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Percy POV

Chapter Three - Sometimes People Have Terrible Timing

It was as if a switch had been thrown.

Yes, that line has been used a lot, but it seemed very...fitting for this particular situation.

I heard loud breathing across the room, then Annabeth's voice crackled, breaking the slight silence that had blanketed everything. "Percy! Don't-don't listen to him! No matter what! Don't listen to a thing he--!"

"Oh, hush, Annabeth Chase." Kronos' voice sounded as if it came from the heavens.

Ironic? I think not.

"Get down here Kronos!" I yelled, feeling like a complete idiot for yelling at the sky.

The roof of our school cafeteria had been ripped off at some point of our short battle. So I could easily see the big ball of darkness approaching. It was descending slowly and calmly, as if we had all the time in the world. Well, he did. But Annabeth and I were getting strongly impatient.

I mean, he could move as slow as he wanted, I wanted all the stalling time I could get. But I knew this had to be over with.

But his slow moving Ball of Darkness gave the other campers time to get here...if only they would move faster.

The monsters all parted to make room for their evil master as he finally grounded.

There was a dark flash and the ball disappeared.

Okay, I knew I shouldn't have been surprised at all to see Luke. But it was still hard to believe that Kronos--a Titan Lord--had taken over Luke's simple demigod body. I didn't feel bad for Luke--no way. It was just...weird.

When I first met Luke at Camp, I thought he was the coolest guy. And, I thought he was a really good friend of mine.

His trying to kill me sort of changed my view on him.

But, back to the matter at hand.

He laughed evilly. "Hello, Perseus Jackson! Welcome to the end of the world!"

"It can't be the end of the world unless that's what I choose." I told him firmly, while trying to muster up my best glare. But, c'mon, could you glare very well against a weird, gold-glowing Titan Lord? No, I didn't think so.

"Then I'll just have to help you choose correctly." He grinned.

There was a white flash then (no, everything did not go black) and then more evil laughter.

I felt everything just freeze. No, no, no. He couldn't! Would he really dare to? Actually, yes. Yes he would dare to.

"Percy!" Annabeth choked, struggling to unlatch Luke's fingers from around her throat. No, wait. I mean Kronos' fingers, not Luke's. Luke was no longer in our presence.

"If you wish for the girl to live, come to our side." He grinned evilly.

"That is one of the most cliched lines I've ever heard." I supposed the pressure was finally getting to me.

Kronos sighed sadly. "Perseus Jackson, you must learn to respect your elders."

I glared at him. "Let go of her!"

He only scoffed in disbelief. "Like I would listen to a petty demigod."

More glaring.

"Now. Choose. Me, or the gods? You have ten seconds, and if you do not choose to be on my side by the time ten seconds is over, the girl is dead." Kronos threatened whilst sneering unattractively at me.

Annabeth continued to struggle in his grasp.

She couldn't die, though! Annabeth was my best friend, and the thought of her...dead made me sick to my stomach. It may not seem like it, oh gods, I can't believe I'm admitting this, but: I loved her. I loved her a lot.

Usually, Annabeth was all I could think about. And dead was never a word I would ever think to apply to her. Especially now, when we weren't even legal adults.

Her glare set shivers up my spine; in a good way though. I knew what she was trying to communicate, Don't be a Seaweed Brain. Don't save me, jeesh. I'll just get myself reborn. Now stop hesitating!

Yeah, I know, how did I get that much from one glare? Well, she was my best friend.

I hadn't even realized that Kronos was counting. "Five..."

Five! Already?

I was torn. I couldn't let Annabeth die, then get herself reborn as a peanut or something.

But, then again, I couldn't go over to Kronos' side and let him rule the world...but sacrificing myself to let Annabeth lived seemed right in my heart. But only my heart. The rest of me was chanting no! No! No! Let her die! Sometimes I wish I would shut up.


Oh, gods.

I knew this was going to be the stupidest dcision evermade in the history of decision, but...that's what I'm known for. Stupidity.


I took a deep breath.


"I'll be on your side." I whispered. "I choose the Titans."

He let Annabeth drop to the floor while grinning at me. "Perfect choice, Percy."

His grin widened. Ugh, I hated him. "Now let the chaos," he paused for dramatic effect, "begin."

I felt something begin burning inside of me. I felt as if I were being torn apart, piece by piece, then thrown into a raging fire. I could practically smell acids tainting the air. What was happening to me?

Just then, a large group of campers and Centaurs ran in, screaming.

Sometimes people have terrible timing.

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