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Percy's POV


Everyday, humans are faced with difficult choices. Like whether to have chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Or maybe whether they should turn right or left, or whether or not they should take the first path on the kiddie's maze, or the second.

But for us demigods, it's much, much more difficult.

We are faced with the choice of going on Kronos' side, the dark side, or staying with the gods, on the light side. Each and everyone of us want to live, and living isn't an easy task when you're a demigod.

It's especially hard for me.

Being a child of the Big Three, things are just that much harder. I struggle to survive in the human world, as do my fellow demigod friends. Sometimes, we just want to be normal human beings.

Yeah, right. Like that is ever going to happen.

Anyway. I am turning sixteen soon, which only means one thing: I'll have to fight and defeat Kronos.

I didn't want to before, I don't want to now, nor will I ever want to. I'm guessing that this will be one of the hardest things a simple demigod has done. We're not as powerful as gods, let alone Titans. So why me?

Because of the prophecy, that's why. And, let me tell you one little secret:

I'm not ready to fight the Lord of Time.

Chapter One - Don't Forget the Gravy

Picture this: me, Percy Jackson, sitting in a Greek mythology classroom. The teacher, teaching. My friends, looking bored. Me (yes, we're back to me), looking absolutely terrified.


Because it was my sixteenth birthday.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm supposed to be excited because I get my license, I get a big party, blah, blah, blah. Well, I'm not excited.


Because I was supposed to save to world.

I had been tense since I woke up this very morning. My mom had been careful not to say anything about my birthday; she knew how difficult this would be for me. Unfortunately, her long-going boyfriend hadn't been informed about what I was supposed to do. Paul didn't even know that I was a demigod, I had promised mom that I would tell him soon, but I just couldn't get the guts to.

And then, at school, my name had been announced when birthdays came up. I was the only one with a birthday today, so everybody wished me a "Happy Birthday!" I don't think it's going to be happy at all...

My friend, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, knew about the prophecy and all that. So, she knew not to wish me a "Happy Birthday!" She just acted as if it were any other normal day...

Let's get back to that picture now, shall we?

Class had just begun a few minutes ago, and most people were already bored of their mines. Most people included everybody except for myself.

"Oh, yes. It completely slipped my mind!" Mr. Harrods said, stopping mid-lecture. "Happy sixteenth birthday, Percy!" He beamed at me.

I couldn't help but groan and hit my head on the desk, making everyone snicker.

"Why aren't you happy, Percy?" Livia Kettles, a girl that apparently had a crush on me (which I found scary, because I don't think that relationship would work out after she found out a few things...), asked in a confused way.

I raised my head whilst shaking it. "It's nothing. Just keep teaching, Mr. Harrods. Please." Mr. Harrods gave me a weird look, then continued on with class.

Throughout the entire class, I was tense. Nothing had happened yet, and it was almost lunch time. I guess the monsters and Titans want to have a nice filling lunch first. That was perfectly fine with me.

Suddenly, the bell rang, making me jump half-way out of my seat. "Boy, someone's jumpy today, eh?" Bobby Calle commented while rolling his eyes at me.

I ignored the jibes and gathered my stuff as swiftly as possible. I made it to the lunch room in record time.

When I reached the line, there were only a few people in front of me. Unfortunately, they all told me "Happy Birthday!" I hate whoever made that phrase.

Even the fat lunch lady told me to "Have a happy birthday, sweetie!" I resisted groaning and simply muttered a thank you, followed by the words, "Don't forget the gravy, please." And then, as soon as the words escaped my lips, the weirdest feeling began boiling up in my stomach.

I paid for my lunch as quickly as possible, and made a bee line to the lunch table I sat at. Everyone else was already there, and they all noticed the pained look on my face.

"Hey, what's wrong, man? You look like you're in pain..." Anthony Fredricks asked, he was one of my "closest" friends. He only knew all the human attributes of me.

Rachael gave me a worried look. "Percy?" Her voice was quiet.

I clutched at my stomach. What was wrong? Did this mean that they were coming soon? Well, it took long enough.

I doubled over. People were beginning to notice. I groaned loudly. "Percy?" Livia said from two tables away.

The low buzz of voices continued around me as a migraine began to form. I felt absolutely terrible, like I had been dragged on the back of Apollo's chariot the entire day. I'd even go as far as saying that I felt like I'd been attached to a Pegasus' leg for an entire week. I shut my eyes tightly, wanting to get away from the bright lights.

"Percy, what's wrong, man? What happened?" It was Anthony again.

The doors to the lunch room could suddenly be heard being thrown open. There was a loud bang. "Hey, hey, hey, no need to be so dramatic!" One of the lunch ladies called out, pausing in her work.

I could hear quick foot falls approaching me. I managed to sit up straight, I'm not sure how, but I did.

I opened my eyes slowly to peek out into the light. My eyes snapped open all the way as Annabeth Chase—one of my best friends ever—skidded to a stop in front of me. She was a mess.

Her hair was tangled and caked with dirt. She had streaks of mud and blood across her face. She was breathing deep and hard.

I could see that Annabeth was trying to say something. Every single person (excluding the lunch ladies) had their eyes on the exhausted Annabeth. "What happened?" I asked, getting impatient. The pain didn't seem relevant when I saw the pain on Annabeth's face.

"Happy birthday." The words suddenly escaped her lips. I could only gape at her.

"Are you serious?!" I burst out in her face. "Happy birthday?!"

She gained the rest of he breath, and waited patiently for me to calm down.

"Sorry," I muttered. "What's wrong, though?"

She huffed out angrily. "I just told you."

I stared.

"It's your birthday, Percy. You know what that means." She prompted.

I said, "You mean—"

"Yes." She nodded gravely. "They're coming. Right now."

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