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"So…why are we out here again?" Damn, this girl has her head brimming with so much nonsense that it left no room for anything else. It was awfully hard for Shinagawa not to frown over what Adachi drags him into doing sometimes…no, all the time.

Adachi whipped around with a surprised face, her eyes wide. "What do you mean Shinagawa-kun?" she adjusted her foggy glasses. "We're at the beach! We're gonna see the sunset!"

"It's raining dogs and cats! There ain't gonna be a sunset to see!" Just how do you get through to this girl!? Shinagawa positively felt like a dumbass; he was bare feet and soaked, despite sporting a rainbow-coloured picnic umbrella – Hana being Hana, it's a miracle in itself that he had had enough time to beat the picnic table into submitting it. Adachi didn't look any better; her feet (also bare) and legs were covered with wet sand. Hell, the only reason why she wasn't soaked right through was because Shinagawa held the umbrella over her head the entire time, and that's pretty damn difficult when you're being dragged through it all.

Adachi curved her lips into a great smile. "Not to worry, Shinagawa-kun! I brought these!" she shouted 45 degrees to the left of Shinagawa while backlight shone on her hands and an imaginary tra-la-la-la-la of music played in the background. Shinagawa caught her wrist just in time to keep her under the umbrella – they say idiots don't get sick, but apparently anything is possible for her – "Take your foggy glasses off! You can't see through them anyway!" Adachi blushed a little and peered at Shinagawa over her glasses, mumbling about them being important. Shinagawa summarily ignored it. Looking into Adachi's hand, he felt that his head might just blow this time. "What the hell are you gonna do with a garbage bag?"

Adachi gave him a sorry look. "It's going to keep us dry," she asserted, and Shinagawa was at a loss as Adachi promptly sacked him and proceeded to tackle him. "Like that! See?"

"You freaking idiot!" The umbrella had been instantly blown off to La-La Land, and Shinagawa swore he'll beat some sense into this girl some day as he fought with the plastic and sacked Adachi inside with him. No, seriously. If he could win against her, he would.

Shinagawa sighed as the air inside the plastic bag slowly became warm and saturated with carbon dioxide. He had one hand on Hana's back and the other behind her head, tucking her in the hollow of his shoulder – you wouldn't want her stupid to spill, now, would you – when a muffled Adachi called out: "…Shinagawa-kun?"

"What?" Shinagawa answered dryly, without letting go. The girl had stopped shivering by now, her toes pressed a little on his feet to balance herself, and if he closed his eyes and tried really really hard to ignore sheets of rain pounding on the back of his head he could, he supposed, imagine what a sunset on a beach would look like, all pastel-coloured and peaceful – or maybe not so peaceful, with Hana around. If the girl was gonna confess, then she'd better make it quick, because –

Shinagawa tilted his head a little, and the water that had collected atop his head sloshed happily off along the side. He gave up with a sigh. Hana had proceeded to sprout more silliness and would no doubt get him involved somehow; what was he to do other than groan and play along? After all, with Hana, resistance is futile.


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