Another week had gone by, the bruises on both their faces were fading now to a dull blue. They attended meetings, they tended to their crews but both of their minds were elsewhere and everyone knew it. The Family's dynamic was just not the same, even Hibari who never bothered with such things found the time to notice. His kind offer to bite them both back into normalcy was quickly denied by the Tenth Vongola Boss, there just had to be another way but ultimately all anyone could do was wait and watch.

"Here's the documents you requested, Juudaime."

"Oh, thank you, Gokudera-kun. Um, could you sit down for a minute please?"

"Of course, Juudaime."

He sat opposite his boss, resting his hands on his lap. Maybe this would be a good time to ask the Boss to send me to Europe. It was the only way that he could think of to escape the awkward daily routine around the Vongola mansion but hadn't officially asked. Now seemed like the perfect time.

"Gokudera-kun, I'm worried about the way things are right now in the house, between you and Yamamoto. Now I understa-…"

"Juudaime. Would you approve of me going to Italy for awhile?"

He never intended to cut his boss off in mid-sentence but he just didn't want to hear it anymore. He rested his right hand on the desk as he leaned in, asking his question. His eyes were pleading with his boss' and with such a face, how could Tsuna refuse. Maybe some distance would serve the situation well, his gut was telling him and after a brief moment, he nodded.

Gokudera was pleasantly surprised and even managed a small smile before looking down in a sort of relief. He stood up from the desk and looked up at his boss.

"Thank you, Juudaime. I entrust your safety to the others and if you need me, I'll be back in a flash."

He had surely matured over the years, having grown trust enough in the other guardians to protect the Vongola Boss in his absence. He'd make sure his remaining subordinates reported to him daily about things in the mansion anyway, just in case. As he left Tsuna's office, his body felt more relaxed and he wasted no time making arrangements to leave that night. Flanked by some of his most trusted men, he got in the car and left without a word for the airport, back to that place he once called home.


Gokudera looked out the window of his room. He'd had another long day. Ever since he'd gotten to Italy over a month ago, he'd had nothing but long days, he made sure of that. Pushing himself to the point of exhaustion was all he could do to keep his mind busy and away from that damn Rain Guardian and his impending wedding. And here it was, that fateful day had come. Back in Japan, he suspected that plans were being attended to, flowers delivered, food prepared, people dressed up in their best outfits showing up bearing gifts, all the usual fanfare that came with a wedding ceremony. Of course he wouldn't be there, wouldn't stand by that idiot's side and consent. He just couldn't, not even if the Tenth had asked him to which he thankfully did not.

He sighed loudly, peeling off his dark jacket and tossing it towards a chair, not really noticing if it hit it's mark or not. He walked to the small bar cart in his room and poured himself a drink, the ice cubes clinking in the glass as he dropped each one in. He took a big sip of the amber liquid, closing his eyes as he felt it warm his throat down to his stomach. Another sigh and he was unlatching the door out to the balcony, a soft breeze hitting his face, blowing his silver locks back. He stepped out, looking towards the slowly darkening sky. Italy sure is beautiful this time of year. He took another sip of his drink and held the small glass tumbler up to his eye line, watching the melting ice cubes swirl around. His mind was numb, if only he could speed up time and have this day be over with already.

He leaned his arms on the balcony's concrete railing, looking over to the lawn and sidewalk below. One more sip of his drink and he let the glass slide slowly from his grasp, falling in what seemed like slow motion to the ground below, and with a small crash, the glass shattered sending the amber liquid all over the sidewalk.


"You shouldn't waste good Scotch like that, you know."

Gokudera's whole body froze, his eyes widening as much as they could. That voice, why was he hearing that voice behind him? He wasn't drunk yet, he hadn't heard anyone come into his room, then again he hadn't turned on the lights to find this person had already been there, waiting for him. Slowly, his other hand came to rest on the railing as the other did, his back straightening up to a standing position but he didn't turn around. He could hear soft foots steps coming closer to him and then a hand was sliding just inside his left one on the railing, a silver ring with the symbol of Rain shining up at him. A warm body pressed against his back, as the taller man's cheek leaned softly into the left side of Gokudera's head.

"Aren't you going to turn around, Hayato?"

Warm breath grazed his earlobe as those words were spoken and he closed his eyes, unable to stop the tears that flowed from them and down his cheeks. He bit his quivering bottom lip, as the tears kept coming, unable to stop them even if he tried. He just couldn't believe it. He was letting this idiot go, being forced to, or so he thought and here he was, right here and now. The hand that rested on the balcony railing came up and over to cup his right cheek, it's thumb brushing some of the tears away and he couldn't help but lean into it's warmth. His body was being turned for him at his waist and his head automatically went down. Two warm hands now cupped his face, tilting it upward until even warmer lips pressed firmly against his own in a passionate kiss. Gokudera's hand's clutched at the back of Yamamoto's jacket, leaning into him, never wanting to even think of letting go ever again. As their lips parted slowly for a much needed breath, he could finally look up into those brown eyes that seemed to smile for him and he had to smile back.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Ha-ha, being happy."



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