This is from the Anime/Manga Skip Beat!

Summary: The short journal entry from Tsuruga Ren. His realization of something important

Tsuruga Ren

I am Tsuruga Ren.

An actor, a friend, a colleague, and maybe a brother.

But not a lover. Never a lover.

My life is my work, and so, work is life. I do nothing but go to work, and when needed, I refuel and rest before the next day comes. I'm a famous actor with very little time, and I handle my life in a way that I can work myself to the fullest. I have beloved fans, and some friends. I am loved by many. And life is fine and perfect with the occasional jealous rival.

But that doesn't bother me at all.


She had come into the picture. Her spirit, personality, and smile consume my mind more than work. She is not needed in my life, there is simply no place for her and her silly ideas. Her will to work here over some revenge will not permit her to last long in this industry.

But she does last. Although she doesn't completely makes it into our company, her foot is jammed in the doorway and she is halfway there. The progress she makes and the people she enraptures are become numerous. You can't ignore such a person. Her ignorance and naivety toward the real world is disconcerting, however her raw talent and creative way of solving solution makes her a valuable asset.

Although her fiery personality and natural talent makes her almost a perfect fit, she lacks something. The flashes of insecurities I see in her eyes when she meets new people tell a lot. Eyes are windows to your souls.

Its fear and hopefulness wrapped together. I know where that look comes from, but now how it happened.

She can't love.

Just like me. The pain she endured and received from being hurt by the one she loves the most made her heart too fragile to love again. Because of that, she protects it with her fiery personality and strong will.

But you can see her want to love and be loved again. She will be loved. She will be happy again. And, she will smile more.


Why would I be so concerned about her happiness?