Here's a better summary, because seriously, they don't give you enough friggin' room to write a decent summary...T_T: When things go bump in the night, Kakashi's there to bump back. Whether it be vampires, werewolves, or demons, it doesn't matter. As long as a couple of silver bullets can take it down, he can handle it. It's his job after all.

Things get a bit more complicated, though, when Kakashi makes the biggest mistake of his life--falling in love with the enemy.

While Kakashi tries to deal with his conflicting emotions, a vampiric murderer is claiming victims all over Konoha. Kakashi would have been content to force himself to pretend that Obito never existed, but when the man becomes involved in the murder investigation, there's no escaping him.

The police are out of clues and need Kakashi's input and, more importantly, his freedom from the badge. If they're going to have any chance of catching the killer, they're going to need Kakashi's connections with all creatures less--and sometimes more--than human.

Can Kakashi sort out his feels in time to catch the killer before he strikes again?

I've really gotta stop starting all these new stories...but I've been dying to write this one for a while, so...ENJOY!

p.s. Just soz ya'll know, this is an AU fic obviously that's set in Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake world--sort of...I mean, I've changed it a bit, but if you've read her books and notice any similarities...that's why:)

Love Bite I

How could this happen to me? How could I, Hatake Kakashi, a vampire hunter, have fucked up so utterly? How had I missed all the signs I'd drilled into my head over the years hunting the hunter?

How could I allow myself to be so vulnerable with the enemy?

The club was packed. I sat at the bar, a drink in hand, watching the writhing mass of people move and gyrate to the beat of the music. On both sides of me, couples leaned in close to each other, whispering and giggling about Kami-sama only knows what—probably some dirty shit they were going to do together later. Lights flashed on and off, rapidly dousing the room in light, just before plunging it into complete darkness for a split second again. I was half surprised the damned lights hadn't caused anyone to have a seizure yet.

I hated places like those.

There were always too many people; the music was way too loud—not to mention bad—the drinks were watered-down, and more expensive than they were in a regular bar; the combination of the blinking lights and the horrible music gave me a headache; and the people who came up to me to buy me a drink were always such arrogant assholes that I just wanted to kick their asses so they'd know just how much of an asshole they really were.

However, the clubs also happened to be the best place to get laid.

I didn't go looking for ass very often, but I was still a man, and I had needs. Jerking-off would usually do it for me, but about once a month, I treated myself to a real fuck. Kami-sama knows I deserved it.

The only problem was finding a willing one-night-stand. It wasn't that I couldn't find a willing ass; it was just that most people would either expect some kind of a relationship, or…they'd go blab to the media about their night with Hatake Kakashi, the infamous vampire hunter.

Everyone wanted their five minutes of fame, so the real trick was finding someone who would be satisfied with one night and wouldn't kiss and tell.

That was really all I asked. I didn't care about looks, as long as they were clean, and I didn't care about how good they were in bed. As long as they'd bend over and let me do as I pleased, I was happy.

Finding someone who fit that criteria was harder than it sounds. Sometimes I just gave up and hired a prostitute, but that was only when I was desperate.

As it was, there was a certain patron in the club that had caught my eye. He was on the opposite side of the room, dancing half-heartedly with a tall, dark-haired man that made him look even shorter than he was. I'd seen the short man come in, loudly, with a group of friends. Their pack had split up as soon as they were in the doors like magnets with identical poles.

The man that'd caught my eye was petite in every sense of the word, except, as it seemed, personality-wise. I'd watched him as he slowly made his way across the room, through the thick crowd. He'd stop every few seconds to talk to someone or dance with someone else, spreading smiles throughout the room to everyone he showed a little attention to. He was a goofy man, and seemed to be having a good time—until he got to the man he was currently dancing with, and Kakashi could see why.

The tall man apparently thought it was okay to grope his smaller partner like they were close lovers who did that kind of thing all the time. He also seemed to think it was okay to prevent the poor man from moving on to someone else. He was holding the slight man tightly against himself, his hands on his ass, and whispering secret things in his ear while he shamelessly ground himself against the near-stranger.

That man was the number one thing I hated about clubs. Those dickheads who think they're the fucking shit and are somehow doing you a favor by taking an interest in you and scaring away any other potential playmate that you might actually be interested in.

I was a little interested in seeing what the short man would do with the guy. As animated as he'd been when he first cone in, I'd expected him to go off on the guy and start screaming, or at least get some of his newfound friends that were all around him to help him out, but he didn't. He was just holding onto the man's shoulders, putting up with it.

This somewhat annoyed me. I'd just been about to get up and make my way to the short man when Mr. Grabby-Hands got to him first. Now I'd been waiting for almost half an hour for a chance to talk to my prey, but hadn't gotten a chance. After all this waiting, there was no way I was going to let that asshole completely ruin my night. I was going to get that man to come home with me, or I was going to at least destroy the tall man's night since he'd seen fit to waste my time.

I downed the rest of my drink and started pushing my way through the crowd. As I got closer, the short man turned his head towards me. His almost ethereal face was screwed up in a grimace of disgust. Whatever his captor was whispering in his ear clearly wasn't the man trying to get to know his partner.

When my prey caught sight of me coming towards them, I gasped just a tiny bit. His eyes were so…captivating. I'm not even sure why. They weren't some rare, vibrant color like sky blue or grass green; they just held so much depth. They almost sparkled with their very own personality.

It was only when my prey's captor turned them around in their "dance" that I realized I'd just stopped in my tracks to stare at the man.

I shook myself and moved forward to clamp a hand down on my target's cancerous tumor. The man turned himself half around to give me an annoyed look and a silent, "fuck-off," sneer.

I smiled sweetly at him and said, "I think you've hogged him enough, asshole. He clearly isn't enjoying you all but raping him in public, so why don't you just go and fuck-off, huh, buddy?"

The man blinked at me, astonished.

I took his momentary shocked paralysis to peel him off my beautiful prey and step between them. When the man recovered, he tried to step around me, glaring at me, and grab his newly freed captive, but I just stepped in his way again.

"Hey, look, pal, I had him first. You missed your chance with him, shithead. Now back off," the man growled at me.

I just smirked at him and stepped out of the way. "Well, if he wants you, then I guess it's not my place to interfere, but I don't think that he's interested, jag-off."

The man just sneered at me and stepped forward to take the smaller man's arm, but before he could, my prey moved next to me and grasped my arm, half hiding himself behind me.

I smiled triumphantly at the enemy and lifted the arm the man was holding to wrap it around his small frame.

The man glared at me and stepped up to me, getting as close as he could without touching me, trying to intimidate me. He growled something at me, but I couldn't understand him over the music and roar of people around us.

I didn't even blink while the man did his best to scare me off with his primitive threats. I'd faced scarier things than a mere disgruntled human male in danger of loosing a potential mate. He may have been had almost a hundred pounds on me, but sheer brute strength wasn't everything—I could take him.

Not to mention I also had a gun under my leather jacket.

I didn't need it though, because when I didn't back down, the man lost interest and stormed away in a short-lived rage that was forgotten when he bumped into another okay-looking man, whom he latched onto like he had my quarry.

"Thank you," was said directly into my ear, the beautiful man's lips brushing my skin as he said it. Even though he was so close, it was still hard to hear him over the overall noise of the room.

I just smiled at him and pulled him a little closer, asking with my eyes if he wanted to dance with me.

He grinned at me and pushed himself flush against me, wrapping his arms around my neck, and laughing at me when the shock of his forwardness showed on my face.

Unlike his former captive, I kept my hands on his hips while we danced. Granted, they were rather low on his hips, but I was still far from groping his ass. He was an avid dancer now that he was freed from his purgatory. I was getting a little worn out trying to keep up with him. He may have been petite to an extreme, but he definitely wasn't fragile…

"What's your name?" I all but screamed into his ear. I swore the music just kept getting louder as the night wore on…

He said something back, lifting himself up with his hands on my shoulders to yell in my ear, but I couldn't hear him over the God-forsaken music. Before letting himself fall back down, he bit down on my earlobe and pulled it down between his teeth as he sank down. He gave me a quick smirk before darting back to my neck to nibble at the soft skin there and leave kisses along my jaw. His fingers slid through my hair, gently pulling my head back to give him more room to maul my neck.

I moved my hands to his ass.

People started staring at us as we got more and more into each other. We were openly making out in the middle of the dance floor, not caring who we bumped into or stepped on accidentally.

Out of nowhere, Obito jumped up slightly and wrapped his legs around me, forcing me to take his whole weight unexpectedly and I almost toppled us to the floor. But I was able to right myself again when I knocked into another man behind me, giving me the momentum to gain my balance. I ignored the man cursing at me for smashing into him.

There were much better things to focus my attention on—like the fact that I was hard as a rock and Obito was grinding his own tented pants on me while he tried to find the meaning of life in my mouth.

"Get a fucking room!" half the room screamed at us, tired of our shenanigans.

Obito pulled away enough to look at me and we laughed at each other. He unhooked his legs from behind me and slid down my body to stand on his own feet. He grabbed my wrist and started pulling me along behind him as he threaded his way expertly through the pressing crowd.

I dutifully followed him, eager to get out of the club and away from the music that was threatening to burst my eardrums with its crushing bass line.

Obito yanked me through the place until we finally escaped the overwhelming room and spilled outside into the late-night streets of downtown Konoha. There really weren't any less people outside than there were inside, but, as a rule, outside is bigger than inside, so it was less oppressive.

Once outside, I took the lead. I wound my way around people, up and down streets, and finally to the small private parking lot behind my favorite bar whose owner let me park there, because I was such a great customer. In other words, he let me park there, because I was famous and gave him free publicity and brought him customers. I didn't mind his exploitation of my reputation though, because, not only did I have great—free—parking downtown, but my drinks were always half off—if not free altogether—and he always saved me the dark corner booth that I could hide in so no one bothered me while I was trying to drink peacefully.

But I digress.

When we got to my car—a cheap, black sedan, because I'm pretty good at destroying my cars—Obito pushed me against its trunk and gave me another searing kiss, burying his tongue as deep into my mouth as he could get without gagging either of us.

"Your place or mine?" I gasped out when we were finally forced to part.

"Yours," he said, stepping back and turning to round the car and climb into the front passenger's seat.

I smiled and shook my head at his obvious impatience.

I slid into the driver's seat beside him, started the car, and pulled out of the parking lot to head towards my house. It was about fifteen minutes away.

Obito watched me drive like I was a fish in an aquarium and he was a cat. I was right there, but he couldn't have me, because all that glass and water was in the way. Only instead of glass and water being in his way, it was my concentration on driving so we didn't crash into a ditch on the side of the freeway and get blow up and die a horrible death. I was just out of reach.

I glanced to the side at him sitting there, a knee pulled up in the seat so he could turn and watch me. The seatbelt restricted him somewhat, but he'd pulled out enough slack to sit comfortably in a position that would probably kill him if I did, in fact, crash the car.

"So what's your name?" I asked, suddenly realizing I was taking the man to my home to fuck him into next week, but I didn't even know his first name. "I didn't catch it at the club. The music…"I added, gesturing at my ear.

"Obito," he answered, tilting his head to the side to regard me at another angle.


"Hatake Kakashi," he cut me off.

I glanced at him again, longer this time. "You know who I am?"

"Is that odd? You're famous. I've seen you on tv and on magazine covers."

"You mean tabloid covers," I corrected. Newspapers and tabloids were the only printed media that had my face plastered all over them. Plenty of magazines had asked me to be on their covers, but that would require going in for photo shoots and a bunch of other troublesome things that would only make it harder for me to blend in with the rest of the world.

"Same difference," Obito said, shrugging.

"You're not gonna go blabbing to the world that you spent the night with me, are you?" I asked as casually as possible. I didn't want to offend him by implying he was a media whore like that, but I still needed to know.

"Of course not. I'm not that desperate for attention," he said indifferently. He reached out with his left hand to thread his fingers through my hair while he continued to watch me.

"Thanks," I said, relieved. "You seem to attract more attention than you want as it is anyway," I added with an amused smile, my eyes still glued to the road.

He chuckled quietly, "That doesn't happen often, but every once in a while…"

"Why didn't you just tell him to go fuck himself?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"He was having a hard night," he said, his fingers gently massaging my scalp and petting my hair. "His boyfriend had just broken up with him. He needed a little pick-me-up."

"And you believed that? That's gotta be the most clichéd guilt-trip, pick-up story I've ever heard," I said skeptically.

"He wasn't lying," he said simply.

"How do you know?"

Obito smiled and leaned closer to me over the armrest and emergency brake separating our seats. He nuzzled my neck and licked the back of my ear before answering me, "I could see it in his eyes."

"Uh-huh…" I said, still skeptical…and slightly distracted by his mouth on my neck, licking and sucking at it again. "But was that really a good enough reason to let him do that to you. You looked like you were barely putting up with it."

He hummed in my ear, "I was waiting for you to save me."

"What?"I asked, frowning.

"You were watching me all night. I knew you would come eventually. Although…I was starting to wonder if I was wrong—it took you so long to come." He bit down on my earlobe, almost like he was punishing me for taking my time.

"I was waiting for one of you to move on," I said, turning my head slightly so I could press a kiss to his messy, black hair.

He made a noncommittal grunt and reached a hand across our separator to cup the front of my pants and massage my previously waning erection back to life. He tugged at the collar of my jacket, and I let go of the steering wheel with my right hand to let him pull the leather off my arm. He lifted my arm up, out of his way, and I rested it on his back. He pulled my shirt up to my armpit and closed his mouth over my nipple, massaging it with his tongue and nipping at it with his teeth, all while he continued to rub the front of my pants.

I bit my bottom lip to keep myself from moaning.

As Obito kept up with his explorations, it was getting harder and harder to concentrate on driving. It didn't help when he stopped rubbing my jeans to pull at the button and zipper. Under pressure from my cock, my pants happily relented to Obito, slipping open easily for him. He reached into my underwear and pulled my dick out, abandoning my nipple for better things. His mouth closed over my head and I couldn't help the moan that slipped out.

The car swerved a little and I had to grip the steering wheel hard, with both hands, to keep the car going straight.

His mouth moved down my dick, taking me all in with an ease of the practiced. The maddening heat of his mouth surrounding my cock made my vision blur slightly. The taillights of the car in front of me were the only thing keeping me on the road. And then he pulled back, sucking my length all the way, and I swerved again.

"Fuck…" I cursed under my breath, desperately trying to gain control of myself again. And I almost did, but then Obito started humming before he went down again. "Ah! Fuck!" I growled, instinctively letting go of the wheel with my right hand again and gripping Obito's hair. I managed not to swerve, but I pressed harder on the gas and was forced to change lanes or hit the car with the taillights that were keeping me going straight.

There were no cars in front of me to guide me anymore. Not good.

Obito pulled up again and went back down again without pause, starting a regular rhythm. He tore more moans from my throat as I struggled to keep us on the road. Maybe it would have been safer to make him stop, but I couldn't bring myself to do that, nor did I think he even would if I told him to.

I almost missed the exit off the freeway. I had to cross three lanes to get to it. Luckily there weren't many people on that stretch of freeway at that time of night, so I got off without any problems other than going a little too far to the right and hitting those ridges in the road that make a loud noise in the car when you run over them.

I breathed a little easier when I came to a red light and I could stop for a moment. Also, I wasn't going to be going sixty-five miles an hour anymore on the metropolitan and residential streets. I could finally enjoy my blow job a little without having to worry about killing us both.

But, because he's inherently evil like that, Obito pulled away from my cock and kissed his way back up my stomach. I wanted to strangle the man for abandoning his post just when I would be able to enjoy it, but I couldn't be angry any longer when he came up to kiss me, his mouth tasting like my cum.

Plus, he went back to sucking me when the light turned green and I had to watch the road again.

I lost track of the streets we turn down as I ran on autopilot through familiar territory. I was actually a little surprised when we pulled into my driveway.

I turned the car off and Obito came up from my cock again. This time, when he kissed me, I grabbed his head and attacked him with my tongue in vengeance for the hard time he'd been giving me.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and I pulled him across the console into my lap. He quite willingly slipped his legs around me and ran his hands all over my exposed upper body.

I could have happily fucked him right there in the car, but then he accidentally sat down on the steering wheel and honked the horn at three a.m. in my quiet, little neighborhood full of old people with dogs and parents with elementary school kids.

As much as I wanted to, if my neighbors caught me fucking like that in my car where their kids could see me—should they be awake at that hour—they'd definitely find a way to get me thrown out of the neighborhood. Most of them already didn't like me—a fucking vampire hunter—being in their neighborhood, but they put up with me, because I didn't cause trouble. But if I did anything—like fuck a stranger in my car in the middle of the night and wake them up with my horn honking—they'd find a way to get rid of me. I wasn't sure how, but it's amazing what a bunch of concerned parents and disgruntled senior citizens can do if they put their minds to it.

"Inside," I grunted when I got a chance between tonsil-cleaning kisses. I pulled the handle of my car door and all but fell out of the car with Obito still attached to me. Somehow I got to my feet and pulled Obito with me around the car and to my front door.

Now I had to somehow get my house key out and unlock the door while shoving my tongue down Obito's throat at the same time.

Obito seemed to sense my predicament and moved from my mouth to my neck, mauling me while I frantically searched my several dozen keys for the right one, thinking to myself, Why the fuck do I have so many fucking, god-damned KEYS?!

Eventually I found the right one and all that was left was getting it in the lock and opening the door, which was harder than it sounds, but I got it, and the door swung in with my keys still in the lock.

I broke away from Obito to step up into my house and rip my jacket the rest of the way off and throw it somewhere into the darkness of my home.

"Come here," I said to Obito, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him through the doorway. Once inside, I slammed the door shut and smashed Obito up against it, my tongue shoving its way inside his mouth again, pulling his shirt up at the same time. It came off him while I pulled him away from the door and towards the stairs.

We tripped up the stairs together, our mouths glued together and clothes flying off. By the time we finally got to my bedroom we were both naked as the day we were born.

I shoved him on the bed roughly and attacked his neck rather savagely. Obito's skin was a perfect, pale dream. It was smooth, scar-less and soft as a baby's bottom. It was like he took a bath of skin moisturizer every day. I don't know how else his skin could have been so smooth.

It tasted salty sweet, too. I licked my way down his chest and stomach, momentarily stopping to rub my face into happy his trail, and then moving down to slide my tongue along his impressive length.

Obito whimpered when I took him in my mouth. His hips thrust up, but I shoved him back down forcefully, holding him down while I bobbed over his cock. His cries of pleasure sent shivers down my spine and I suddenly couldn't take it anymore.

I pulled away from his cock and leaned over to my bedside table to rummage through the drawer for the new tube of lube I'd bought for that night. I flipped it open and squirted some of it onto my fingers quickly; impatient with the whole process of stretching my partner before I even got started with it.

"Hurry," Obito begged breathlessly, watching me with heavily-lidded eyes.

That was not helping.

I groaned and rubbed my slickened fingers over his hole, lifting his legs up for better access. I slipped twos finger inside at once and thrust them in and out more roughly than I usually would have been, but I was on edge, and he wasn't complaining. I scissor-ed my fingers, stretching him as much as I could before pressing the third finger inside.

I'd barely thrust the three fingers twice before Obito was pushing against them, moaning that he was ready. That was the fastest stretch I'd ever done. This Obito just got better and better by the minute…

I pulled my fingers out and squirted more lube than was necessary on my dick to slick myself up. I was about to slam into Obito without further ado, but I had to pause for a moment when I stood poised above the man. Sprawled out as he was with his knees practically at his chest and his arms lying limp around his head, he was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. His damp, spiky black hair stuck to his forehead; his eyes gave me a hazy, lustful, needy, look that pulled a whimper from my throat. I couldn't believe I was going to be given the privilege of fucking the masterpiece of a man.

Obito groaned and arched up off the bed impatiently, "Come on, teme, give it to me!" he ordered, half-growling.

"Mm…" was all I said, reluctantly tearing my eyes away from his face, and instead letting them roam over my bounty. I slid my hands up his thighs and back down to hold his hips steady. I pressed the head of my dick against his hole and he moaned, pushing down as much as he could. The small movement drove me just a little insane and I slammed into him, burying myself balls-deep, tearing a cry from Obito.

His insides were just as perfect as the rest of him—tight, hot, and velvety-smooth. His body pulsed around my cock and I finally lost it. I was already pounding into him before I even realized I'd started moving.

Obito writhed beneath me, calling my name over and over, chanting it like a mantra. He clung to the bunched up sheets beneath the pillow his head was resting on. He pulled at them helplessly like they were the only thing keeping him from falling off the edge.

His body moved so easily with mine; it was like we'd done this countless time before and he just knew how I'd move. Even if I changed the angle or pace, it was like he knew I was going to do it before even I did. Obito was definitely experienced.

The mixture of his movements, his sounds, and most of all the feel of his insides were quickly shoving me towards the cliff's edge. One last hard push would be my undoing. I didn't know how close Obito was, but I hoped he wasn't far off. I didn't want to cum before him. I really needed to have sex more often so I'd have better endurance…

Obito's ankles locked behind my back and pushed me harder into him. I groaned at the action. I was losing myself in this man that I'd just met, and later it would bother me. I never let myself become so vulnerable with anyone, not ever, especially not with a practical stranger. Although I'd regret it later, at the moment, there was nothing I wanted more in the world than to truly let myself go and do whatever my body wanted to do to his.

I wrapped my hand around his bobbing cock and squeezed.

Apparently that was all it took for him. He came in my hand, coating my hand and both our stomachs. His eyes opened and locked on me.

Staring into his eyes—his beautiful, otherworldly eyes—I came, hard, inside him, moaning like a woman. Even though my eyelids fluttered, I held his gaze, or maybe he held mine. I don't know, but the indescribable look he was giving me was doing things to me that I didn't understand, but liked nonetheless. It felt almost like his gaze was boring into my soul, seeing everything that was me. Normally that would freak me out, but there was something about Obito…it didn't bother me at all. In fact, I liked it, and didn't want the alien feeling to go away.

Of course, at the time, I didn't know what he was—what he was doing.

My exhausted body finally forced me to look away as I collapsed on top of him. We panted together, covered in each other's cum and sweat, not saying anything. I was content to just fall asleep.

"Do you mind if I stay the night?" Obito asked quietly while I was teetering on the edge of slumber.

Normally I didn't let my lovers stay overnight. I had a strict fuck-and-get-the-hell-out policy, but for some odd reason, I found myself saying, "Sure, you can stay as long as you like, but I have to get up in the morning, and I'll be gone all day." What was it about this man that had me doing things contrary to my normalcy?

"That's okay," he said simply.

We lapsed into silence.

I couldn't get over my spur-of-the-moment decision to allow him to stay. What had caused it? I did seem overly fascinated with the man, but I was sure it was on a purely sexual level. Maybe I just wanted another taste of him before he disappeared from my life forever…He was quite the fantastic lay.

That's what I eventually wrote it off as, finally succumbing to the soft lull of Obito's rhythmic breathing and falling into a restful sleep.

I didn't know that I'd just made the biggest mistake of my life.

First time I've written a fic in first person...whaddya think, mina-san? Y/N?