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A yellow taxi cab made it's way down the empty, Las Vegas road. Inside, it's passengers sat in silence. They had been driving for what seemed like hours, not saying a word. The driver, Jack Bruno,kept his

eyes on the road. Everything that had happened in the past couple of hoursracing through his head. Mr. Wolf almost forcing him to come back to a life of crime, the two teenagers, Seth and Sara, sitting in the back of

his cab, and the recent SUV incedent. It was definatly going to be a long day.

They were in the desert now and Jack was starting to wonder what these kids were up to. He glanced in the rear-view mirror at them. They were each staring out the window and the silence that was driving him

crazy didn't seem to bother them at all. He finally spoke up. Anything to stop the silence.

"Your parents going to be okay with you spending all this money?"

"We have previously agreed upon our financial deal." the boy, Seth, spoke. "If your concern is regarding your compensation-"

"My concern is the fact that I got a couple kids in the back of my cab with a big wad of cash and a drop off location that's pretty much in the middle of no where. Now in my book that's a little chapter called running away."

They all fell silent again. Jack's attempt at conversation had failed miserably and now his radio was going off, and it was starting to annoy him. At least it wasn't silent. He listened for a few minutes, not paying a while lot of attention to it. Something about his boss wanting his cab back. Seth and Sara stared at it curiously, glancing between it and him. I ignored it as long as he could, thankful for the noise, but eventually it got to him and he picked it up.

"I'm losing reception, Domonique." he hung it back up.

Seth and Sara watched him without a word. Almost like they were studying him. It kind of made him uncomfortable, but he just didn't look at them. It helped, but not alot. He kept glancing back in the rear-view mirror at them and after a little bit, they stared out the window in silence, but their attention was averted to the back panel of glass. He watched their faces turn from expressionless to worry. Unseen by Jack, a big, black SUV was approaching. Fast.

"Jack Bruno, the vehicles behind us are indicating a pattern of persuit." Sara said franticly.

"There's no vehicles following..." he looked into his side mirror and took a double take. Sure enough, a black SUV was topping the hill behind them. How could they possbily know that before they saw it?

"At your current rate of speed versus theirs, they will overtake out vehicle in less than one minute." Seth pointed out.

"Relax, kid. I'm just gonna let 'em pass." Jack hit the break and the vehicle started to slow down and linger a little. Seth and Sara exchanged looks of panic as he rolled down his window, gesturing for the SUV to pass. "Open road people! It's all yours!"

One of them sped up, drifting into the other lane and lingering beside them a moment. Seth and Sara stared into the tinted windows, their brows pointed down in frustration of not being able to see who was on the other side. Jack glanced up at the truck, but didn't pay much head to it as it continued to pass them.

"See, what'd I tell ya?" Jack rested an arm on the back of the passenger seat. "I'm the kind of these roads."

"Jack Bruno!" Sara exclaimed. The SUV had blocked the road in front of them. Jack slammed on the brakes, causing the cab to spin out of control. When he gained some control, he saw a break in the blockade and swerved pass the trucks.

"I said I was done and I ment it!"

"Who is Mr. Wolf, Jack Bruno?" Sara said, recovering from getting slung around the back of the car.

"How do you know that?" Another SUV rammed into the back of the cab, and was joined by two others on the side, plus the one in front.

They were trapped.

"Get down, now!" Jack ordered. The kids did as they were told and he slammed on the breaks once more, crashing into the vehicle behind him and swerving around so that they all crashed into one another. Seth and Sara heard the explosion and sat up, looking around. They turned to the back window, breathing heavy. But there troubles were far from over.

"Jack Bruno, it would appear we have not aluded them." Sara stated.

"I'm so over this." Jack shook his head. "Stay down!"

They doubled over and held tight to anything they could so as to not get slung around everywhere again. Seat belts only did so much in this kind of situation. They could hear Jack's curses from the front seat as he manuvered the cab across the desert road. But something Seth thought caught Sara's attention. She turned her head to him to find the look of pure determination spread across his features.

"Seth, no. That's not a good idea."

"I have to try."

"It's too dangerous." But it was too late. He disappeared though the back of the cab and she quickly twisted in her seat looking for him. He stood tall in the middle of the road, the SUV headed straight for him. They could all hear the screach of the trucks breaks trying to stop, but their chance had come and gone and neither child blinked or twitched as the metal crumbled around Seth's form. Once she saw that her brother was trying to catch up again, Sara raised her hand and the car stopped and began to back up at her command. Jack looked around, trying to find the problem, sitting completely still when he realized he wasn't doing anything to move the vehicle. When it stopped, he gripped hte steering wheel and let out a sigh of relief.

"You two okay?"

"We are..." Sara started, eyeing her brother nervously.

"Fine." he finished through gritted teeth. "We should just keep moving."

They drove on, mostly in silence. Seth and Sara holding their own whispered conversation in the back, leaving Jack alone with his thoughts which were mostly on the kids. The silence soon got to him again and he glanced up at the mirror at them.

"How you two holding up back there?"

Sara looked to Seth. "We're fine." she said.

"I'm sorry I got you guys into this."

"There's no need ot apologize, Jack Bruno. Your not always the one to blame."

"But the urgency of our trip has not decreased." Seth piped in before the subject could change.

"Don't worry. I'll get you where you need to go. You've earned it."

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