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Chapter 1: BPOV

He left me on the forest floor 9 months ago. I had a broken heart and despair to match. Now I'm lying in the forest once more, whatever was left of my heart is being torn into tiny pieces. This time however I'm not alone. My beautiful baby is here coming into the world as we speak. I think back to what's happened since he left.

I remember Charlie convincing me to go see Jacob during my zombie days. He became my sun on a cloudy day. He brightened up my crushed world.

I remember when I first started to suffer from morning sickness. We all thought it was just the stomach flu. We were so wrong.

I thought about the day that I found out I was pregnant. It will be a day I will never forget but it didn't start out too great.


I had just found the meadow and now Laurent was there with his black eyes telling me how Victoria was hunting me down and that unfortunately he planned on making me his next meal. Before he could make do on his word the wolves showed up and chased him down. One wolf I recall stood next to me. He was a russet color and had deep brown practically black eyes. He seemed familiar in a way.

If it was possible the wolf's eyes widened in what I can only guess was surprise. His ears perked up as he stared at me. Then his eyes narrowed on my stomach.

Before I knew it he shot into the woods at a speed I only thought vampires could go. Then where the wolf had exited into the woods, out walked Jacob.

My mind drifted off to the legends Jacob told me on my first trip to La Push Beach. Everything seemed to clear up. Jacob was a werewolf and so were some of the people down at the Reservation.

I could see that Jacob knew that I had figured out what he was so he started to approach me very slowly. "I'm not scared of you" I told him.

His mouth formed an "O" shape as he continued to walk towards me at a now faster pace. "Bella," He said hesitantly. I just nodded my head. "Did-Did you ever do anything with Edward beyond kissing?" He asked in embarrassment.

Pain shot through my chest at the mention of him, then confusion at his question. I was about to answer "No" when I thought back to a night that took place a little before he left. That night definitely went beyond kissing. I felt a blush rise up through my cheeks and I guess Jake took that as a yes.

He sighed and then to my surprise, he howled. Then a few moments later a bunch of people from the Reservation, I'm guessing they were the rest of the wolves that made up the 'pack'. After quick introductions and then whispering on Jacob's part, he came forward and gave me a hug. Not one of his bear hugs but a soft one.

"Bella, I think you're pregnant with his baby. I heard the heartbeat myself." He whispered in to my ear before letting go.

*End Flashback*

That's when I realized I had to hide, to make sure Victoria could never get to the baby. Jacob and the pack helped me to make it seem like I went missing. I hid with Emily, Sam (the leader of the pack)'s fiancé. Jacob was beside me almost all the time. I watched as the pack left every night to go protect the Reservation and me from Victoria. I would fall asleep with guilt in my heart because I would not be able to handle it if they were hurt or worse, killed by Victoria.

I decided to hunt down the Cullens. I knew they would be able to protect the baby and I can only hope Alice would be able to see where the baby was if Victoria managed to get me.

So I left in secret, leaving a note behind. I knew that they could not know before I left; they would try to stop me. I packed up my truck and started to drive towards the Denali's. I remember them being close to the Cullen's; hopefully they would now where they would be.

I could tell that Victoria was following me. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. At the next stop I bought some paper and a pen and wrote a couple of letters. One was directions for whoever found my baby if he or she survived. Another was one to give to my baby at the right time. The third and final letter I hope would be sent to the Cullens directly or to the Denalis.

I left my truck and went by foot into the woods; I hoped to draw Victoria from the town so she wouldn't get lost in a blood rage and kill anyone else. Eventually that lead me to where I am.

AH! The pain of child birth was becoming unbearable. I don't think I will survive this, let alone Victoria. My only hope is that someone good finds the baby before Victoria does. My eyes started to flutter close and the sound of a baby crying filled the air. I smiled to myself before I let my eyes shut for the last time. I'm sorry my baby and I am sorry Edward. I will always love the both of you.

Jacob POV

I've been searching for weeks for Bella ever since she left to find the Cullens. I really hate them for leaving Bella while she was pregnant with an abomination.

I continued to push myself farther. I know that the red-headed leech is tracking Bella; I just have to there before she does. I know Bella is at her 9 months mark now and the thing should be coming soon.

I heard screaming and I ran as fast as I could until I found a clearing. I saw Bella lying completely still on the ground. Tears welled up in my eyes as I though I was too late. Then I noticed the thing next to Bella. She must have died during child birth. I heard someone behind me, Victoria. I ran after her hoping the baby would be fine until I got back. I lost the trail and rushed back to the child.

I ran into the clearing but Bella was gone. I changed into my human form and went up to the child. I picked up the baby girl and as I looked in the baby's eyes, Bella's eyes, I felt my whole world shift.

Any ties I had to everything else in my life shifted and moved, growing stronger until every single one was focused on the little angel. She was my life. Everything will forever surround her and I vow to do anything to make her safe and happy, for she was my imprint.

I looked away and noticed letters lying near where the baby was. I picked them up and opened the letter addressed to the person who found the baby. It read:

Dear whoever found this letter,

My name is Bella Swan. I would be forever grateful if you completed a few things for me.

First of all, if you're reading this and there is a baby then I am probably dead. The first thing I need you to do is name my child. Edward Jacob Cullen for a boy. He would be named after his father Edward, and my best friend and shining sun, Jacob. If I was graced with a girl name her Reneesme Carlie Cullen. She would be named after her grandmothers, Renee and Esme, and her grandfathers, Charlie and Carlisle.

Secondly, if my baby is alive and I'm not there find him/her a good home. I know of some places. Go to Forks, Washington and then got to the Quileute Reservation. Once there find either Jacob Black or Sam and Emily Uley. Either one I would trust to take care of the baby. If neither one of them wants it then either take it to Charlie Swan who is the chief of police in Forks or Renee Dwyer who will be in either Jacksonville, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona. If the child is given to Charlie or Renee please explain to them the baby's background that will be explained below.

The final thing that must be done as my last wish is to give the other letters to where they need to be. One of them goes to the baby when their guardian deems him/her ready. Do not open either letter remember. The last letter please send to the Cullen Family specifically Edward Cullen or Alice Cullen. If you cannot find them give it to the Denali Coven in Alaska who will then be able to send it the Cullens.

Here is some background info you should know, the baby's father is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen who happens to be a vegetarian vampire along with his family. They are not like the vampires in myths. Because they are vegetarian they only drink animal blood, same goes for the Denalis. The vampire secret must be kept so do not tell anyone. I am human making the baby a hybrid, half-human and half-vampire. During my pregnancy I had to have both regular food and blood to survive so I assume the baby is the same. Beware of any abilities. Vampires have increased senses and super speed and strength. The father was a mind reader and I have a mental shield, who knows what that can produce. One last warning, someone named Victoria was after me, Edward killed her mate and she wanted revenge through my death. DO NOT LET HER GET THE CHILD. It is most urgent she never finds out.

Tell the baby I love them and thank you.


Isabella Marie Swan.

I finished reading the leader and knew that the baby should stay with Emily and Sam. She will be raised with us. I do not think it would be best if Charlie found out that we knew where Bella was so he can not know of the child. I will most certainly not send the letter to the Cullens. They hurt Bella and they are not going to hurt Reneesme either. I will keep it to give to her when she is older along with the letter Bella had.

Thinking about Bella caused me to realize that she is gone, truly disappeared. I started to cry and I fell to the ground with the baby in my arms. Reneesme then reached up and put her hand on my face. I saw an image of me crying and then one of Bella crying then one of me happy. So this must be her power.

With that thought I raced back home with a baby in one hand a bunch of letters in the other.