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Cassie POV

Well that meeting with the Cullen's could've gone a lot better. I mean the Cullen's were now wallowing in a pit of despair and Nessie had run off to who knows where. So Leah and I decided to head back to the apartment, hoping that Renesmee would return once she got the chance to cool down. I couldn't exactly blame her. I would've been crushed if the first time I had met my family turned into World War Three.

When we arrived at the apartment we could instantly tell that something was not right. The door was already unlocked and there was light leaking through the cracks.

"You better let me go in first." Leah told me and I was wise enough to listen to her. If someone had managed to track us down, a giant wolf had a better chance of taking them down than I did.

Slowly Leah opened the door, taking a small step into the room.

"Aren't you three coming in?" I couldn't help the shriek that came out as a familiar voice spoke to us.

"Jacob, what are you doing here?" I asked as Leah and I stepped fully into the living room. He looked tired; standing there in only a pair of shorts which I assume meant that he ran the whole way here.

"How did you find us?" Leah questioned but Jacob wasn't paying much attention to either of us.

"Where is she?" He demanded.

"Where is who?" I asked confused.

"Renesmee! Where is she?" I could tell something was wrong by the urgency in his tone

"Look she isn't here so why don't you calm down and tell us what's going on." Leah had to pretty much force Jacob to take a seat on the couch. He took a deep, calming breath before speaking.

"Victoria's back." That had Leah up and pacing across the living room floor. I was more focused on getting more information.


"She was spotted just outside of Forks but has evaded the Pack on multiple occasions." He let us take that information in before continuing. "We have reason to believe that she's after Nessie. Yesterday she disappeared for good and I've been following her trail. The rest of the pack should be on their way, but it's important that we find Renesmee. So where is she?"

All of a sudden the weight of the situation fell on my shoulders. I realized that a very deadly and very dangerous vampire was currently after my missing best friend. "We don't know where she is. She ran off after an encounter with the Cullen's."

I watched Jake's face fall in despair before a look of determination graced his features. He stood up and spoke to us, his voice laced with authority. "Leah you begin the search for Renesmee. Cassie start heading back towards the Rez, Seth wouldn't want you to be involved."

"And what are you going to do?" Leah demanded.

"I'm going to pay the Cullen's a little visit."

Edward's POV

I couldn't take sitting in that house any longer. So I left. I figured I might as well go hunting considering my family now hates me. Not that I blame them, I made the worst mistake of my existence and dragged my family down with me. I lost the only girl I have ever truly loved and the daughter that I never knew existed.

As I began tracking a herd of deer my thoughts were elsewhere. What could I possibly do to fix this? Bella would've known. That thought caused another wave of grief to course through my veins. I couldn't believe my beautiful Bella was dead and it's all my fault. I should've never left Forks. I should've been there with Bella.

I remembered the images that were forced into my head by my daughter. Bella looked completely destroyed by our departure. I felt self-loathing add to the mix of guilt and depression.

I soon caught up to the deer. There were three of them, grazing innocently in a field, completely unaware to the monster lurking in the background. Before I could strike, I saw another figure peeking through the trees. They moved gracefully, barely letting their feet touch the ground. Suddenly an object went soaring through the air and into the center of the field, frightening the deer away.

I became angry at this stranger, scaring off my prey. "Who are you?" I demanded. Instead of responding the stranger began moving through the forest towards the edge of the clearing. The moment I was able to fully see the stranger, I felt my jaw drop. It just couldn't be possible. "Bella?"

"Hello Edward."


I couldn't believe the nerve of my so-called family. I didn't know what else to do so I just rode my bike with no clear destination in mind. I must've been going for about ten minutes when I pulled into a deserted park. I parked my bike and started wandering around the park thinking about everything that happened that day. As I sat on a nearby swing set I wondered if perhaps I had made a mistake in coming here. I missed Uncle Sam and Aunt Em, not to mention the entire pack.

Part of me was disappointed. It was the same part that was expecting them to welcome me in with open arms. The other part of me should've known what if they were willing to leave my mother behind than they wouldn't really care about her offspring. I felt like crying but I was too worn down to actually do so.

I didn't really know where to go from here. Do I try to reconnect with the Cullen's again? Or do I just leave my contact information and head back home?

I didn't have a chance to decide for a figure appeared at vampire speed right in front of me.

"Who are you?" I asked the stranger. They smiled at me in return and didn't respond instead they moved even closer to me.

"I've been looking for you."

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