After a person dies there are two places their soul can go, Hueco Mundo where they will become a cannibalistic monster called a hollow or Soul Society the land of shinigami.

The two worlds are separate and opposites, their inhabitant's mortal enemies, or at least they were, as it's suppose to be.

Something …happened, many years ago before this mutated reitsu, called chakra I believe, manifested itself on earth.

This thing, this war, irrevocable intermingled the powers that should by law be separate.

Hollows with the lust for a soul snack yet the power of a shinigami were created for the army of a mad man. There were hundreds of them. They called themselves arrancar.

Then there were the shinigami, victims of twisted experiments of the same man, who had a hollow's mask forced upon them. Barely able to retain their own minds they fled persecution, and called themselves Viazards, the masked army.

There were eight of them originally.

Me, I am the one who led the massacre of Hueco Mundo that destroyed Las Noches and its twisted king. I led the masked ones to safety when Soul Society betrayed us. I was the last to lose myself to the insane mind of a hollow after hundreds of years in exile.

I am the ninth. I am the most powerful.

I was Kurosaki Ichigo.

But now I'm a monster.


I twitch uncomfortably and try to shift my cramped limbs. The closed in walls prevent me, and I bang my head on a hard ceiling. Confused I open my eyes to see what looked like a dimly lit sewer, and the bars of a cage.

Where was I?

The last thing I remember was….

Oh. Yeah. Right. That.

I was sleeping; I generally try and keep myself asleep so that I don't harm anyone in my massively powerful hollow crazed state, when someone woke me up.

Generally not a good idea, because the last time I let myself munch on a soul was a few hundred years ago, and I was barely retaining myself from eating this nuance and ridding the world of an incredibly stupid idiot.

Unfortunately I did manage to exercise enough self-restraint for that feat. It's funny how my self-control led to my downfall.

The person, I never did see his face, had hollow bait. I should have high tailed it out of it right there. But I didn't. Still don't know why.

Anyway bait-man, who stupidly woke up an insanely powerful viazard and yet still looked like he owned the place, threw the hollow bait away somewhere, where it activated.

Let's recap why this is bad: one I'm barely hanging on to by instincts that are telling me to go on a soul feeding frenzy, two that hollow bait attracts hollows by smelling like a smorgus board of souls, and three I haven't eaten in like a hundred years.

By this point everything gains a red haze and the only thing I really remember is when one of the main courses, I mean ninja, somehow managed to summon a shinigami.

This was a rare thing as the shinigami permanently sealed themselves within Soul Society once the humans became spiritually aware enough to sense them. Hollows are a nonexistent problem with Shinji, the eighth, prowling around the white desert for anything that moves.

I remember laughing at the parody of a mask that he wore.

"Toushiro, you got big."

In a rare moment of sanity I was able to recognize those blue eyes and white hair.

"It's Hitsugaya-soutaichou, now… Kurosaki"

Good old Shiro-chan, he managed to keep the nobles in the council from hunting us down before we were strong enough to defend ourselves from them.

He drew his sword.

Then everything went dark.

And I awoke here.

In this tiny cell, in a sewer, with a giant TV screen on the wall.

Wait… giant TV? Cool!

Curious I watch what looks like a baby's perspective in a crib. It was really boring.

Just as I was trying to find the remote to change the channel, a man wielding a knife leaned threateningly over the crib.

The baby started crying and the sewer around me fell into turmoil as the water grew deeper and the walls gained a twist of vertigo that made me want to puke.

Desperately I tried to hold myself steady with my reitsu, but if anything that made things worse because something on the bars of my cage flashed and I was now paralyzed.

Finally the squalling infant was saved by an animal masked person.

Oh the irony.

I carefully tested my limbs, and found I was able to move again.

Settling into a semi-comfortable squat I put two and three together to form a conclusion.

This was the baby's inner world, as I was in danger of being drowned when it started crying. I will assume I was put here by Toushiro-chan when that frog riding human summoned him. I'm stuck in a very small cage. And let us not forget that there are assassins after said baby.


That doesn't explain anything!


this just hit me.

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