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"So, uhm…" Doris hefted the two bags of groceries she was carrying onto her hip as she fumbled with her keys, trying to get the right one to slide into the slot before she lost her grip. "I've never gone grocery shopping on a date before. It was… fun."

Blake laughed, pulling the keys from her hand and grabbing up a tomato that was trying to make a run for it. "That wasn't the date." She unlocked the door, pushing it open with her foot as she pulled one of the large, brown bags into her own arms. "And I told you to let me help."

"I was doing fine!" Doris said stubbornly. "I have carried groceries before."

Blake looked at her keenly.

"Well… after the delivery guy puts them on the counter I carry them to the refrigerator! These things don't just put themselves away you know!" She grumbled, following the shorter woman down the hall and into the kitchen. "I still don't understand why you wouldn't just let me get the plastic bags."

"Do you know how long it takes those things to degrade in a landfill?"

"But they have handles!"

"So do those reusable cloth bags they sell for a dollar." Blake pointed out.

Doris wrinkled her nose. "They're so tacky."

"So's global warming."

Doris made a face at the smaller woman, smiling as she leaned into her personal space. Her heart flipped over in her chest when the redhead smiled back and bumped her gently with one shoulder.

The groceries, the bickering… It was just so…so…


She dropped the bag she was holding onto the counter and stepped back, swallowing nervously as she unbuttoned her jacket, pulling it off and throwing it over the back of one of the dining room chairs. "So…" She ran her fingers through her hair. "If that wasn't the date… what are we doing?"

Blake sat down sideways in the same chair, stroking the mayor's coat absently as she breathed in the scent of her perfume. It was complex, like amber and vanilla with a little wood spice mixed in and she immediately wondered how the scent would change if it came directly from the other woman's skin. The mental image that accompanied that thought sucked the air from her lungs and made her grateful she was already sitting down. Shaking her head slightly, she pulled her thoughts back to the present. "We're not doing anything. You're making me dinner."

Doris paled. "I'm…" She looked around at all of her spotless appliances.

They were spotless for a reason.

"Do I know how to cook?"

"God I hope so." Blake smiled. "Because I'm thinking we might be needing some energy later."

Doris blinked. "Uh… right! Okay." She turned and opened a nearby cupboard, staring into it vacantly. "What do I need?"

"Well," The redhead stood and began unpacking the bags, making small piles out of the various ingredients. "That's a really nice shirt you're wearing."

Doris raised an eyebrow, confused by the topic change.

"I'm saying, it would be a shame if something spilled on it."

"Oh..." The other woman paused for a moment then slowly raised her hand to the top button.

"Doris!" Blake snickered, grabbing her hand and kissing it before she could stop herself. "Get an apron! You do have an apron right?"

"Uh… yeah." She started pulling open the drawers next to the fridge. "I know I have one around her somewhere. Aha!" She held up a flat, plastic wrapped package. Ripping it open, she shook the cloth out and pulled it over her head, quickly tying it behind her back as she turned around.

Blake took one look at her and burst into laughter.

"What?" Doris frowned. "What?"

The redhead pointed at the apron.

Craning her neck, Doris read the words emblazoned across her chest.

I like my women like I like my coffee…ground up and in the freezer.

"Oh." She flushed.

"Where did you get that?" Blake wiped at her eyes as the last of the giggles finally faded away.

"It was a Christmas gift," Doris sighed. "From an ex. I never looked at it. Guess I should have..."

"You have a lot of those lying around?"



"I don't know that 'Ex' is the right term." She crossed her arms, leaning up against the counter as she studied her shoes. "For someone to be an ex they would have had to have been a girlfriend at some point."

Blake went to stand next to her, so close their shoulders were touching. She bent down slightly so that she could look into her eyes. "You've never had a long term relationship with a woman?"

"Not unless you count being with someone long enough to say 'good morning'... followed by 'there's the door.'"

"Didn't you ever… want something more?"

"It didn't matter what I wanted. It wasn't possible. My choices, my career… they wouldn't allow for it so I didn't waste my time wishing for things I wasn't going to have."

"That sounds like an incredibly lonely life."

Doris shrugged.

"And now?" When the other woman didn't answer right away, Blake trailed a hand down her arm, not stopping until their fingers were linked tightly together. "Doris? What about now?

"Now…" She looked up into bright green eyes full of warmth and intelligence. "Now I wonder… "

"You wonder...?"

"What I've been missing."

Blake smiled slowly, squeezing the other woman's fingers before letting her off the hook. "You know what I'm missing? Food! I'm starving."

"Food! Right." Doris helped unpack the rest of the groceries and then looked at them helplessly. "What am I making?"

"Penne with spicy sausage."

"Oh thank god! You eat meat!" She wiped her forehead in relief. "After all the tree hugger crap I thought for sure I was going to be stuck eating sprouts and air."

Blake laughed. "Shut up and get out your wok."


"Right…" The smaller woman shook her head. "How about a medium-sized frying pan? The deeper the better."

Doris thought for a moment and then opened the cabinet under the sink, triumphantly pulling out a nice sized pan.

"You keep it under there?"

"The drain leaks sometimes. I keep meaning to get that fixed."

"I don't even want to know what you spend on take out every month." Blake grabbed the pan and quickly washed it. Setting it on the stove she handed Doris the olive oil. "Put in enough to cover the bottom and then find your sharpest knife." She smiled when the other woman did as she was told, one eyebrow arching in surprise when Doris went directly to a specific drawer and came back with wickedly sharp Santoku knife.

"Limes." The Mayor answered the look with a shrug. "Gotta have priorities."

"Riiight. Okay." She pulled Doris in front of the cutting board she had laid out on the counter, pointing at the cloves of garlic lying on top of it. "You want to slice those up."

"I do?"

"Yes." Blake laughed. "We need it for the sauce."

"All right." Doris poked at one of the cloves with the tip of the knife, frowning when it rolled away.

Blake watched her with an amused smile for a few moments before going to study the wine rack in the corner of the kitchen. She clucked her tongue happily over the choices, finally pulling out a Riesling and holding it up.

Doris leaned over the bottle as she popped a raw mushroom in her mouth. "Mmm." She grunted, nodding. "That's a nice one. Sweet though, with a hint of apples. Will it go with this?"

"Good wine goes with anything."

"Ahhh," Doris sighed. "I think I love you."

Both women stopped short, looking at each other tentatively until Blake swallowed. "Corkscrew?"

"By the fridge." The Mayor closed her eyes when the redhead turned away, counting to five before opening them again. "You find it?"

"Yup!" She watched Doris struggle with the garlic as she slid the bottle between her legs, holding the neck with her knees as she pulled the cork free. "You doing okay there?"

"Of course!" She swore lightly under her breath when the garlic clove slid off the cutting board. "Wouldn't this work just as well if I chopped it? Chopping I can do! I'm good at chopping!"

"No, it needs to be sliced thin so that it liquefies when it hits the oil. Here." She handed Doris a glass of wine and bumped her out of the way with her hip. Grabbing the knife, she made short work of the first clove, leaving it in a small pile of paper-thin pieces. "See? Do you want to try it now or do you need me to show you again?"

"How many cloves do we need for the sauce?"


"Okay, then can you show me three more times?"

"Doris!" Blake laughed. "It's easy, you just need to hold the clove with your fingertips and you don't jab it, you slice it… at an angle. Here, like this." She plucked the glass from her fingertips, smiling at the small whine of protest the other woman threw her way.

Setting it on the counter, she grabbed Doris by the hips and positioned her in front of the cutting board, moving in close behind her. "Hold the knife like this…" She wrapped her hand around Doris', using it to show her the proper grip. "Then take your fingers… like this…" She slid their fingers together, closing them over the clove. "Just… kind of pinch it…" Her voice trailed off; her breath quickening when she realized just how tightly she was pressed up against the taller woman's back. "Uh…" she started to pull away but Doris dropped the knife and gently grabbed her wrists, pulling both her arms snuggly across her midsection as she leaned into her.

Blake froze at the feel of the other woman's heart thudding heavily in her chest. Pressing more tightly against her, she leaned her head against Doris' shoulder close to her neck; finally drawing in a shaky breath heavy with perfume and the scent of Doris' skin. "God, you smell good." She whispered, nuzzling her nose deeper into light brown hair. "Why do you smell so good?"

"Because..." Doris swallowed heavily, feeling goose bumps rise along her arms as warm breath touched the back of her neck. "Because I'm a woman."

"I didn't..." Blake opened her hands, splaying them across the other woman's stomach as she pressed into her. "I didn't know...anything could smell like you." She slid her hands lower, her fingers curling to pull up the bottom of Doris' shirt. When she finally touched bare skin, her eyes closed.

Doris felt the touch like a brand; a searing flash of heat that exploded in her belly, traveling down every one of her nerve endings to leave her shivering and weak. "Blake!" She grabbed the redhead's fingers, halting their slow but steady progress upwards. "You need to stop." she whispered.

Blake stepped back long enough to turn Doris around. Grabbing the front of her shirt she pulled her so close she could feel warm breath ghosting across her lips. "You..." She slid one hand up to gently grip the back of Doris' neck, pulling her even closer. "Need to shut up...and kiss me."

Doris brought her head down slowly, giving the other woman time to change her mind, to pull away... to do anything to indicate that this wasn't what she wanted. But the pressure of Blake's hand as it slid up into her hair finally broke through the last bit of restraint she had left. She moaned softly as she finally tasted the redhead's lips, bringing her hands up to grip her arms as the kiss deepened.

Blake gasped softly as Doris' tongue slid into her mouth, stroking wetly against her own and sending a sharp spike of desire down her spine that settled into a deep ache between her thighs. She pulled herself more tightly against Doris, nipping roughly at her lips when she felt the other woman's nipples harden beneath her shirt. The need to touch had never been so acute. Driven by desire with an undercurrent of wonder that was impossible to resist, Blake found her hands cupping Doris' breasts before she even realized she was doing it. The contrast of the hard points in the center of her palms and the softness surrounding them was a shock that sent her senses reeling. Gasping, she tore her mouth away and stepped back.

Doris stumbled slightly, trying to regain her equilibrium when the warm, firm body that had been pressed against her suddenly disappeared. "What...?" She stared at Blake, her cheeks flaming pink as she tried to straighten her shirt. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Blake I didn't mean to..."

"I did." Blake surged into her again, her hands sliding up from the taller woman's hips to slip under her bra this time. She groaned into Doris' mouth as her hands flexed, gently squeezing. "So soft..." She whimpered. Desperate to see what she was touching, she pulled her hands free to fumble with the buttons on Doris' shirt.

"I have a bed..." Doris whispered as she bit down on her neck.



Blake shook her head. "Too far." She finished the last button and pulled the shirt open, her lips immediately going to the tops of Doris' breasts as she worked the clasp on the front of her bra.

"Couch?" She said weakly, not really caring if they just dropped to the floor at this point.

Blake pulled away for a moment. "Where?"

Doris' pointed towards an open archway across the room.

"That works." The redhead grabbed her hand and pulled her into the living room, pushing her down onto the couch and straddling her hips. Then she stopped, staring down at the other woman's naked torso for so long that Doris started to get nervous.

Until Blake licked her lips, her eyes half-closing as she pulled her own top and bra over her head. She slowly lowered herself down on top of Doris, fitting their bodies together. She moaned when their breasts met; the sensation of soft on soft almost overwhelming her. "Tell me what to do." She begged, kissing Doris deeply. "I don't know what to do."

"Just..." Doris' head slammed back into the armrest when Blake's thigh tucked up snugly between her legs. "Just... keep doing what you're doing! Just don't stop...don't stop..." She began to move her hips when Blake kissed her way down her neck, her back arching as soft lips trailed over her right breast to close wetly on one nipple. "Oh my god..."

The obvious affect she was having on the woman beneath her fanned Blake's own desire to a level that was almost painful. "Can I..." She blushed slightly. "Can I touch you?"

Doris blinked. For a moment she had forgotten who the first timer was. "Please..." She whimpered when she felt Blake's fingers on the inside of her thigh. " don't have to ask..."

Pulling her hand up slightly, Blake cupped the heat between Doris' legs, her chin falling forward to rest on the other woman's chest as the body beneath her surged up to meet her touch. She moved her finger slowly, her eyes never leaving Doris' face and she felt her heart expand painfully at the look of rapture on her lover's face. Desperate for more, she pulled her hand away, her fingers quickly working the button and zipper on Doris' pants. She hesitated for a second, then took a deep breath and slid her hand inside.

"Jesus..." Blake trembled at the liquid heat that immediately coated her fingers. Eyes wide, she slowly stroked through the wetness, exploring the incredible softness with such intense concentration that she jumped slightly when a hand gripped her shoulder hard.

"There..." Doris whispered, biting her lip when Blake focused her movements, applying more pressure then she had before. "Blake... God... Oh..."

The redhead kissed her hard, increasing the speed of her fingers to match the rhythm of Doris' hips.

"Oh my god...oh god... yes yes yes yes...don't stop..." Doris felt her toes curl a moment before her release hit her. Gripping Blake's shoulders, she buried her face in her neck, biting down hard as her back arched to the point where she thought it would crack. She hung there for several long seconds until the wave finally passed, letting her fall back onto the couch as a series of small aftershocks shook her body. She looked at Blake in wonder, laughing softly. "!"

Blake still her fingers but didn't pull them away as she looked down at her with a mixture of adoration and confusion. "That... you..." She blinked. "I didn't even... go inside..."

"Easy tiger." She brushed damp hair away from her lover's eyes. "We still have all night."

The redhead smiled. "You mean we're not done?"

Doris laughed, raising herself up on her elbows to kiss Blake thoroughly. "That's one of the nice thing's about being with a woman. You get a lot of appetizers before you hit the main course."

"So," She crossed her arms over her naked chest, self conscious now that the moment had passed. "What now?"

"Now?" Doris pulled her arms away, leaning up lick a lazy path between her breasts. "I think I'm hungry."

"Oh." The disappointment in Blake's voice was evident even as she tried to keep her tone light. "Uh… we never…turned on the stove but once the oil heats up everything should cook pretty quickly…" Her words trailed off when nimble fingers unbuttoned her jeans, sliding the zipper down slowly.

"No." Doris gripped the open denim in her fists, using it for leverage to flip them over before kneeling to pull Blake's pants off altogether. She lowered herself down, resting her belly against the heat between the smaller woman's thighs. "I said I'm hungry." She kissed her hard and then quickly slid down her body.

Blake smiled briefly at the other woman's small grunt of surprised approval. Then Doris' tongue touched her and everything else disappeared...

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