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"Ah!" Luci was knocked to the floor from the rough pattern of the ship. She looked up and searched for the airlock. When she spotted it, she had to crawl to get to it. There was already a little wind coming from the closed airlock, and even that was almost unendurable, but she made it to the gate and pushed with all her might to get it to open, with no such luck. She put all of the weight of her small frame into getting it to open, but even she knew that wasn't near enough.

She turned to try again, and she felt a large hand fall heavy on her shoulder, throwing her across the room. She let out a high-pitched scream as her back hit the wall, hard. She looked up to see a siphon looking down at her, the same one that had been after them the whole time. She didn't even have time to let out another cry for help before its foot made contact with her stomach, kicking her multiple times. She tried to stand, but it picked her up by the throat and pinned her to the wall, cutting off her air circulation. She kicked and grabbed hold of its head, screaming out with her mind for Seth until the siphon threw her across the room again, pulling his helmet off in the process. She laid there, her back to the siphon; her body didn't want to move.

"Luci!" Seth's voice got her attention and she made her muscles move to sit up and find Seth. That's when she noticed the object in her hands. Her eyes went wide when she realized that it was the siphon's helmet. She looked up to see a pair of beady black eyes staring down at her. It raised its arm, ready to throw another blow at her and she screamed, putting her arms up in defense, ready to put up a force field if needed.

"Luci!" she looked back to behind her, thinking she was crazy for hearing Seth's voice through the wall, but he phased through the partition and stood in front of her. The siphon tried to throw a punch at him, but it went right through his body.

"Seth!" Luci was scared out of her mind, and the siphon knew it. It went to grab at Seth, but phased through him and took hold of Luci instead, snatching her by the arm and threw her against the wall, slamming her head on the airlock door. She let out a scream as it let her go and she fell into the airlock. She hit the ledges with a deep thud and the siphon jumped in after her, grabbing her throat and dangling her over the electric filled shaft. Seth came up behind the siphon and whacked it with its own helmet. Luci's body hit the wall again and the siphon fell in, vaporized in seconds.

"Luci!" Seth grabbed her and dragged her out to safety, hitting the button to close the shaft.

"Luci! Luci, are you okay?" he cradled her in his lap, and her eyes opened, but they looked blurred, and dizzy-like.

"Luci?" he repeated her name, hoping that would help get her eyes focused. He looked around when a low buzz filled the room. A force field appeared, disappeared, then reappeared several times.

Yeah? She put a hand on her head.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, but I can't control my force fields." She looked a little scared and Seth sat there with her until she could fully get a hold of her powers. When she could conjure a shield, and hold it, then let it got without it blinking back, Seth started to calm down.

"Will you be alright?" he asked.

"Yes, I think I will be fine." She flicked her fingers and created one more shield and let it go to be sure, then smiled up at him. He smiled back and kissed her for a short moment, picking her up when they parted and slowly let her down on her feet, making sure she could walk properly before leading her back to the cabin.

"You both must hurry." Sara told Jack and Alex. It had taken them a short amount of time to find a place to land the ship, and they had had little time to say their goodbyes.

"It is only a matter of time before they get here." Luci said, holding Seth's hand.

"Don't worry about us." said Jack.

"Sara, Luci, and I want you to have this." Seth handed Jack some kind of device. The same one they started with.

"As long as it is in your possession," Sara ran her hand over it, and the lights on it blinked a couple of times.

"We will always be able to find you." Luci finished for her, a wide smile on her face.

Jack took the device from Seth. "Thanks."

Luci watched him walk a ways away as Alex stood in front of them. She turned to Seth and Sara. "Your parents will be very proud of what you've done here." She hugged them both.

Luci stood by and let them have their moment. She knew better, and she watched with a smile on her face. Their parents really would be proud of them. She could feel the sense of pride radiating off both of them, and it made her smile. Alex turned to face her, and it caught her off guard when she hugged her and held her at arms length. "Your brother would be proud of you as well, Luci. Going after what happened. I know he would."

A silent tear rolled down Luci's cheek and she nodded, holding her lips in a thin line to keep them from trembling.

Thank you. She thought, unable to speak. Alex hugged her again, and Seth walked over to Jack.

"I once said that we could never count on humans to help us. Especially you. I was wrong. And for that I am sorry."

Jack looked at him for a moment, then took a step closer. "You take care of yourself. Your sister, too. And, uh, about Luci." He pointed with his chin towards the girls behind them. Seth looked back and saw them all talking, laughing, and crying all at the same time. He smiled and turned back to Jack.

"You gonna tell me what's really going on?" Jack smiled.

Seth pondered his response, though he already knew the answer. He looked up at him and smiled. "I…I love her."

Jack put a hand on his shoulder. "Keep her safe, too, then. Understand?"

He nodded. "Yes."

"Jack?" Sara turned her attention from Alex and Luci and ran to him, tears escaping her eyes like water falls as she tackled him in a hug. Luci joined Seth on his other side, keeping out of this moment as well. Her old self seemed to be coming back, and she felt the urge to simply stay back out of the group. Sara must have heard her thinking to herself and looked up at her.

You are part of this group. She said, holding an arm out. Jack smiled and held his arm out as well. She ran to them, letting them wrap there arms around her, and letting her tears fall. It was over, and she felt she had been strong, not only for Luke, but for Sara, and Jack and Alex. And for Seth. She had made it without losing herself, she had made it.

Jack held them both at arms length as Alex had done with her. "Just remember, me and Alex, we're only a wormhole away. Okay?" tears started to fall from his eyes as well

They nodded. In addition, Sara took a step forward. "Will you promise me something? Will you take care of Junkyard for me?"

"Anything you want." Jack smiled, his eyes red from crying. Seth started back toward the ship and Luci went to say her last goodbyes to Alex. Sara stayed back with a smile, putting a finger to his temple, closing her eyes. Jack looked confused for a moment, but then his eyes went wide.

"It's time." Seth said from the top of the ramp, holding his hand out for Luci, who didn't hesitate to intertwine her fingers with his and join him. They looked at each other then back at his sister. Sara looked at them from the bottom of the ramp and a slow smile spread across hers and Luci's face. She walked up and stood next to her best friend, all of them turning to face Jack and Alex. The ramp started to disappear, the door started to close. Jack smiled as Seth leaned down and kissed the top of Luci's head and she leaned into him.

Thank you, Jack. Was the last thing he heard from Luci as the doors came to a complete close, but Sara's last words would forever remain in his mind, just as she had intended.

You're a good man, Jack.

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