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What happens after you die? Where do you go? What happens to you? If, that is, anything happens at all. Since the earliest moments in the history of human life people have wondered this. Many, if not all, religions have tried to answer this question. But only a few know the truth. Besides those who have already died, there are ten of us in total. We assign anybody we want to one of our utopias, which each of us own. We do this so that the big man up top, God (now this is the big one, every religion worships him under different names and practices), can be more concerned with other things. Even He needs something covered for him, so that's where we come in. We are better known as the Guardians, and we guard the dead.

Hirata and Miyuki lay sleeping in a giant pile of paper. Each was marked with a different picture and profile. The information covered the norm: favorite color, favorite hobby, favorite food, dislikes, friends, date of birth, and date of death. Beside Hirata lay a green stamp and beside Miyuki lay a red stamp. Miyuki shifted her position and disturbed a pile of paper, which fell on Hirata causing her to jolt up from her slumber.

"Miyuki, is the pizza guy here yet?" Hirata asked with tired eyes.

"We never ordered any pizza." Miyuki grumbled back. Hirata's eyes turned to the stack of papers behind them.

"We haven't finished the waiting list yet." Hirata slurred her words from lack of sleep. At this Miyuki sat straight up and began to work. "What's with you?"

Miyuki stopped looking over the paper she was reading and looked at Hirata. "Some of these souls have been waiting in the lobby for over a year. Doesn't that bother you?"

"Well of course it does, but we've been working for centuries without a vacation, so any bit of sleep means more to me than someone waiting five more minutes." Hirata yawned.

"True enough." Miyuki replied as she returned to her work.

One million floors below the floor of the building Hirata and Miyuki were on was the Waiting Room. For every new person that died and went there the room expanded and a chair was added for that person. To give an idea of how many souls were in there, it was probably enough to equal the worlds population. Almost everyone in that room was silent as they waited for there name to be called in the loud-speaker, which meant that there soul was re-assigned to a new world. Some souls had just arrived a minute or two ago, others almost thirteen months (by Earth time). Each soul however, looked like it did in the living person's prime of their life. For example, elderly looked like they were in their twenties but children looked like the children they had once been.

A slitting sound was heard and the entire room turned their heads to look at the receptionist as she franticly started sorting thousands of papers shooting through eight different holes (out of the ten that were there). The two in which no papers were shooting out were labeled "Hirata" and "Miyuki". For those who had been waiting for a while, they knew that very few papers came out of those two holes. Finally the slitting sound stopped as the papers stopped coming out. The receptionist now had such a large stack of papers that they filled any open areas of the room. Sighing since the hard part was done, the receptionist snapped her fingers and the papers starting whizzing around the room. Almost all but about one thousand souls were now holding a paper with their name on it and a different colored stamp. Immediately eight different doors appeared next to the receptionist. Then, her voice could be heard over the loudspeakers that covered the room.

"It appears that the boss has changed the way we do things. So if you got a sheet of paper, you are to look at the stamp and go through the door with the same color stamp on it and into your next life. Your guardian will explain everything to you once you've gone home." She smiled as she said this and walked over to the edge of her desk beckoning with her hand to have people get up and start moving. After everyone who had a slip of paper in their hand had gotten up and left (which took a while) the remaining people in their chairs were slid together in the middle of the room, which had just shrank dramatically. In the front were eleven of the most famous criminals of all time, also known as the Akatsuki.

"I thought I would have finally been called down." One of the members said. He had deep, blood red colored hair and was better known as Sasori.

Another member leaned forward; he had red hair as well and had eyes that looked like ripples. (In case anyone is wondering, that's what the COLORED picture of Nagato looks like. And I'm not talking about fanart, I mean the one Kishimato sensei drew in weekly Shonen Jump. So I know that's the real deal, you can look it up on onemanga if you don't believe me.) "Sasori-san, be patient. I'm sure that we're being sorted right this very moment."

Back upstairs, Hirata and Miyuki had gotten bored and were throwing papers at each other. Laughing hysterically, they started to roll on the floor laughing so hard it hurt them. But they soon stopped as the door opened and a man in black robes and hood walked through. He had a scythe in one hand and a notebook in the other. "Fooling around when there is work to be done. The nerve! Why He ever made you guardians I will never know." The man scolded.

Both girls were now standing against one of the walls in the room with their heads down. "Sorry sir." They both said.

"Now I should write you both up, but since you're some of the big guy's favorites, you'll get a warning. Now this IS the last time I will take the time of telling you this, next time you'll be fired!" And with that the man in black left. Miyuki and Hirata looked at each other.

"We should probably start sorting now." Miyuki sighed.

"Agreed." Hirata sighed as well.

Back down in the waiting room/lobby place more papers starting coming out of the two "rare" holes. And again the process repeated and the remainder of souls got their papers except for the eleven criminal masterminds (not including Hidan the stupid one). And again the receptionist repeated her message and the souls got up and left leaving just the eleven. The doors shut with the last souls leaving and receptionist sat back down. Now Sasori was fuming. He stood up and marched his way over to the woman who was now sucking on a lollipop. She glanced up and saw the man and smiled.

"What can I do for you?" She asked.

Sasori inhaled a great amount of air. "I have been waiting for over a year in the god-forsaken corner. I want to get out of this stupid place right now and that's what you are going to do for me!" The receptionist gasped.

"How dare you take the lord's name in vain! Especially in a place like this!" she scowled. Sasori was about to respond when there was a squeaking noise and a door appeared and opened.

"Finally." Sasori sighed. He headed for the door and as soon as he was about to walk through it, two teenage girls trampled him and ran in front of the rest of the group.

"Oh my watermelon! Sempei! Sempei! They really are here!" One of the girls screamed. She had medium length, curly light-brown hair and greenish-brown eyes.

"Yes, but where's Sasori-kun?" The other girl asked. She had straight, dark brown hair and chocolate eyes. And currently, she looked rather disappointed. The Akatsuki snickered at "kun".

"Oh! Sempei look! It appears we ran him over!" The other said pointing at the squashed man behind them.

"Oh that's a relief." The other said. She snapped her fingers and Sasori was lifted off the ground and pushed into his chair by an invisible force.

"My name's Hirata!" The one with dark brown hair smiled.

There was a pause and Hirata looked at Miyuki who was examining the group curiously. Hirata sighed and nudged her friend. "Oh and I'm Miyuki!"

Nagato smiled. "Just like the names on the two holes."

Hirata nodded. "We're guardians. And very lucky guardians to have been given your papers."

"Oh yeah! We're big fans of you people! We were like praying you would come here ASAP!" Miyuki giggled.

Kakuzu put on a face. "So you were praying that we would die?" He asked sarcastically.

"Idiot." Hirata shook her head in Miyuki's direction. Miyuki smiled and rubbed the back of her head.

"Anywho," Miyuki began "We have personally come down here so that we can tell you which door to go to, since we're fans of yours."

Hirata nodded in approval of what Miyuki said and started her part. "The list is as follows;"

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