LOLZ. I was recently reminded of a conversation I had with HirataSan while going for a walk around our town. I had to type this XD. PS. This beith a filler.

Miyuki and Hirata sat in a high tree in Miyuki's world. Both were in a long, deep converstion about women and whether or not they are the uke's or the seme's. "Yuki-chan, who ever said guys were the superior ones?"

"But sempai," Miyuki argued. "As a lady you should carry the proud title of 'uke'"

"I don't know why we're using Yaoi terms; we don't even like Yaoi…" Hirata mumbled to herself.

"Honestly sempai, I don't think Sasori would let you be the seme." Miyuki put her finger on her lip whilst thinking. "Although if you did ask nicely I'm sure he would be the uke for one night…" Hirata's face turned VERY red.

"Yuki-chan…" Hirata started, now very angry. Miyuki looked up from her train of thought.

"We should ask him!" Miyuki snapped her fingers and Sasori fell right in front of Hirata.

"What on earth?!" Sasori asked, looking around.

"Sasypo! We need you to answer a question for us!" Miyuki giggled. Hirata raced and put her hand over Miyuki mouth.

"Shut it or I'll ask DeiDei the same thing!" Hirata threatened. Miyuki pushed her hand off and Hirata snapped her fingers. Deidara appeared next to Sasori.

Both girls glared at each other and lightning bolts appeared. They turned to a terrified Deidara and Sasori. "Let's settle this once and for all!" They both yelled at the two men, who had no idea why they were there. "Are women uke's or seme's?!"

Both guys burst out laughing. "That's it?" They both snorted. "That's easy!"

"Uke!" Sasori chuckled. Deidara simultaneously chortled "Seme." Then both guys glared at each other while the girls whined.

"This won't solve anything!" They both screamed.

Random right? I only thing HirataSan has a chance of getting this joke…