranian breath; no more inkblots all over my clothes from torn-apart pens being left on them. And definitely no more pocketknives shoved in my face while some pissed-off, black guy demands the whereabouts of some kid named 'Skee'.

I would've been content to just flop on the bed and luxuriate in all the comfort I'd missed since being kicked out on my own, but Cyborg and Beast Boy had other ideas.

"Did you wanna see the rest of the Tower? We got a garage and training area, both tricked out with state-of-the-art equipment."

"Yeah! Come on, Rain, you gotta see it!" Beast Boy grabbed my arm and started dragging me toward the door. Reluctantly, I left the nice, comfy bed, watching it wistfully as it disappeared behind the closing door.

The training area had a lot of cool exercise equipment I could use, but the garage was more of a boy thing. Personally, I thought Cyborg only brought me down there to show off his car, because that's mostly what we did down there. It was fun watching him showcase all the neat tricks it could do, the cool features it had and the hidden weapons he had installed, but I didn't think I'd be spending much time there. All in all, it was a great tour, but after an hour of looking at so many new things, I was beat.

But there was one more thing before I could go back to my room and crash.

"So, do you want to join?"

"Heck yeah!"


Except for Raven, the Titans all celebrated my addition to the team.

Does Raven hate me?


Things had been going great. After training with Robin for only a week, I finally learned how to activate my powers and I could even direct them so the blast didn't go everywhere. Robin also taught me how to fight so I could defend myself in close quarters—my powers still weren't exactly indoor friendly.

Things with me and the other Titans were really good too. I took the name Power Surge and joined the team full time, quitting both my other jobs since being a Titan meant I didn't need to worry about bills anymore. Raven still didn't like me, but according to Beast Boy, she didn't like anyone, so I guess it's not my fault. Still, she didn't have to be so rude all the time. Starfire was still being her usual ditzy self. She acted like we were friends or something, even though I was clearly pissed about how much she was always falling all over Robin all them time. But I don't think Robin ever noticed, or if he did, he just didn't care.

But Robin. Oh, Robin! We spent nearly all our time together. He said it was just to teach me how to control my powers faster, but that was just an excuse. I could tell he liked me, it was obvious. He was very hands on in my training; whenever I had trouble getting a new move he'd come up behind me and move me into the correct position, then move my body the way he wanted it to. It was incredible. I can't wait for him to finally ask me out!

Things with the Titans were good, but not so much with the city. There had been a steady rise in crime over the last month and it showed no signs of abating. Robin had been really worried; I think that might be why he needed me to learn how to fight so quickly. The city needed me—Robin needed me. Well, he had me, and I wasn't going to disappoint him.

B B B B B R R R R R R R R I I I I I I I N N N N N G G G G G G G G G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Burglar alarms are so annoying!

My friends and I had just arrived at the scene but there was already a major exchange of gunfire and powers underway.

"Titans, just focus on the Hive; let the police worry about crowd control!" Robin shouted.

Oh Robin, you always know what to do! The Teen Titans charged into the fray and took over where the cops had left off.

The fight was pure chaos, but I remembered Robin saying something about matching my strengths with my opponent's weaknesses. My power allowed me to take out a bunch of people at once, so matching up with Billy Numerous made perfect sense. As I approached Billy and the other three Billys, each holding a large sack of money, I prepared an attack. The Billy's dropped their sacks and started advancing ominously, tossing out hillbilly come-on's at me (God, what a stupid redneck that guy was! Y'know, I think they should just educate those guys. Oh, and take their guns so they stop shooting people). I cringed at the vulgar dialogues, but kept my head and initiated my attack.

The whole battlefield fell silent, and I felt a stream of power flowing through me as I converted sound energy into kinetic energy and directed it ahead of me. The spread was wide, so I hit all four Billys at once and knocked them twenty feet into the bank behind them. Unfortunately, the blast kept going right into the bank itself and destroyed a good part of the lobby and the entire lower bank front. The upper level was just fine though.

"Oh no! Mammoth, get her!" Jinx diverted Mammoth away from his fight against Cyborg to charge headlong at me. Cyborg aimed a sonic blast at Mammoth, but was knocked to the ground by Beast Boy, whose fight with Kid Wiccan wasn't going so well. That was okay; Cy could help BB survive long enough for me to dispatch Mammoth.

I cartwheeled out of Mammoth's way to buy a little more time to plan my attack and loosed another shot when Mammoth turned around for a second charge. The area again grew quiet, and the blinding, white energy slammed into his colossal form and sent him flying into the police line. The cops scattered immediately, so Mammoth only dug a twenty foot trench though the asphalt. A quick glance while I moved on to rescue BB told me Mammoth was down for the count, languishing in the rubble while the police pounced on him.

Kid Wiccan was going to be a challenge. His powers let him teleport instantly, turn intangible, and he even cancelled BB's charge by using his cloak as some kind of dimensional gate, allowing BB to lumber on through, only to be sent back toward me. And Cyborg was now occupied with Gizmo, who had somehow opened an access panel on my teammate's back and was now attempting to rewire him.

Taking stock of Kid Wiccan's powers, I decided we weren't a good match and that we would be better served if I took somebody else. But BB was getting demolished by this guy, and I wasn't sure he'd last.

"BB, go help Cyborg! I'll take this guy."



I wasn't really sure what I could do against this guy, but I knew that I had to do something. After all the time Robin spent on me, I was ready for anything—I had to be. The city was counting on me. Robin was counting on me.

"Give me your best shot."

Kid Wiccan just smirked at me then, as a ghost, darted toward me faster than I had ever thought possible. He sent punches at me almost as fast as Robin, but I had learned to fight against Robin, so I was able to block everything, though just barely. Kid Wiccan was beating me back, step-by-step, and I knew that eventually I would tire and he'd have the advantage. I had to act and I had to act soon.

"Power Surge!" Robin called me from across the urban battlefield.

I start turn my head toward Robin's voice and instantly regret it as the next three of Kid Wiccan's hits land. Two are chest hits, but the last catches me across the temple. With the wind knocked out of me and my vision blurred beyond comprehension, I languish on the ground, completely useless to the team.

Kid Wiccan must have thought I was down for the count, but my mind was still working, and I was pissed. I was pissed that I had let myself get distracted. I was pissed that I let Kid Wiccan defeat me. And what's more, I was pissed that I let my team down! I let everyone down. The city, its citizens, the Titans, and most importantly, I let Robin down.

No! No, I am not going to let him down! Never! Get up, Rain, get up now! You can still win, you just have to think!

At the moment, thinking was not especially feasible, but Robin was counting on me. Kid Wiccan could counter everything I threw at him with his magic. I try to hit him, he blocks it with his super-tough arms. I try to tackle him, he sends me though his cape. I try to get him with my powers, he teleports out of the way. Nothing I can do will take him out.


I stumbled to my feet, teetering around, trying not to black out. Robin was counting on me, so I had to push myself.

"Kid Wiccan!" My voice was weak and broke at the end from exhaustion and the pervading soreness in my chest, but I like to think he could still hear my resolve. I wouldn't give up—ever!

Kid Wiccan whipped around just in time for Starfire to charge harmlessly past him and carve a long furrow through the street. His face, passive as ever, conveyed more infuriating cockiness about his own skills than any grin ever could.

The rage built inside of me, and I allowed it to flow through me, animating my fatigued body. You will go down, Kid Wiccan!

Kid Wiccan floated closer, his arms deceptively hidden by his cloak. He seemed relaxed, but I knew that was just a trick; he could go from zero to sixty in nothing flat.

I waited until he was four feet away before hazarding the charge. This was my last shot at taking him out. My only shot. I was one foot away from Kid Wiccan when the quiet returned. But this time, it got dark too. And I didn't feel so heavy. I took it all. Everything. I took every scrap of energy around me, no matter what it was, hoping some of it was Kid Wiccan's magic, and I turned it into a bomb.

I thought it might be spectacular, going out with a bang, but I saw and heard nothing. Not even a whimper.


So, tell me, who thought Kid Wiccan was going to win? I certainly did. I can't tell you how many times I considered swapping him with someone else so she could pwn all with them, but guess what? That's not how Mary Sues work! So, I had to beat him. And even better, I did it by making her super, mondo-powerful in the process! Yeah, her powers make no sense. But she is God and never loses.

Yep, I rock. ^.^