Roy slipped into the room he saw in the low light that She, Charon and Gob were all sleeping in the same bed, under the covers, unclothed and intertwined.

That little nympho.
She slept sandwiched in between the ghouls, Charon (who looked angry even in his sleep) forming a cage of muscle around her with her wrapped in his gnarled arms and she holding Gob in her delicate arms, he clutching her back, her naked body almost completely concealed by the two ghouls who engulfed her so lovingly.
Roy couldn't help but smile at this rare sight. It was too bad it had to end this way because smoothskins would fuck one ghoul never mind three....never mind two at once were few and far in between. Roy smiled to himself again as he aimed his SMG, knowing that no matter how many ghouls she screwed, he'd always be the first. It truly was a pity he still had to kill her, but it was just too much of a risk to let her and hers live.
He put his back to the the wall and steadied his SMG. He'd take them all out in one spray of bullets and then never have to worry about it again.
He slid his finger on the trigger and was about to squeeze when...

Stars clouded his vision for a moment before he saw the Charon leap out of bed as naked as a mole rat, grabbing his shotgun from beside the bed and squeezing off enough rounds to kill a Brahman or four.
Satisfied that nothing could could possibly still be alive, he muttered to himself and rested his shotgun on his shoulder while the kid waited anxiously for the dust to clear.

When the dust cleared she saw what was left of Roy. It was clear that the SMG had fallen from his hands because his hand was still hooked in the trigger loop despite the fact that said hand was across the room. She put on Gob's shirt and hopped out of bed.
There behind Roy's body was Bessie, dead as a doornail, clutching a nailboard.

The kid clapped her hand to her mouth and gasped.
"She d- didn't deserve this." She said looking at Bessie.

Before she even noticed Michael emerging from the hallway, Charon already had his shotgun trained on him. Michael put his hands up and left Tenpenny Towers never to be seen again.

The next morning the kid, Charon and Gob gave Bessie and Roy a proper burial in the courtyard.
Later , she and Gob cleaned up while Charon guarded and secured the place.

Not too long later Tenpenny Towers would become a refuge for humans and ghouls alike and it would house refugees from a place called Bigtown as well as liberated slaves.
The kid, Charon and Gob couldn't have had it better and Tenpenny blossomed into a true community where goodness and decency reigned supreme.

The kid would never forget Bessie Lynn for her selflessness and she made sure of this by letting everyone know that it was not her but Bessie Lynn who made this place possible.
In the end Bessie Lynn had confirmed the kid's belief that there was still good in the world, and

she would devote her life to making sure others believed it as well.