Beyond Birthday awoke with the sun in his eyes. The first thought he had in his mind was "That was a dream right?" But of course it was far from. He looked down at Kagome, her face was still sweaty, hair still damp as she lay asleep. He smiled to himself knowing that there was a crossroad coming up for her and she would have to choose. She stirred a bit and he thought she was waking up, only to be proven wrong. BB tucked a strand of hair that had been sticking to her face behind her ear. He shook his head to himself.

"She's either going to hate me and work against me, or love me and work with me. But hey, what's life without decisions?"

BB knew that what he had done last night was wrong, but eventually the moans would've gotten to him. He had to get her to work with him, to trust him, to want him. He was aware that he still had two tasks left but one outta three ain't bad. He propped himself on his elbows, checking to make sure he hadn't uncuffed her during their rendevous. He still didn't know what had possessed him to take such wild actions. Like he wasn't thinking with his head, but with his other head. Anyhow, the cuff remained fastened to her left wrist and she...still sound asleep.

Rather then get up now and feel like a jerk for leaving her alone later, he laid on his back and thought to himself. She's gonna flip her lid. I can't believe we did it. Well, I felt good. But then again, I don't get aches downstairs when I lose my foresaken virginity. Damn I should've thrown a goodbye party I'm so glad to get rid of it. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. At least I did something before that idiot Lawliet. You know, I think I'm just going to tell the whole world L's identity. He's out I'm in and no one will know the difference. Better yet! I'll bring out my old Rue Ryuzaki costume and then take it from there.

BB looked over at Kagome for a fraction of a second, just to see her shivering. Of course he felt bad, she was naked on a ratty mattress and he wasn't even hugging her to share his body warmth. Being the secret softie he is, BB went to get something close to a blanket and returned to find a spazzing Kagome trying in desprate attempts to cover herself and keep warm.

"Calm down Kagome, you're alright. Nothing I didn't see last night." He sat next to her and handed her the blanket, which she used to quickly wrap around her body.

"Oh my god, that wasn't a dream?" He shook his head nonchalantly.

"No not really. But hey on the bright side you can use a tampon now!" She pushed his shoulder.

"You are so lucky I don't have my bow and arrows with me." Kagome growled. With a slight sigh BB chuckled.

"Sleep well?" She merely nodded and rubbed her thigh carefully.

"It hurt so much last night. I can't remember how I got-" She gasped and scrambled for the book before the chain constricted her wrist. "Ouch damn it! Where is the thing?"

The book was just out of reach, she noticed, when she finally found it. "Get me that book please?" She asked. He grabbed the book and flipped through the pages with wide eyes.

"This is what got you going?" He asked her. Kagome blushed a bit and nodded ashamed. "Kagome, I wrote this book. It was during the period when I was following you and I couldn't really, hold myself back." With a slight feeling of terror, Kagome finished her thoughts out loud.

"You wrote about what you wanted to do to me?" He nodded, eyes still on the pages. She took it away from him roughly to read what was so fascinating and blushed furiously. "You wanted me up against the wall naked, you kneeling down by my...dripping entrance with my leg wrapped around your neck, and let ou have your way. That's disturbing." He took the book back.

"Thank you, I try." She rolled her eyes and looked down, clutching the blanket.

"Beyond, why did you kill my mother?" She didn't cry, as she had expected.

"You'll think I'm even more cruel if I tell you."

"Please? Please tell me, why did you kill my mom?" He hesitated, she was too calm. She was a priestess so she could strike at him with a blast of energy or whatever it is she used.

"It was to get to you. I knew it would hurt, I knew you'd be furious, I knew everything. But that's what these tests are for." Kagome looked across the room, her bangs covering her eyes.

"So this whole thing, killing my mom, kidnapping me, having sex, it was all just an experiment?"

"Not the entire thing. More like the first two. I hypothesized that you'd be pissed beyond belief, as would anyone if their mother was killed. Now the real experimenting started when I got into your house the day after I killed her. You're fighting styles are different but it's no capoeira." Kagome had heard of this, capoeira and wanted to know how he came across it.

"How do you even know about capoeira? I've never taken classes on it but I know what it is." BB looked at the ceiling leaning on his elbows.

"An old friend of mine. She could do it in heels so flawlessly I was stunned." Kagome, feeling a slight sting of jealousy, asked another question.

"Were you in love with her at all?" He didn't hesitate to answer the truth.

"Of course not. She's the reason I went to jail, bitch locked me up. I miss her, I'd freak her out constantly. It was a riot. I spoiled her coffee, ate straight out of a jar of jam, for my investigating of Rue Ryuzaki I crawled on all fours and sniffed at the ground." They both laughed. Then he stopped and looked out into the distance. "But she's dead now. Kira killed her, I know it. She's not stupid and her finacee died because of Kira. So being the vengeful little twit she was she took matters into her own hands, probably got a lead on Kira, and he killed her. Most likely telling her who he was before he manipulated her."

"I'm so sorry. Did she teach you anything?"

"Well, yes and no. She taught me that no one should ever sneak up on her in a dark alley with a crow bar. And that she would rather me in jail then dead."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"For the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases to work, I had to die."

"What?" She didn't believe what she was hearing. "You wanted to die?" She asked softly. He shook his head.

"Of course I didn't want to die. But no one ever said being the world's greatest criminal would be easy. I tried to burn myself to death but she extinguished the fires in time."

She looked him over. He had flawless, healthy skin that was fully in tact, his hair didn't look like it had been burnt, he seemed just fine.

"It didn't leave any scars?" He lifted his shirt up to reveal a small scar on his back running with his spine. "I guess it did. You just look too healthy to have been in that kind of situation." He looked at her with lazy eyes and kept staring at her. "What?" He held the stare. "What?!" He wouldn't talk to her. "Stop looking at me like that!"

"You know why I look too healthy Kagome. Just think." She gave him a dull look and a quick reply.

"I don't feel like thinking." Her hand started to glow pink and she pressed it to his forehead. He smirked when she scoffed and pushed his shoulder with the still glowing hand. "Pervert."

"Well your hand was cold. What'd you expect me to think?"

With a roll of her eyes Kagome stood up with the blanket around her, knowing that he used one of her healing spells for his skin, and walked over to the large black bag filled with stolen goods. "Something tells me you didn't pay for those." She said.

"Eh, a few here a few there. Most of them barely escaped with their lives." He nodded, trying to make the joke seem believable. Kagome crouched down and went through all of the clothes, accessories, and cosmetics. She chose a Hello Kitty tank top and ripped, bleached skinny jeans, but of course, there were no bras to be found.

"No bras or panties. Damn."

"I knew there was something I forgot about." He laughed as he spoke, knowing full well he didn't intend on getting her the items in the first place. She struggled with a growl but denied it access out of her mouth. BB stayed still while she turned around and got dressed. She looked cute, felt cute, and felt a lot better knowing that some actual clothing stood between her and BB's eager member.

"BB, you are a really nice guy, but you killed my mom and that's unforgivable. So I'm not going to accept any apologies on the subject, but I'll try to make this work." BB felt some kind of happiness bubble up inside him, a happiness that he could only think was some form of hope.

"What do you mean work this out?" He looked at her with curiousity in his ruby red eyes and tried not to smile, knowing that there was a slight chance that she wasn't talking about what he wanted her to.

"Well, we did have sex so why not try being together? You I'm your girlfriend and you could be my boyfriend?" He smiled at her and got up from his spot on the mattress and over to her. Beyond involuntarily wrapped his arms around Kagome and kissed her forehead lightly.

"I would love nothing more then to be your boyfriend." She'll be working with me then. Perfect.


Sota was at his uncle Soichiro's house. He and Sayu were currently working on a project for fun. She thought that making a giant paper Panda would be a good idea and now they were on a scavenger hunt for the neccessary items. He heard a knock and shouted. "I'll get it!" When he opened the door he wasn't very surprised to see the visitor.

"Oh hey InuYasha. How'd you kow I was here?" InuYasha was concerned, Sota could tell by his facial expression and the fear in his eyes.

"Your grandpa told me you were here. Sota, where's Kagome?" Sota felt a shiver crawl up his spine and swallowed a lump in his throat.

"Um, well, I'm not sure how you're gonna take this but, no one knows where she is." Light came down the stairs and called out to his younger cousin.

"Sota who's at the door?" His footsteps were calm but his thoughts were centered worriedly around the silver haired man at the door. "Can we help you sir?" InuYasha looked Light over, there was something off about him. InuYasha's face showed protectiveness on the spot.

"My name's InuYasha and I'm looking for Kagome Higurashi." Light's reddish brown eyes widened in shock.

"Are you a friend of hers?" InuYasha's grouchy and stubborn side took over and stated his relationship with Kagome.

"I'm her boyfriend. You would be?"

Sota interrupted the conversation.

"InuYasha this is my cousin Light Yagami. He's working with my uncle on the Kira investigation." Light shooshed Sota, not wanting that much information to be handed out to some oblivious stranger. "Sorry." InuYasha scoffed.

"Keh, so? Who cares?" Light didn't like this guy for one reason or another but the competitive side of him took control.

"Are you supportive of Kira?" InuYasha rolled his amber eyes in annoyance. He could care less what the hell Kira did. As long as Kagome was safe he didn't care if the world blew up.

"No, I'm not one of those Kira supporter hippies or whatever. I'm not against him either you know? He's a criminal killing criminals, so what? Someone's gonna catch him eventually just like every other bad guy out there." Light looked at the ground in thought. The man was right, every bad guy gets caught, every theif, every rapist, every killer, they all get caught. It's time's like these when he wishes that he had paid more attention to the bedtime stories his mother used to tell him.

Maybe he could've hypothesized a way out for the bad guy other then confessing his mistakes and turning good. But Light wasn't a bad guy, he was a good guy trying to make the world a better place. No, he wasn't a bad guy, if anything he was a god. At least in his eyes he was.

At HQ...

L sat in his crouch sipping at coffee with multiple sugar cubes occupying it. B had sent a voice message to them by an unknown source and he was viewing it with Aizawa and Matsuda. When the tape was put in, a black and red B popped up with a white background.


By now you should be investigating Kagome's whereabouts as well as my own instead of the Kira investigation. Looks like someone needs a demotion for putting another case in front of a more serious one. Well you have a choice to make, in fact you have two. The first one is that you save one innocent life from me and lose antother thousand more impure lives to Kira or save those criminals and lose Kagome.

The next decision on your shoulders is you can give your position as L to me without telling your coworkers when the switch will take place, or I can tell the entire world your identity. Kira's already seen your face and you know that perfectly well, but something tells me he doesn't have the eyes right now. What was it that Kira needed to kill again? A name and a face am I right? He's got fifty percent of your information already, shall I give him the rest?

You have a week to decide. You know how to contact me when you've made your choices.

Ta L.

L grunted and Matsuda groaned. "Ryuzaki do you know this man?" Aizawa asked.

"As a matter of fact I do. He was my successor at one point but then he disappeared. Now he's hell bent on taking my place."

"And how're gonna make your decisions? We might have to follow someone else's orders, a complete stranger that we're just now learning about."

"Mr. Aizawa, I'm not going to make a decision. This video is about six days old, only yesterday Kagome was recaptured and four days before that B had somehow possessed her. Something tells me that Kagome's life is in no danger as well as my position as L. I don't believe we've anything to worry about." Yet.