Sam hunched over his laptop at the table in his hotel room. Both boys were back in their comfortable jeans and flannel shirts. Dean sat propped on the headboard of his bed reading Brayden's notebook.

"So how did you know it was a radiant boy?" Sam asked.

Dean pointed to John's journal without looking up from Brayden's notebook.

"What does the kid's notebook say?"

"It's a story. The main character's family owns a hotel, and the main character's best friend and he used to always play in the same hotel room. The main character's best friend is eventually murdered by his mother. The mother couldn't deal with the death of her only son, so she committed suicide soon after. A few months after the murder of his best friend, the main character saw a radiant boy in the form of his best friend."

"He actually used the phrase radiant boy?"

"Yeah, this kid Brayden did his research. Going back to the story, he goes on about how seeing the radiant boy changed his character's life and how the radiant boy got him at the height of his successful career as a writer. Here, check this out. Brayden scribbled a name at the end of the spiral." Dean got up and handed the spiral over to Sammy, as he got up, a letter slipped out and fell to the floor.

Sam studied the name while Dean picked up the letter.

"Patryck Trask?" Sam asked.

Dean opened the letter which had been previously read, "This is a congratulatory letter. This kid's huge."

Sam had typed in his laptop and slid his laptop so Dean could see the screen. The picture was the same boy the brothers had seen in the hotel, "Patryck Trask, buried in Westlawn Cemetery, stabbed to death by his mother."

Dean nodded, "Time to go salt some bones."


The moon lit up the midnight sky, letting the boys see clearly what they were digging up. They threw the last shovels full of dirt, and opened the casket.

After crawling out of the hole, Dean poured a blanket of salt over the bones, Sam poured the gas.

Dean took out a box of matches, lit it and dropped it onto the bones, "Sayonara."

"Do you think we're clear?" Sam asked innocently.

"Radiant boys are death omens, Sammy. Anyone who's ever seen one dies in a bloodbath at the height of their success. Sure, there's been one or two people who've died peacefully in old age, but it's rare."

"So…Lilith…the apocalypse…" Sammy trailed off.

"Sammy, I don't think we needed a radiant boy to tell us what we already know."