Word count: 400

"Why are we spending our monthsary with you lovely sister again?" Kelsi asked her now boyfriend of five months, Ryan Evans.

"I'm really sorry Kels. She and Zeke just broke up and her way of coping with it is by spending her every waking moment with me. I tried to tell her that we had something planned for tonight but she acted like she didn't hear anything I said." Ryan finished as the blond in question entered the room with a bowl of popcorn and drinks.

"Thanks sis." Ryan told Sharpay as he helped her settle the food on the table "So ladies, what do you want to watch?"

"Well, I think I'm in the mood for some horror movies. Maybe-"Kelsi began but was quickly interrupted by the drama queen.

"That's a wonderful idea Kelsi. But I'm not really a big fan of scary movies." She declared.
"Oh, I know! I just got this DVD of a Disney musical movie, let's watch that instead. I'll get it from my room." With that, Sharpay was off to her room, leaving the couple alone once again. Kelsi glared at her boyfriend and all Ryan could do in return was to send her another apologetic look.

Since then, Sharpay has become a fixture on Ryan and Kelsi's dates. It was as if Kelsi was dating the two of them. She was certainly not happy that she had to battle Sharpay for Ryan's attention during their date, but put up with it mainly because of Ryan.

But Kelsi finally lost tonight. Ryan and Sharpay were dropping her off from their movie date and Ryan walked her to her door while Sharpay waited in the car.

Ryan was about to kiss Kelsi goodnight but was interrupted buy Sharpay's annoying voice.

"Ryan! We need to go home!"

"Yeah, give me a sec!" Ryan shouted back before turning his attention back to Kelsi.

"Ryan!!!" Sharpay shrieked again.

"Fine, fine, I'm coming." He yelled towards the car. "Sorry Kels, I got to go. I'll see you tomorrow."

Kelsi didn't wait outside to see the Evans' twins leave. She made her way into the house, grabbed the phone and called a particular wildcat. She didn't usually meddled with other people's love life but she just had to do this, just for the sake of her own sanity.

"Hello Zeke? This is Kelsiā€¦ You need to get to back with Sharpay and here's what you have to do..."