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"Oh my gosh! What the heck do you think you are doing?" Sonny Monroe exclaimed as she woke up to see Tawny bouncing up and down on her bed.

"Come on Silly, we were supposed to be at the studio half an hour ago! But, when I showed up, you weren't there." Tawny smiled teasingly as she added, "I was fashionably late, and you still weren't there."

"I had a really long night last night, can I just skip our morning practice?" Sonny pulled her bed covers up over her body as she sat up and stared angrily at Tawny.

"Sonny Monroe had a long night? What possibly did you do?"

"Well, I just had a really fun night! It was just really long and tiresome."

"Oh, so what exactly did you do?" Tawny looked at Sonny suspiciously.

"I just…" Sonny stopped talking and tried to decided whether she should tell Tawny or not about the amazing night that she had had the night before. She was about to continue on as her phone began to ring.

She reached over to her bedside table to grab it, but Tawny beat her to it. "Tawny!" Sonny yelled, "give me my phone!" Tawny just smiled quietly and looked at the screen.

"Chad?" Sonny tried not to smile as Tawny read the name. "Wait, Chad Dylan Cooper? Why in the world is he calling you?"

"Can I just have my phone, please?" Sonny made a puppy face and looked into Tawny's eyes. "I said please."

"Sonny Monroe, why the heck is Chad Dylan Cooper calling you?"

Sonny thought quickly about what she would say next. "Umm… well, you see…" then it clicked and she had the perfect way to get out of the talk about Chad Dylan Cooper. "You have my phone, and I didn't get to answer it, so how am I supposed to know why Chad was calling me? Anyways, he's already hung up, so I guess we may never know." Sonny stood up and quickly grabbed her phone out of Tawny's hand.

"Hey!" Tawny screamed.

"Let me get dressed, and we can go to the studio and work on our sketch."

"Fine." Tawny groaned.

I know that you're hiding something from me Sonny, and no matter what it takes, I am going to find out what it is. If there is something going on between you and Chad, I am going to kill you. He's such a jerk; I can't believe you may be falling for him.