A/N: ... I dunno what prompted this. I'm sorry, it's angst. Enjoy if you can!

You will be remembered.

Even after the sun sets and the sound of gunshots becomes just an echo of something that probably never was; even after your body becomes a lifeless corpse, ugly and helpless and devoid of everything you are; even after your soul returns to the place of peace, to the Lifestream, where your mentor is already waiting for you; you will be remembered.

You want it that way. You want Cloud to have no regrets, to live his life and live it to it's fullest, because you no longer can. For that, you endure the pain, and it's almost as if you can't really feel it, anyway. In your mind, you say your good-byes to the people that were important to you at some point.

You say good-bye to Sephiroth, even though he is probably dead and even if he wasn't, he went insane anyway; but he was still a hero to you, once, and you want to treasure his memory, but you can't.

You say good-bye to Tseng, the Turk who wasn't as bad and evil as you used to be told all Turks were. You never managed to really befriend him, but you consider him important. You trust he can take care of Aerith for you.

You bid a warm farewell to Cissnei of the Turks, the girl that helped you and probably loved you; you hope she can forgive you now that you're never able to see her again. You wish her a good life. She deserves it.

Your warmest good-bye goes to Aerith, and you decide that her love was the best thing that had ever happened to you. She saved you from grief after Angeal was gone. She saved you from loneliness back then and you know you, also, loved her. The letters you never replied to... the letters she sent to you... One day, when she also joins the Lifestream, you will explain everything to her. She will understand.

As you lie there, after the ShinRa troops are gone, after the gunshots are no longer audible and the sky darkens with the rainy clouds, you see the boy who will receive your final good-bye.

'Live in my stead,' you tell him. You smile. 'You are the proof that I was alive.'

And as you feel everything fade to darkness, as you meet your end, you hear him reply.

'I won't forget you.'

You will be remembered.